• 127,80 €

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    We Vibe 4 Plus Lila controlled from the phone. New We-Vibe guys back to surprise us. After the successful launch of We Vibe 4, they now offer us controlled from a mobile phone application

    127,80 €
  • 38,90 € 48,90 €

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    Ovo pink rabbit vibrator K1. This House of sex toys has achieved with this new collection dazzle the market for sex toys. This is a type vibrator rampant Bunny so prertenece to the family of toys capable of stimulating the vagina and the clitoris at the same time

    38,90 € 48,90 €
  • 17,50 € 27,50 €

     (266)   22

    Principe Real penis blue 20 Cm. Many women spend their lives looking for her Prince charming without getting anything. But sometimes it is not necessary to move heaven and Earth to find something that will make the wait more bearable.

    17,50 € 27,50 €
  • 40,60 € 60,60 €

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    It's a powerful Simulator of oral sex for them, consisting of a perfectly aligned wheel of tongues to provide you through 3 levels of speed a type of feelings that you had never thought that I could produce you an erotic article.

    40,60 € 60,60 €
  • 26,20 € 41,20 €

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    10 speed Pink G-spot vibrator. It's a massager vibrator with a modern and contemporary design that comes from the hand of the Rocks-Off guys

    26,20 € 41,20 €
  • 53,00 € 63,00 €

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    Lelo Luna Beads Mini. It's the most exquisite Chinese balls on the market. Designed by Lelo, one of the leaders in manufacturing of sex toys around the world. One complement of luxury that is at the height of the most demanding

    53,00 € 63,00 €

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Sex Shop online and erotic shop

Times change and so does the way of thinking about sex. In diversual.com we do it from a completely free and unbiased perspective, because our philosophy is that pleasure should not have boundaries. We like to be your confidence sex shop. Because we know that taking care of your sexual life is important to you, and to lead a healthy and happy life.

High quality erotic toys

If you have already had an opportunity to take a look at our website, you will have noticed that at diversual.com we are committed to the quality of all erotic and sexual toys. We work with the most prestigious brands in the erotic market to guarantee you hours of pleasure safely.

All the erotic products in our catalog have surpassed the quality controls required so that they always reach the maximum expectations of the consumer who goes in search of an online sex shop. Antiallergic materials, clinically tested and respectful of the ph of the most intimate areas so that you do not have to worry about anything more than to get pleasure.

The biggest online erotic showcase at your disposal

In our erotic shop you will find all kinds of sex toys, from the most traditional to those used in more daring practices such as BDSM and games of sexual domination. No other website will offer you such a complete and well-organized showcase, with descriptions that faithfully adjust to the characteristics of each erotic product. The latest vibrators that have come to market by the most renowned manufacturers, and a whole range of dildos that will leave you breathless. But that's only a part, because we also have all kinds of erotic cosmetics to complete your intimate experiences, from lubricants and aphrodisiacs to massage oils to spend a romantic and sensual evening as a couple.

Take advantage of our offers and the latest developments in the market through an open-minded space in which we do not judge anyone for their tastes. Here's a sex shop at home for you to use as you want. Buying your erotic toys had never been so easy and comfortable.

Safe procedures and discreet deliveries in 24 hours

We want to become your sex shop online, and for that reason we put at your disposal all the facilities so that you make your purchases online safely and without anyone having to know what you buy.

  • Confidential treatment of your personal data: According to law, the data you provide during your purchase will never be used for commercial purposes or sold to third parties. Likewise, at any time you deem it convenient, you can unsubscribe from our database and all your personal information will be immediately erased.

  • Secure payment and no additional information: you can carry out your transactions by payment against a refund, with a card or through a PayPal account. Our platform is totally safe, and you will not see anywhere words that disclose your purchase, such as sexshop.

  • Discreet and confidential shipping: we are discreet! Our packaging does not contain distinctive marks so nobody will know what the content of the package. All deliveries are made in standard boxes that do not provide additional information on the content and the name of the sender refers to the fiscal name of the company, which has no sexual connotation. The distribution companies also have no record of the contents of the package.

  • Shipments in 24 working hours to any point in the peninsula. We want you to enjoy your purchase as soon as possible, because enjoying the pleasure should not be expected in any case.

Personalized treatment in our store

We are aware that shopping at an online sex shop may be new to many people. We have a very large number of products that can be confusing for many, as it is not enough with a few photos and a description to make the final purchase decision. That's why we offer our customers a personal shoppers service that will answer all the doubts that may arise about the operation and characteristics of any erotic product of the sex shop, and may even make recommendations based on our experience and the most demanded needs.

We have telephone, chat, contact section and email, so you can choose the communication channel you like.