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Many people not only with a fairly realistic dildo, but that they seek to experience the same pleasure felt the actors in the scene that so excited them. So in diversual we thought convenient to have a cross-section of realistic dildos of actors so that the penises of famous actors in erotic film can be enjoyed by everyone. Sex should be shared and for that we are here.

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    Nacho Vidal dildo is a limited edition of a dildo with the exact shape of the vigorous penis of Nacho Vidal. In this way you can feel and experience the pleasure that sintieron all the actresses who have worked with the films.

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  • 30,70 €


    Masturbator penis and ass all in one XL. Who enjoy with the same intensity of the sex to the penetrate and to the be penetrated will want to have at hand this masturbator of Extreme Toyz: two options and much pleasure

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  • 58,00 €

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    Nacho Vidal articulated comforter. It is exact replica of the virile member of Nacho Vidal. The famous adult film actor presents us with an imitation of their greatest treasure quality so we can enjoy it at home.

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  • 59,50 €


    Jeff Stryker UR3 realistic penis. Manufacturer Doc Johnson has not been in the suerficie, we have a ultra-realistico penis of famous actor Jeff Stryker, actual size, with a quality of front line that goes from the hand of new UR3 material ultrarealistic, there is nothing that better simulates the human touch

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  • 61,00 €


    Dildo Rocco Stelle 30 cm Superlock. A realistic comforter is not only which is made in human skin-like materials. It is the one that lets you imagine perfectly the man who is giving you pleasure.

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  • 48,10 €

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    Dildo penis giant 35 cm. The extreme pleasure has the shape and dimensions of the penis of Dick Rambone, one of those porn stars of major

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  • 48,80 €


    Fleshjack Boys penis Real Brent Corrigan. The interpretive skills of the Pornstar Brent Corrigan called much attention, but not as much as this erotic toy of the Fleshjack Boys collection.

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  • 65,30 €

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    Shane Diesel realistic Dildo. Watch a porn movie starring Shane Diesel can be much more entertaining if you have in your hands a very realistic version of your penis

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  • 68,20 €


    Bam Huge realistic penis. A realistic dildo adult Bam Huge large dimensions identical to the famous actor of the cinema

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  • 67,10 €


    Black Thunder realistic penis. Now you can have the most realistic pleasure to your fingertips with a classic dildo for those who enjoy with large

    67,10 €
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  • 60,70 €


    Buck Meadows 28 cm realistic Supercock. Acquire experience in the use of comforters requires daring each time with something a little bigger. You are all an expert on the subject when you've known Buck Meadows penis.

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  • 67,00 €


    Kevin Dean realistic penis. Demanding lovers, take note: this single dildo is suitable for those who enjoy the size XXL. If you are looking for maximum stimulation with a realistic erotic toy, Kevin Dean is willing to lend its Member

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  • 67,20 €


    Ty Fox realistic penis. An exact replica of the penis of the porn star Ty Fox, made a realistic material that can not help excite you just look at it

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  • 48,80 €


    Brent Everett comforter Fleshjack Boys. Firmness and flexibility. The perfect combination for a realistic dildo will make taking off your sexual fantasy you mount it with a porn star

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  • 67,50 €


    Colt penis realistic Adam Dexter. Adam Dexter sex star has crept under your sheets with the intention of making you enjoy. Coprotagoniza this erotic dream with the exact replica of a penis that's already all a reference of porn

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  • 70,80 €


    Realistic penis with harness Mr Marcus. Mr. Marcus is a very obliging man and loves to play. Include it in your couple games and you won't be disappointed. In fact, has much to contribute to your relationship

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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items