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  • 47,30 €


    Anal Explorer Kit. Anal stimulation is one of those pleasures enjoyed more when they discover as a couple. This kit allows you to explore other forms of excitement that you have not experienced

    47,30 €
  • 30,70 €


    Bed Bondage Kit. If you already clear that bed is the place that you don't want to move your partner in what remains of night, would waiting to hold it in it?

    30,70 €
  • 13,80 €


    Black bondage collar. This necklace is not so put it in your favorite evening outfit because on this occasion you will even leave the room. However, you will not you pass much better than at any party

    13,80 €
  • 12,70 €


    Bondage whip. The difference is not the tool that you use but the purpose for which you are persecuting. A bondage whip will give you more authority even if you don't give any scourge

    12,70 €
  • 14,10 €


    Braiding foot and black leather pen. Find the midpoint between the pain and the pleasure with the help of a versatile accessory erotic

    14,10 €
  • 29,30 €


    Femme pink silicone Dildo. It is as simple as to its design that very little more can be said about this dildo. But if we were to talk about their benefits could be hours and hours analyzing it

    29,30 €
  • 13,40 €


    Bondage whip drawing heart. Bet by the horse winner and if you see that is is behind in the career of the love, not dudes in give you ones whipping to lighten the step

    13,40 €
  • 46,80 €


    Do not miss from the longer the opportunity to spend some time fun with your partner just because your virility through not the best time. There are many ways to make the cut. 

    46,80 €
  • 19,90 €

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    Kit Bondage full ties. The basic three for a sex fetish in a perfect pack experience for those who are new to such practices. That Yes, the imagination runs on your part

    19,90 €
  • 23,10 € 31,10 €


    In games of dominance and submission, it is important that which holds the reins of the situation at least have facilities to make and unmake ties. With this kit you won't have to worry about those details

    23,10 € 31,10 €
  • 37,00 €


    Kit Strap-On silicone Dildo. A bit of naughty fun not sit him too bad your relationship. Now you have the option of giving and receiving pleasure whenever you want. The fun is only a question of roles

    37,00 €
  • 14,60 €


    S & M-wives Bondage beginners. At the moment that you decide and so only a Click You inmovilizarás your partner to make exactly what you ask him. These are a few spouses for couples who do not want to delay the pleasure

    14,60 €
  • 13,70 €


    S & M gag with ball red. Bites with force the ball of rubber whenever feel how them waves of excitement run through your body. Is the only way that you have of assimilate both pleasure

    13,70 €
  • 47,20 €


    Sportsheets harness with Corsett Strap-On Red satin Plus Size. This traditional harness, there are huge differences. If in addition to experience are those lovers who pay attention to style, this proposal is intended for you

    47,20 €
  • 30,50 €


    Sportsheets Kit Sexy slave. Not everyone likes to play with metal handcuffs, but that does not mean having to give up the exciting sex games with domination

    30,50 €
  • 6,70 €

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    Stimulating 30 cm black pen. These cosquillitas are not innocent. You see start on one side of your body that at first sight will not be very sensual. But beware, because the important thing is where they will end up

    6,70 €
  • 6,70 €

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    Stimulating 30 cm Purple Pen. As soon as you have seen enter the room with this new toy thought "Love, see you the plume"

    6,70 €
  • 6,70 €


    So don't overlook. Something as simple and innocent as the tickling can be the start of a torrid erotic encounter. It all depends on how and where you let them fall

    6,70 €
  • 22,90 €


    Your first Kit Bondage. Start with the basics only means one thing. That henceforth everything come only will be to go by to increase pleasure

    22,90 €
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