The dildo, also known in the English way dildo is a sex supplement used since time immemorial for masturbation. In some sex also often added as part of foreplay. We offer a full range regarding sizes, shapes, colors and different materials so you can select the one that best suits your needs. It is the quintessential element in sexual games due to its simplicity.

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  • 13,30 €

     4.4   11

    Flexible jelly double headed penis. If you're a non-conformist woman with no modesty, this new double headed flexible penis will meet all your needs; it ias an almost perfect copy of a real penis where even the smallest detail has been paid attention to.

    13,30 €
  • 8,60 €

     4.3   14

    Anal plug for beginners Edition limited 9 Cm. The Pipedream guys have created the ideal way to start on the anal pleasures of a comfortable and enjoyable manner. It's a small anal plug of 9 cm of length

    8,60 €
  • 14,90 €

    Basix Rubber Works 16 cm pink penis. Best hands-free. Places your comforter on a surface smooth and fun you without have to be holding it all the time. Is the advantage of having of an advantage of suction so powerful

    14,90 €
  • 19,00 € 29,00 €

     4.3   15

    Principe Real penis blue 20 Cm. Many women spend their lives looking for her Prince charming without getting anything. But sometimes it is not necessary to move heaven and Earth to find something that will make the wait more bearable.

    19,00 € 29,00 €
  • 23,00 € 30,00 €

     4.2   9

    For beginners in the art of anal pleasure, comes the Colt Anal Training Kit. It is an anal starter kit, made of extra soft vinyl

    23,00 € 30,00 €
  • 24,80 €

    Red medium bag Metal Anal plug. Like you never leave home without a condom, get used to carry in the bag one of these Annals metal plugs. Just occupy space and... who knows how you can end the evening?

    24,80 €
  • 8,60 €

     4.6   4

    Basix Mini 9 Cm transparent jelly Anal Plug. This is one of the more advanced anal plugs developed by Pipedream. He used the best components of gelatin and latex safe and secure to the body by making use of this plug a real pleasure at all levels

    8,60 €
  • 12,80 €

     4   6

    Initiation purple jelly Dildo. At this point, the best practice would be that you will taste with a dildo of gelatin of moderate dimensions that will help you in your process of initiation to masturbation with sex toys

    12,80 €
  • 20,30 € 27,30 €

    Icicles number 2 glass Massager. If you've ever tried an erotic toy of glass, you can't or give an idea of how is this experience. Get started from the hand of the best with the Icicles series Accessories

    20,30 € 27,30 €
  • 14,40 €

     4.4   6

    Jelly dildo Slim Basix 19 cm red. A first category for the most demanding dildo. Its simplicity is its beauty and belongs to the House collection Basix pipedream, a collection of sex toys without motor

    14,40 €
  • 19,40 €

     4.1   9

    Anal double penetration Fantasy. It's an anal dildo ideal for those who wish to test the feelings of double penetration but do not dare to enter more players in their relations

    19,40 €
  • 26,10 €

    Colt Butt Anal Plug inflatable. This anal plug comes always soft. But if you want that penetration has more volume only you have to press the hand pump and decide where the limit of pleasure

    26,10 €
  • 14,90 €

     4.3   2

    Dildo penis Natural Basix Dong 16 Cm. This is a dildo that belongs to the range of realistic sex toys. These are characterised by try imitate in all respects to a real penis. This belongs to the Pipedream Basix collection

    14,90 €
  • 13,20 € 18,20 €

     4.4   19

    Prince charming Real penis 15 cm. If you already thought that you'd never find your Prince charming, here you have it! This exciting form of powerful penis vibrator gives intense pleasures with great realism

    13,20 € 18,20 €
  • 28,10 €

    Icicles glass Massager 26th. If you looked like that it collect figurines of glass was a bit tacky, perhaps change your opinion when you discover that some of these collections are of the most exciting

    28,10 €
  • 14,40 €

     4.3   12

    Basix jelly penis 19 cm Natural Slim. It's a dildo realistic type that Pipedream House simulates the touch to perfection and the sensations of a real penis no less than 19 cm

    14,40 €
  • 14,40 €

     4.1   2

    Basix Slim dildo 19 transparent Cm. Them guys of Pipedream us sing with this wonderful dildo of design realistic in the way and with nothing less that 19 cm of length

    14,40 €
  • 28,50 €

    Double soft 45 cm black penis. Two ends connected by a single purpose: pleasure without limits of an accessory of simultaneous stimulation for couples to large not impressed

    28,50 €
  • 19,40 €

     4.3   1

    Basix jelly Natural suction penis 19 cm. This new product of the famous firm Pipedream has a suction cup at its end, which will allow you to attach it to any surface and give free rein to your imagination and ingenuity

    19,40 €
  • 43,30 €

    King Cock penis realistic with testicles 25.5 cm Brown. Stop fantasizing! King Cock realistic penises have been proposed to make your dreams come true. Without limit of sizes or of colors. Only as to you you like

    43,30 €
  • 12,90 €

     4.2   1

    Pipedream, the prestigious House of erotic toys, has taken a turn to the traditional design of vibrator to give you 15cm, a high quality product with which you will have satisfaction guaranteed Natural jelly penis Basix

    12,90 €
  • 7,90 €

    Finger puppets have evolved to bring you a show equally playful but much more stimulating: the thimbles of silicone! Play with them as if they were characters that will lead you to orgasm

    7,90 €
  • 14,90 €

     4.1   2

    Anal Fantasy beginners prostate Stimulator. For those who have not yet had opportunity to sample the delights of anal stimulation, Anal Fantasy Beguinners Prostate Stimulator is the ideal toy for beginners

    14,90 €
  • 9,20 €

    Set the anchor! Here we were. This anal plug with maritime influences reminds us that we are no longer castaways in this stimulation in the rear because Saninex takes the helm

    9,20 €
  • 20,50 €

     4.3   2

    Prince of Nambia black penis 20 Cm is a sensational dildo with realistic completion. Simulates perfectly and all sorts of details from an actual penis color. It is also manufactured with a realistic material based on a silicone soft, pleasant to the touch.

    20,50 €
Showing 1 - 25 of 318 items