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Sexy underwear for men: Sexy lingerie is not just for women, and we show it with this selection of intimate apparel sexy and exciting. Articles entertaining and original to make them feel irresistible.

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  • 7,60 €

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    Candies thong. Get genuine candy thong for him. Sweet and sexy, as you like to ti. And with sAbor to tuttu Frutti

    7,60 €
  • 13,20 €


    003 semitransparent Boxer male. Get dressed for the occasion with a boxer which are pure eroticism. Clothing fetish mens collection Passion is a commitment to strong emotions

    13,20 €
  • 16,00 €


    019 waiter costume Sexy man red / black. In any order that you do something is always going to be served: fun and sensuality, which are added to each consumption free of charge

    16,00 €
  • 22,40 €


    Men Body 016 Leather Passion Fetish. Your fertish and bondage sessions need the right costume and the male Passion lingerie line makes it in tray in proposals so sexy like this

    22,40 €
  • 12,80 €


    Thong 015 silver Metal man. Lady Gaga isn't the only one that currently can be daring lingerie from color metal. But if you're going to go for this silver thong it is better that you book for a smaller audience

    12,80 €
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  • 14,10 €


    New 007 Jockstrap pink / black man. The guys who are not cut hair when it comes to show off their masculine charms will find a great ally in Passion lingerie brand and its proposed risky

    14,10 €
  • 14,70 €


    Leather long transparent black Boxer. Transparencies are just as sexy in undies female than in male lingerie garments. Try them in these long boxers and tell us about your experience

    14,70 €
  • 20,50 €


    Envy Boxer long white. A boy is sees more sexy in your clothes inside as more comfortable is feel with it. With the boxer Envy the sensuality and comfort are two features that are always hand

    20,50 €
  • 13,50 €


    Men Red Lingerie Black boxers. The sexiest male intimate clothing is not what you see but what is left to guess and in these boxers of mesh fabric Passion has embroidery that concept

    13,50 €
  • 19,60 €

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    Body 011 Jockstrap Black Men. With the signing of lingerie Passion until the classic male jockstrap has other most striking version. Shoulder straps, front opening, crossed back. This body has it all!

    19,60 €
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  • 13,60 €


    Boxer Men 004 Metal Black Lingerie. If you do miss highlight the focus of attention, Passion has added a detail on this super sexy men lingerie garment. We already know where Iran to stop all eyes

    13,60 €
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items