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The dildo is a sex supplement used since time immemorial for masturbation. In some sex also often added as part of foreplay. We offer a full range regarding sizes, shapes, colors and different materials so you can select the one that best suits your needs. It is the quintessential element in sexual games due to its simplicity.

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  • 17,50 € 23,50 €

     (115)   14

    Don Juan Real penis 15 cm. let yourself be seduced by the charms of this Don Juan and surrender to the most real and natural touch you've ever tasted in a sex toy.

    17,50 € 23,50 €
  • 11,40 € 16,40 €

     (357)   37

    Prince charming Real penis 15 cm. If you already thought that you'd never find your Prince charming, here you have it! This exciting form of powerful penis vibrator gives intense pleasures with great realism

    11,40 € 16,40 €
  • 16,20 € 26,20 €

     (471)   35

    Principe Real penis blue 20 Cm. Many women spend their lives looking for her Prince charming without getting anything. But sometimes it is not necessary to move heaven and Earth to find something that will make the wait more bearable.

    16,20 € 26,20 €
  • 13,10 €

     (211)   24

    Initiation purple jelly Dildo. At this point, the best practice would be that you will taste with a dildo of gelatin of moderate dimensions that will help you in your process of initiation to masturbation with sex toys

    13,10 €
  • 16,40 €

     (375)   21

    Basix jelly penis suction Natural 16 cm. A wide range of realistic type dildo. Pipedream guys have managed to create a new concept of dildos with natural touch that have left with their mouths open to other manufacturers of sex toys

    16,40 €
  • 8,10 €

     (220)   20

    Anal plug for beginners Edition limited 9 Cm. The Pipedream guys have created the ideal way to start on the anal pleasures of a comfortable and enjoyable manner. It's a small anal plug of 9 cm of length

    8,10 €
  • 20,00 € 30,00 €

     (101)   12

    Don Juan Real penis 20 cm. do you have already found your Don Juan? you look no further, we have it! With this comforter we are confident that your search has ended. Get carried away by their attributes and caresses and the pleasure is more than insured.

    20,00 € 30,00 €
  • 26,60 €


    Realrock realistic penis with scrotum 20 cm. you are intense experiences? Realrock has the solution for the most demanding lovers: realistic large penises which does not lack attention to detail.

    26,60 €
  • 18,60 €


    Realrock penis Dildo realistic 15 cm black. Do not lose even one millimeter of power. This realistic penis is pure intensity, from the tip to the base on which a suction cup will help you to attach it to any smooth surface.

    18,60 €
  • 14,40 €


    Dildo Please Her 15 cm purple. It has a very simple structure and the advantage that also supports all kinds of sexual harnesses. Este dildo de PVC sin duda te va a dar mucho juego.  

    14,40 €
  • 12,40 €

     (226)   24

    Flexible jelly double headed penis. If you're a non-conformist woman with no modesty, this new double headed flexible penis will meet all your needs; it ias an almost perfect copy of a real penis where even the smallest detail has been paid attention to.

    12,40 €
  • 15,00 €

     (240)   19

    Basix jelly penis 19 cm Natural Slim. It's a dildo realistic type that Pipedream House simulates the touch to perfection and the sensations of a real penis no less than 19 cm

    15,00 €
  • 29,80 €


    Anal plug Metal Multi stage Diamond. Ready to dive into the exciting world of anal stimulation? Hand Saninex and plugs like this, the experience promises to be a success.

    29,80 €
  • 23,20 €

     (138)   17

    For beginners in the art of anal pleasure, comes the Colt Anal Training Kit. It is an anal starter kit, made of extra soft vinyl

    23,20 €
  • 37,70 €


    The Ragin' D realistic penis 19 cm candy. This realistic penis textures added to masturbation a few very exciting nuances. Try it alone or in the company of your partner to raise the pleasure to another level.

    37,70 €
  • 20,10 €

     (241)   12

    Anal double penetration Fantasy. It's an anal dildo ideal for those who wish to test the feelings of double penetration but do not dare to enter more players in their relations

    20,10 €
  • 21,40 €

     (191)   8

    King Cock penis realistic 18 cm. Don't settle with a dildo traditional if what you really want is to have it all. This realistic-looking penis is much more than an erotic toy: is your wildest becoming actually dream

    21,40 €
  • 30,70 € 40,70 €


    Jelly Rancher 20 cm gelatin transparent. Have fun with dildos for more soft sexual harness on the market. An erotic toy of transparent gelatin that penetration is more soft and sliding.

