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  • 35,60 €


    Slavery has its sexy point when it comes to lovers, sex and complicity. Would you like to find out why? Find that exciting touch between the bonds of this bondage kit

    35,60 €
  • 8,30 €


    What is that which you play? What is that which you taste? Towards where you are driving your hand? When you see the rest of the senses are not alert: you are still other four ways to identify the pleasure

    8,30 €
  • 22,30 €


    Collar and leash of domination. Not going to be a ride very long. Only durable enough so that you learn who's the dog and who is the master. Complies with orders with submission and perhaps pet tummy... or something more

    22,30 €
  • 52,80 €


    Eves Naughty Rabbit pink. s an elegant vibrator manufactured with the latest technologies and a soft material that perfectly fits your anatomy to give you the ultimate pleasure

    52,80 €
  • 48,40 €


    Revolutionary kit for couples. The day you decide to surprise your partner, do it big. Inside this box you will find 7 sex toys that are the point of departure for thousand original ideas

    48,40 €
  • 52,80 €


    Vibrator rampant G-spot pink goddess. It is a stimulating and sensual Bunny that will take you to the highest levels of sexual pleasure. It combines ten functions and their six modes of intensity and is the most indicated that firing your libido and your orgasms are sweet and delicious

    52,80 €
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items