List of products by manufacturer Sportsheets


Sportsheets in a recent brand born in the twentieth century, most notably in 1993. The brand was born while its founder Tom Stewart served as a helicopter pilot for the Navy in the 80s. Stewart inspired by the performance of David Leeterman with his suit of Velcro, became interested in creating products that would immobilize couples avoiding possible bruising and bruising in the sexual play with greater intensity. Thus was born Sportsheets with a wide variety of products, especially those dedicated to practices BDSM.

This American brand is recognized by its relation quality/price/innovation. With continuous improvement of its products and innvocacion has been placed in the best brands of erotic toys for adults around the world. But while this brand surprises every so often with new products, its line star par excellence are all those products intended for different fastening systems with Velcro. 

One of the most popular lines of this firm is Sex & Mischief, specializing in products like Lashers, whips, masks or ties. A complete range for all he/she who wants to practise all kinds of submissive games. They also have items for all tastes and preferences. Entre su variedad también se puede encontrar: Juguetes anales, anillos para el pene, dildos, estimuladores del punto G, arneses, vibradores, sujeciones para la cama y muchos más tipos de productos.