The sex swings they are a different way of enjoying sex. They allow to practice intercourse being suspended in the air making the experience something unique that only a few dare to experiment. We have a selection of the best erotic swings in the market with different benefits.

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  • 44,70 €

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    Deluxe door swing. For those couples who thought that already it had discovered everything in sex, Fetish Fantasy collection has them prepared a surprise of high-flying pleasure

    44,70 €
  • 19,30 €


    Love Ecstasy Lounge Chair. Enjoy as a Queen on the throne of love. A big dildo for moments of fun with a twist

    19,30 €
  • 38,60 €


    Mini Sex inflatable Ball with Dildo 15 cm pink. When Pipedream offers you riding towards pleasure, not only do it figuratively. Climb aboard this inflatable ball and reach orgasm giving boats.

    38,60 €
  • 37,40 €


    Fetish Fantasy door Columpio. Now is the ultimate solution for your sex swings. They are no longer needed complicated gadgets in your House, enough with this innovative swing that can be hung on any door.

    37,40 €
  • 30,50 €


    Fetish Fantasy Edition limited reigns of love. Think of the endless possibilities of pleasure of a body naked and fastened by straps. You could do to lift your arms or legs for your erotic fantasies

    30,50 €
  • 49,50 €


    Pillow inflatable position Master Granda. Back pain and the visits ended the physiotherapist. Because if what you want is to practice the most original sex positions, what you need is an erotic cushion like this.

    49,50 €
  • 26,90 €


    Sex vibrating ball. Gallops on the backs of the vibrating sex ball, another example of how Fetish Fantasy can make that pleasure and erotic play bring you together to orgasm

    26,90 €
  • 136,20 €


    Swing of the love of luxury. When those of the Cirque du Soleil discover as well that you are given to move on the sex swing will want to sign you for your next show

    136,20 €
  • 60,20 €


    Fetish Fantasy vibrating bouncy seat black. Make a small hole in the closet to store your most intimate furniture. As soon as you desinfles your erotic bouncy seat just space it will occupy.

    60,20 €
  • 21,10 €


    Many sports require a series of accessories for your practice. Sex is an activity that can be practiced without anything, but it is true that adding some accessories you can improve your repertoire of positions

    21,10 €
  • 127,80 €


    Fetish Fantasy swing white Fantasy Bondage. Sex is also imagination and Fetish Fantasy Columpio Fantasy Bondage Blanco is an opportunity for you to discover

    127,80 €
  • 69,80 €


    With vibration pink inflatable love machine. Prepared to give the most entertaining of the day jumps? If sex is a game, this inflatable master machine presents his playful side

    69,80 €
  • 115,80 €


    Fetish Fantasy Series Sexual Yoga swing. Swing until you find ecstasy. Now you can find the balance between body, mind and pleasure with a sex toy that will literally make you fly

    115,80 €
  • 126,30 €


    The Multi Vario love swing. Ingenious mechanism to enjoy as never before the infinite possibilities of shared pleasure. It's a sensual swing composed two harnesses, two rings and a support bar top, which can be used in multiple combinations to defy the laws of gravity

    126,30 €
  • 101,20 €


    Fetish Fantasy Fantasy black swing. It is a new and incredible swing of black colour with adjustable straps, extra wide and supports for ankles and hands, designed for the enjoyment and comfort

    101,20 €
  • 240,90 €

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    With the Vietnamese shame swivel wheel you will turn your home into a zone only for your bondage games. You no longer have to make more holes in the roof or considered to be able to hold up to 180 kg. This adapted to serve you for any swing that we have in our series of Fetish Fantasy

    240,90 €
  • 110,10 €


    Fetish Fantasy swing. It is an adjustable swing. getting support up to 160 Kg to make your dreams come true.

    110,10 €
  • 96,80 €


    Hands-free vibrator seat. With iRide stop without limits your imagination, because it frees your hands and jogging to your wide. That Yes, you control it all: speed, the intensity of your pleasure and your body's rhythm. Ride had never been so pleasant!

    96,80 €
  • 247,90 €


    Luxury swing. Because adults are also entitled to have fun, this ingenious and original luxury swing is designed so that couples can practice all kinds of sexual positions and give rein to your imagination

    247,90 €
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