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House We Vibe is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury sex toys of the world. Are characterized by their products of great quality in every one of their models. A Canadian company that since its inception a few years ago has revolutionized the world of intimate relationships.

One of the most representative characteristics of We-vibe many of its products allow use in couple at the same time performed sexual intercourse, this once, it was a very large market revolution. 

Currently this erotic toy company has improved its models using cutting-edge technology making use of different apps that are handled from smartphone. They remain at the foot of the canyon giving solutions to the most demanding couples.

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  • 90,40 €


    Ditto Plug vibrator We-Vibe lilac. A high quality vibrator plug presented by one of the most prestigious sex toys manufacturers. All controlled by a remote control or the smartphone application. 

    90,40 €
  • 95,20 €


    Kegel balls Bloom We-Vibe. More sophisticated market for your Kegel exercises geisha balls. A high quality brand offering a product of luxury with battery and controlled with a smartphone app.

    95,20 €
  • 60,80 € 90,80 €


    Massager We-Vibe Touch II lilac. Satisfaction and elegance always advance jutas when it comes to designs of We-Vibe. This brand is always surprising with stimulators more glamorous for the erotic market today.

    60,80 € 90,80 €
  • 67,20 €


    Pivot ring vibrator We-Vibe blue. It is one of the most advanced vibrating rings on the market. Top materials in a product's design only for the extreme pleasure. Charge via USB and control We-Connect System.

    67,20 €
  • 62,40 €


    We Vibe II pink Tango. Small, discreet and very playful. We Vibe Tango II Pink is a vibrator that travels with you anywhere for pleasure and fun you never leave

    62,40 €
  • 51,70 € 71,70 €


    We Vibe Massager Unite purple. The pleasure during intercourse becomes much more intense with the We Vibe. A massager of clitoris whose vibrations both members of the couple enjoy them equally

    51,70 € 71,70 €
  • 100,00 €


    We Vibe vibrator pink Nova. Double stimulation, double pleasure and double fun. You can leave control of the Nova of We Vibe vibrator in the hands of someone else and control its movement through an application for your smartphone

    100,00 €
  • 90,40 €


    We-Vibe Jive blue vibrator couples. The future of vibrators devices lies in the incorporation of options of working with hands free. Always in the lead on issues of innovation, We-Vibe has already done it.

    90,40 €
  • 125,20 €


    A new way of conceiving the pleasure. Without cables. Without batteries. Without strings attached. The stimulation to hundreds of kilometers and with total freedom is possible thanks to the Massager We-Vibe and its exclusive app

    125,20 €
  • 62,40 €


    We-Vibe Personal Massager Tango blue USB. It's a massager blue clitoris created the We-Vibe House, which offers us a costly performance of vibration to your satisfaction

    62,40 €
  • 93,20 €

     (8)   3

    We-Vibe Rave purple vibrator. One of the jewels in the Crown of the brand We Vibe where it has taken care of every last detail of this G-spot vibrator.

    93,20 €
  • 80,80 €


    We-Vibe ring Slate Verge. Penis rings are also partner thing, especially when allowing your erections last longer are accompanied by a vibrant movement

    80,80 €
  • 132,70 €

     (87)   2

    The distance is no longer a problem for couples that use W-Vibe Sync. The Massager that you allow play to thousands of kilometers of distance through a simple app

    132,70 €
  • 102,80 €


    We-Vibe vibrator Gala pink Clitoris. If you know well what are your most sensitive pleasure points, acts on them! For We-Vibe clitoral stimulators focus mostly on what interests you.

    102,80 €
  • 70,40 € 100,40 €


    We-Vibe Massager blue Wiah. There is nothing more sensual than erotic toy that could be practically anything. Without a form defined, this Massager is what your imagination wants to be

    70,40 € 100,40 €
Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items