Vibrating Thongs

The vibrating thongs they are one of the most fun shop items. A vibrating thong offers the possibility of playing as a couple in a different way. They have a small remote control that allows you to delegate control of the internal vibrations in your lover, you can order more? No matter where it is, use the vibrating thong while you SUP at a restaurant or while you give a sensual stroll down the street. The possibilities are possible, it all depends on your imagination.

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    Remote Control vibrating thong Edition limited Fetish Fantasy. Pipedream House is always the last. Entamos with a low waist lace thong, will make you feel super sexy and not even notice you are wearing a vibrator close to your most intimate parts.

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  • 52,60 €

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    Adjustable remote control bullet black panties. A sophisticated vibrating bullet that conforms to any of your panties. In addition is controlled with a remote control with up to 10 meters range.

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  • 44,90 €

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    Now you can go bouncing out of boredom. With so exciting lingerie, pleasure and fun you can join at any time.

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  • 44,20 €

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    Thong vibrator 50 shades of Grey limited edition. This is a limited edition, offered by a lace thong Fetish Fantasy House where inside lies a powerful vibrating bullet that is controlled by a remote control

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  • 19,60 €

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    Fetish Fantasy vibrating Black Lace thong. Underwear can be much more exciting than you think. We do not mean only the Eroticism of a piece of sexy lingerie, but the possibility of obtaining pleasure real just take it put

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  • 15,10 €


    Couple that a night of lust is complete, your underwear should not only be very sexy but also very fun. And if your thong to serve for more than to offer your best image?

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  • 36,80 €

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    Thong vibrator with Remote Control. The clothes inside not had been never so fun. Since I discover that the thongs have the ability to become vibrators you replantearás you to renew the intimate lingerie drawer

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  • 46,90 €


    Thong Plus remote vibrator. It is one of the games preferred by couples. It's a thong in whose interior hides a powerful vibrating bullet, controlled by a small remote control. Can you imagine the possibilities?

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  • 95,90 €


    FSF Stimulator with Remote Control thong My Body Bloom. Fans of fiction fifty shades of Grey are lucky to be able to play these same fantasies with a whole collection of erotic accessories of high level.

    95,90 €
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  • 20,40 €


    Remote Control vibrating thong lace black Fetish Fantasy. Would you like to play for a while?, this beautiful black lace and low waist thong hides inside a secret that only you will know you

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  • 15,50 €

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    Neon pink vibrator thong and pasties. There are products that make the direrencia in our store and one of them is this fantastic thong set with opening with a well kept secret, which is a vibrating bullet located strategically in the area of the clitoris. 

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  • 15,10 €

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    Thong adjustable black with bullet vibrator. When you think that the day will be too boring, try an antidote of fun out of the ordinary: underwear with vibration

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  • 83,30 €

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    OhMiBod Club Vibe vibrator 2.0H remote sound. It is by spicy couples vibrator favourite, since it uses the sound or music how allied in the intimate experiences. Do you dare?

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  • 15,10 €


    Adjustable g-string with vibrating bullet. The underwear can not only be sexy but also very fun. Move to more stimulating intimate fashion proving the thongs with vibrating bullet.

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  • 15,00 €


    Neon vibrator purple Pasties and G-string set. Erotic underwear has evolved so much that it is now possible to enjoy the movement of a vibrating bullet on your clitoris without the need to use hands

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  • 60,20 €


    If before the fun was to take off her clothes, now it is put it on! Remote control vibrating thong is a garment of intimate lingerie that will be super exciting

    60,20 €
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  • 62,50 €


    Fetish Fantasy vibrating thong. The endless possibilities of pleasure of this thong vibrator they become the sexual illusion of many women. Isn't it exciting that you titties in a public place and without anyone knowing?

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  • 16,50 €


    Thong vibrator and Pasties blue neon. The Neon House has the solution to those nights of passion in which you do not know what to do. Rompre the monotony with this spectacular thong vibrator with opening. The vibration is induced by a vibrating bullet that is quietly located at the height of the clitoris, and the opening in the vaginal area.

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  • 14,70 €


    Thong vibrator and Pasties green neon. The firm hand Pipedream comes this collection of vibrators with opening thongs so you can use them for your most exciting nights. You do not know the pleasure that can bring you something as small and insignificant as this thong. Includes some pasties with a cross to put the icing on the cake. 

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  • 15,20 €


    Thong vibrator and Pasties Neon yellow. We present you the most revolutionary thong market, contains a vibrating bullet in the clitoral area and an opening so you can practice sex with the bullet in operation. And so you can see that we look at the details, we include two pasties to cover your nipples and erotic atmosphere unique and matchless. 

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