• 156,30 € 186,30 €

     (89)   2

    Lelo Elise 2 vibrator plum. I want to present a sensational pleasure object, it's a vibrator of the Lelo House that is having a great success in the world of erotic toys. Its design and its rounded offer complete performance.

    156,30 € 186,30 €
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  • 15,50 €

     (34)   1

    Ring black Flexible vibrator fifty shades. No one resists the exciting vibrations of a silicone penis ring, and much less if they are guaranteed with the seal of quality of the products of the official collection 50 shades of Grey

    15,50 €
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  • 33,30 € 58,30 €

     (33)   5

    Masturbator MX Misaki Pussy black. It is perhaps the most complete store masturbator, since in addition to being manufactured in materials of high quality has a suction cup with your experiences without hands to practical.

    33,30 € 58,30 €
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  • 11,40 € 16,40 €

     (389)   38

    Prince charming Real penis 15 cm. If you already thought that you'd never find your Prince charming, here you have it! This exciting form of powerful penis vibrator gives intense pleasures with great realism

    11,40 € 16,40 €
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  • 19,70 € 27,70 €

     (285)   21

    Original classic vibrator purple. The classic dildo brings this time some new features: a realistic texture even in its smallest details and a sensual and different color

    19,70 € 27,70 €
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  • 18,40 € 25,40 €

     (198)   21

    Chinese balls Ovo L1 lilac. Ovo home takes time sorprendiendonos with its excellent designs, and this time they would not be less to present its model of Chinese balls. Its form and texture are intended to make the feelings planceteras from the beginning

    18,40 € 25,40 €
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  • 11,80 € 15,80 €

     (686)   52

    Vibrator 19 cm gelatin Lila Diversual Collection. Gelatine has always been something very sweet. This not is eats but goes to satiate your appetite sexually more sweet. Does you site for dessert? Because this is big enough. 

    11,80 € 15,80 €
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  • 38,80 € 63,80 €

     (922)   46

    Do you think that it would be possible to stimulate the clitoris without that contact occurs?   No, it is not science fiction. Satisfyer Pro 2 is a massager clitoris which will bring you to orgasm without touching your love button directly

    38,80 € 63,80 €
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  • 29,80 € 39,80 €

     (369)   33

    Rechargeable vibrator purple 20 cm Diversual Collection. One of our most fun vibrators! with realistic texture, there will be no feeling that you escape...

    29,80 € 39,80 €
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  • 17,50 € 23,50 €

     (167)   16

    Don Juan Real penis 15 cm. let yourself be seduced by the charms of this Don Juan and surrender to the most real and natural touch you've ever tasted in a sex toy.

    17,50 € 23,50 €
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  • 7,90 €

     (71)   21

    Toy Joy lubricant Base to 200 ml water. The best water-based lubrication is contained in this package of 200 ml that provide you with hours of fun sliding

    7,90 €
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  • 30,80 €

     (480)   28

    Mega Purple Sex Toy Kit. Famous brand sex toys Toy Joy, this set of nine multifunctional parts will give you the opportunity to try out a host of new and pleasurable experiences

    30,80 €
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  • 29,70 €


    While you're nursing, with this outfit all you get is that you upload to your patients temperature. Can you think of what you can do to help them?

    29,70 €
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  • 26,00 €


    What lies behind this look so enigmatic? Transform into the mysterious Lady of their fantasies covering your face with this elegant white mask.

    26,00 €
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  • 22,70 €


    Now that you can say that you've gone the hard truth game. Hold this metal whip is to assume a power and an authority that also carry great responsibility.

    22,70 €
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  • 22,30 €


    Who do you like the explosive mixtures? We knew it! If not, would you have not come to this section of sexy lingerie with the signing of Obsessive, one of the boldest brands in the industry.

    22,30 €
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  • 13,90 €


    It is not one spanking either, it is a warning. With this whip, you have the option of directing the night as you fancy. Are you not going to miss this opportunity long?

    13,90 €
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  • 13,90 €


    If you get the pleasure wherever you're going, why not you were going to carry also the perversion? This scourge will not occupy you nothing of space and will provide you with lots of fun.

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If you have already had an opportunity to take a look at our website, you will have noticed that at diversual.com we are committed to the quality of all erotic and sexual toys. We work with the most prestigious brands in the erotic market to guarantee you hours of safe pleasure.

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In our erotic shop you will find all kinds of sex toys, from the most traditional to those used in more daring practices from the most traditional to those used in more daring practices. No other website will offer you such a complete and well-organized showcase, with descriptions that faithfully adjust to the characteristics of each erotic product. We offer the latest vibrators that renowned manufacturers, and a whole range of dildos that will leave you breathless. But that’s just the beginning, we also offer other erotic items such as lubricants, aphrodisiacs, and massage oils to truly complete your intimate experience.

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Personalized treatment in our store

We are aware that shopping at an online sex shop may be new to many people. We have a very large number of products that can be confusing for many, as it is not enough with a few photos and a description to make the final purchase decision. That's why we offer our customers a personal shoppers service that will answer all the doubts that may arise about the operation and characteristics of any erotic product of the sex shop, and may even make recommendations based on our experience and the most demanded needs.

We have telephone, chat, contact section and email, so you can choose the communication channel you like.