Lashers - If you are looking for an exciting way to cartigar your partner, this is your section. We present a wide range of Lashers, whips and lashes of all sizes and materials.

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  • 8,20 €

     (15)    2

    Fusta with feather black limited edition. It is a crop that you can whip your lover who, on the other hand, includes a sensual pen for moments of greater sensuality. A little lime and other sand

    8,20 €
  • 8,10 €

     (18)    1

    Whip scourge skin black Fetish Fantasy. The hard game has not done more to start with this thresher whip of high quality and manufactured in skin. Fetish Fantasy guys us again with this ideal complement for your wildest domination games

    8,10 €
  • 14,00 €


    Post-Azotador soothing cream Fifty Shades of Grey. As is tends to say, after the storm comes the calm. And after a spanking, it comes time to give back to skin health and hydration with a soothing cream

    14,00 €
  • 7,80 €

     (14)    1

    Fetish Fantasy whip with black pen. Lime and sand. If the sensuous caresses of pen fail to make that you surrender to your charms, maybe a light spanking do you more meekly obey your orders

    7,80 €
  • 6,80 €

     (20)    2

    Whip first time Fetish Fantasy. The perfect complement for those who like the hard game. A sure way to prove who is charge with this whip for beginners

    6,80 €
  • 15,60 €


    Mask Leopard Kitty Kat with whip. Love is a wild adventure and you're a untamed beast. As much as you beat upon with this whip there are impulses that cannot be controlled

    15,60 €
  • 14,90 €


    Palette Lasher of Fetish Fantasy. It's an exquisite palette Lasher for the most exciting games of domination. All with the security of an object designed by an experienced manufacturer of sex toys

    14,90 €
  • 6,70 €


    Fetish Fantasy Edition limited whip scourge black skin. House pipedream has created us one of the Central gadgets of the famous novel fifty shades of Grey. It's a thresher whip made of premium leather, an object that can not miss in your more morbid nights.

    6,70 €
  • 7,50 €


    Black oval whip. Would have seen what make them riders of racing when arrive to the sprint final? You can do the same thing in the bedroom and through the line like a champion

    7,50 €
  • 15,60 €


    Whip for beginners. Take your wild side with the Fetish Fantasy whip and slash pleasures of another world

    15,60 €
  • 14,90 €


    Whip Onine Fetish Fantasy Gold. If what you are looking for is a complement to the hard game this is your whip. The curiosity of the games of domination with a toy of quality with an experienced manufacturer of bondage articles guarantees

    14,90 €
  • 13,40 €


    Bondage whip drawing heart. Bet by the horse winner and if you see that is is behind in the career of the love, not dudes in give you ones whipping to lighten the step

    13,40 €
  • 15,40 €


    Tails whip Lilly. Bijoux guys never cease to amaze us. This time is with an exciting whip of high quality where is has attention to detail. Ideal for couples who seek domination games

    15,40 €
  • 28,40 €


    Whip of fifty shades of Grey. Made from materials considered most suitable for the pleasurable pain, leather and silver, together with suprecision movements

    28,40 €
  • 15,30 €


    X-Play thresher Queen of hearts red. A scourge by every heart. A heart for every wish fulfilled. This thresher not is the genius of the lamp but if you know use it correctly also can do wonders

    15,30 €
  • 15,90 €


    Thresher whip black skin. Kinky games are a fun between the innocent and the extreme mode. An intermediate point in these sexual practices in which the body asks you to be a little bad to receive exciting punishment

    15,90 €
  • 12,30 €


    Silicone red whip. Some clueless think it is curtains clamp with a vintage touch. But now you'd like to decorate the home erotic this whip ability

    12,30 €
  • 6,30 €


    Fusta patent 38 cm black. Do you notice the delicate appearance of this crop? Maybe not you trust too because your lashes are those that will make you scream with pleasure

    6,30 €
  • 19,10 €


    Happy Lola shovel Azotitos. Sometimes spread love means being a little bad... you think two incompatible things? So you will understand when using for the first time the Pala Azotitos

    19,10 €
  • 12,70 €


    Bondage whip. The difference is not the tool that you use but the purpose for which you are persecuting. A bondage whip will give you more authority even if you don't give any scourge

    12,70 €
  • 29,70 €


    Trowel silicone Fetish Fantash Lasher. An exciting way to punish your lover by having misbehaved. This palette of silicone used to whipping of very hot and sensual way

    29,70 €
  • 14,30 €


    Silicone black whip. The simplicity of this scourge is synonymous with pleasure. For each of the silicone strips that comprise you can imagine a very sensual way of use

    14,30 €
  • 14,70 €


    Palette Lasher of the love Fetish Fantasy limited edition. Palette of black vinyl, high quality leather and metal studs that embrace your skin with every whip

    14,70 €
  • 7,80 €


    Fusta with pink feather. It softens your lashes with a delicate touch. Passion goes from one extreme to another. The important thing is to know the balance between the two

    7,80 €
  • 22,60 €


    Black leather whip. It's a crop of high quality for moments of passion during the games of domination

    22,60 €
  • 38,00 €


    It is a novel and subtle scourge which has taken care to the smallest detail in their design. Its glass touch is a sense that little by little it has been gaining to our audience, since it adds new sensations to the sexual experience.

    38,00 €
  • 12,10 €


    Fetish Fantasy silicone scourge. It is a scourge of high quality manufactured in black silicone. All to the maximum detail and care with all the guarantees of Fetish Fantasy

    12,10 €
  • 29,60 €


    Fetish Fantasy whip scourge black silicone. Are you one of those who like to play hard? We are presenting a thresher whip made of high quality soft silicone for use in your most exciting games of domination

    29,60 €
Showing 1 - 28 of 60 items