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  • 34,10 €


    Bye Bra adhesive enhancers silicone (d-f) the clips will no longer be a problem. Now already you can choose models with necklines more risky with the security of that your breasts van to be always well collected and of way very discreet

    34,10 €
  • 26,90 €


    Bye Bra adhesive Realzantes silk (a-c). It looks firmer breasts without bra. Realzantes adhesives Bye Bra will keep your high femininity without that no one get them jobs

    26,90 €
  • 28,50 €


    That neckline so sexy already won't resist you never more. Rather than fasteners minimum or don't give you enough security or leave unsightly marks, try the adhesive silicone enhancers. You amazed with the result

    28,50 €
  • 30,10 € 40,10 €


    Bye Bra adhesive silicone Realzantes (f). More than once I've seen in a situation so: a precious suit that you can not combine with any bra. You going to miss the opportunity to wear it, with it well make you feel?

    30,10 € 40,10 €
  • 29,40 €


    Bye Bra adhesive enhancers Seda.Pechos firm and attractive. Breasts that draw attention as soon as you see them and that you have booked a surprise on privacy. Behave well and perhaps time to discover why these realzantes adhesives are so special. 

    29,40 €
  • 34,90 €


    Bye Bra Breast Lift Tape (f). It more comfortable when a bra not you allows look at like a dress is not use bra. But as the laws of gravity don't understand aesthetic you'll need another more discreet way to enhance your chest

    34,90 €
  • 19,50 €


    Back to the store and buy you one costume of which already you had fired. The cubrepezonas Bye Bra give you a second chance to all the clothes before you could not put you because you were not suitable for this bra

    19,50 €
  • 18,60 €


    Ones nipples too sensitive can play you a bad past and put you in a situation somewhat compromised. Bye Bra has the solution to avoid this type of moments uncomfortable and only you will take a moment put them end

    18,60 €
  • 45,50 €


    The necklines of vertigo may already be part of your usual wardrobe. Feel you comfortable and sexy in any event with help of the tapes Bye Bra: raise the chest and not leave fingerprint!

    45,50 €
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items