Products retardant ejaculation: It's articles designed to increase play time in intimate relationships. They get to keep for more minutes in the match. Secure items that delayed ejaculation in an effective manner momendo so your lover and your more intensely enjoy your relationships.

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  • 11,80 €

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    Ejaculation retardant gel. It is a retardant gel ideal for those suffering from premature ejaculations and their partners. Leave aside the concerns

    11,80 €
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    Eros Prolong 101 retardant Spray. The guys from Eros offer us this fantastic product that many have long waiting. It's a spray retardant for intercourse to be long and very enjoyable, all the utmost care with the skin

    8,60 €
  • 18,80 €


    Male Spray effect heat for the man. To reduce the sensitivity of the penis are more orgasm. That translates into more time to delight in your lovemaking techniques and do enjoy your partner

    18,80 €
  • 15,90 €

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    Durex Mutual Climax 12 PCs. A few preservarivos with stretch marks for her and retardant effect for him. Everything you need to be ideal for couple preservatives. In addition they are fine so the feelings are completely natural

    15,90 €
  • 7,60 €

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    Condoms retardant tea Saninex of 12 PCs. Some very exclusive House Saninex condoms that used natural products such as retardant tea, which ensures longer and very safe intimate relationships

    7,60 €
  • 22,60 €


    Vibrator liquid Fresh Retard. Would you like this moment to last a little longer? Leave it in the hands of the retardant gel and surrender to pleasure without fear comes to an end

    22,60 €
  • 7,70 €

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    Pjur Superhero lubricant retardant 30 ml. contains certain components that help to lengthen the duration of sexual intercourse, making it more enjoyable and pleasant

    7,70 €
  • 12,30 €


    The race to orgasm should take it calmly, as in a marathon. It is not only to reach the final but endure all the way like a champion. Ero Long Power will help you to achieve the goal in a very satisfactory manner

    12,30 €
  • 7,80 €


    Get Hard Spray retardant. Once you've been with the feeling that takes you a bit more for the sexual encounter was perfect? Don't let that something like this to happen again

    7,80 €
  • 7,20 €

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    penis Fit massage cream. It extends the life of your sexual encounters with a massage cream with analgesic effect. A less sensitive penis endures more time on guard for giving pleasure

    7,20 €
  • 7,80 €


    Retard 907 retardant Spray. Ideal for those who wish to enjoy a long and energetic the sex day and fully satisfy your partner

    7,80 €
  • 15,80 €


    Coolman retardant Gel for men. It delays ejaculation and prolong your sexual encounters with a specially designed gel to be more long-lasting pleasure. You have all the time in the world. Enjoy it!

    15,80 €
  • 15,20 €


    Serum concentrate retardant Pjur Superhero 20 ml. If you want to take a powder to your girlfriend that make history need this retardant. It's a gel which extend along the penis to relax a little sensitivity without estumecer. You can use it with condoms and on a daily basis, and it is compatible with our lubrcantes of the same brand. 

    15,20 €
  • 11,60 €


    ERO long duration retardant cream 30 ml. Dale to your private parts a treatment that will allow you to enjoy longer than those moments of passion. Premature ejaculation passed into history with the cream retardate Ero

    11,60 €
  • 12,20 €


    Hot Rhino retardant spray. The hypersensitivity of the penis is not a good traveling companion, especially when the route to orgasm do do you in the company of another person. It extends the route using a spray retardant

    12,20 €
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    Sex Control retardant cream. It is a cream that helps to extend the sexual journey, making the man later more to reach orgasm

    8,00 €
  • 16,40 €


    Ironman Performance Spray for men. The get together at the climax is not something that only happens in the movies. But it is true that we must learn to be synchronized. What as if empleáis a spray retardant?

    16,40 €
  • 7,80 €


    Spray retardant of erection Get Hard 50 ml. recover confidence in your skills as a lover and don't let premature ejaculation again playing you a trick. At your next appointment do not hesitate: Get Hard

    7,80 €
  • 11,60 €


    Spray retardant long duration 50 ml which does not decay party! Always stay up because of the long duration of the retardant spray Ero. The more anymore, more time you will have for fun

    11,60 €
  • 7,80 €


    Stay Hard Spray retardant. The anesthetic effect of Stay Hard will keep you firm for longer. If you want to take anymore during your sexual relationships, reduces the intensity with which you feel the contact skin to skin

    7,80 €
  • 14,00 €


    Pjur Superhero lubricant retardant 100 ml. The powers of the superhero can be a hindrance when it comes to having sex. Its strength and resilience are welcome. But if its power is the of being the fastest, the girls safe who prefer sex with any mortal

    14,00 €
  • 15,40 €


    Big Boy Golden Gel retardant of ejaculation. In the race of love, the latter are always the first. The first enjoy, have fun and experiment more intensely sexual relationships

    15,40 €
  • 12,20 €


    Long Act retardant cream. And if the fun is just before you expected? For many men this may be something traumatic (and their partners!) Avoid surprises with a retardant cream. 

    12,20 €
  • 14,00 €


    Pjur Med Spray retardant. From now on you'll understand better why is usually used the expression 'hard as an oak tree', especially if you ever have experienced physical and emotional consequences of premature ejaculation

    14,00 €
  • 13,80 €


    Cream retardant for penis Aid Be Enduring. Prolong your moments of pleasure with a retardant cream, allowing you to maintain greater control over your erections

    13,80 €
  • 13,90 €


    Retardant gel Extase Sensuel Man Retard. The more retardes climax when more time will have to play with your partner and prolong the excitement and pleasure of the preliminary games

    13,90 €
  • 7,80 €


    Spray retardant 50 ml. keep you hard for more time to get the climax you are persecuting like an explosion of pleasure at the last moment

    7,80 €
  • 37,40 €


    Condom striated aromatic retardant tea 144 PCs. From now on, the Tea time It is not limited to 5 in the afternoon. Because when it comes to sex there is no schedules that are worth

    37,40 €
  • 14,10 €


    Hot cream 50 ml retardant. No hurry to get to the climax when the most fun is on the road that leads up to it. With this cream you can prolong your moment hot and make the pleasure last much longer

    14,10 €
  • 7,20 €


    Super Stander Penis massage cream. Put you on guard and face your next sexual challenge with an erection so firm that it seems subject to military discipline. This massage cream is made so that you win all your battles of love

    7,20 €
  • 13,20 €


    Spray retardant Dark Horse 15 ml. good will last much longer? This analgesic effect spray with pleasure and fun are now more durable

    13,20 €
  • 13,60 €


    Delay Cream cream 100 ml retardant. A bit of cream, a light massage on the penis and in minutes you're ready to enjoy sex as a couple for much longer

    13,60 €
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