    30,70 € 40,70 €
  • 14,70 €

     (51)   4

    Here are three good reasons to advance your techniques of anal stimulation and three good reasons to banish all your doubts and fears. Go for larger measures with this set of different size anal plugs

    14,70 €
  • 8,00 €

     (98)   9

    Basix Mini 9 Cm transparent jelly Anal Plug. This is one of the more advanced anal plugs developed by Pipedream. He used the best components of gelatin and latex safe and secure to the body by making use of this plug a real pleasure at all levels

    8,00 €
  • 45,50 €


    Kong realistic penis 21 cm black. Even the most intense erotic fantasies they have become a reality when you include in your collection some of the realistic toys from Doc Johnson.

    45,50 €
  • 7,60 €

     (41)   3

    Anal plug with transparent ring. This anal plug with rings banishes all them because it is the confirmation that the anal masturbation can be comfortable, pleasant and safe

    7,60 €
  • 18,50 €

     (135)   9

    Double dildo penetration. Is there anything more exciting than double penetration? Probably not. Two it is always better than one!

    18,50 €
  • 49,50 €


    Ejaculatory dildo Cock Natural 9 Flesh. Fill your Squirting Cock with amazing Pipedream aqueous solution and experience simultaneous orgasms with this erotic toy so realistically that it is able to ejaculate.

    49,50 €
  • 15,20 €

     (86)   11

    Basix Slim dildo 19 transparent Cm. Them guys of Pipedream us sing with this wonderful dildo of design realistic in the way and with nothing less that 19 cm of length

    15,20 €
  • 13,60 €

     (57)   3

    Red small bag Metal Anal plug. Since the start of the sexual game you can go getting ready to go up in level. This small anal plug is able to open the way to all these new experiences

    13,60 €
  • 49,70 €


    Comforter realistic penis with hair. While they reach a degree of excellent realism, it is not usual that erotic toys incorporated as flashy as public hair details. This is one of those exceptional pieces.

    49,70 €
  • 7,10 €

     (57)   7

    Plug Finger 3 Pcs. Set of three plugs for more varied and incredible anal stimulation. They are manufactured in ABS plastic, a material of great soft and high quality, which in addition not contain never, is hypoallergenic, cleaned easily and is non-toxic

    7,10 €
  • 26,50 €

     (78)   7

    Basix penis of jelly suction Natural 23 cm. find a good time to relax and enjoy your privacy. This collection Basix jelly penis is so large that you'll need to dedicate time to discover it at 100%. 

    26,50 €
  • 51,50 €


    Prince comforter Yahushua Real 27 cm. you would try something different? The exotic Middle East manifests itself in the form of a sexy erotic toy with the badge of excellence of the Vac-U-Lock brand.

    51,50 €
  • 7,40 €

     (36)   3

    Basix Mini 9 Cm black jelly Anal Plug. A good quality material and it is over stylish is not easy to find. And nothing as innovate the classic design in order to achieve a sexy and good masturbator body

    7,40 €
  • 28,70 €

     (83)   7

    King Cock realistic penis with the testicles 18 cm. You like them big and with a touch so realistic you make you doubt whether it is or not a penis of truth. Stop fantasizing and plunge it safe with realistic penis King Cock

    28,70 €
  • 13,40 €


    9 cm purple silicone Anal plug fifty shades. Explore on your own or share this intimate experience with your partner. This silicone anal plug serves as a stimulator and dilator, in the event that you want to move to something more intense.

    13,40 €
  • 13,60 €

     (128)   11

    Metal Plug Anal small blue bag. Hides this little gem as one of your secret erotic more valuable. In the interior of the bag no one will know that the content is a toy erotic potentially exciting

    13,60 €
  • 20,00 €

     (80)   5

    Basix jelly Natural suction penis 19 cm. This new product of the famous firm Pipedream has a suction cup at its end, which will allow you to attach it to any surface and give free rein to your imagination and ingenuity

    20,00 €
  • 30,40 €


    King Cock penis ejaculatory 15 cm. Not like you stop halfway and don't want your companion to pass by this situation, although it is an erotic toy and not a real man.

    30,40 €
  • 15,00 €

     (33)   2

    Basix penis jelly Slim 19 cm black. A basic like this to masturbate without using the hands should be one of the first in your list of sex toys

    15,00 €
  • 5,10 €

     (70)   5

    Thimbles Lila game. A form of different stimulation with this set of covers for the retailer with ideal surfaces for stimulation

    5,10 €
  • 36,80 €


    King Cock penis ejaculatory 17 cm. For many people, a comforter is entirely unrealistic if you can not do what they do all penises arriving at the climax: ejaculating.

    36,80 €
  • 15,20 €

     (91)   10

    Jelly dildo Slim Basix 19 cm red. A first category for the most demanding dildo. Its simplicity is its beauty and belongs to the House collection Basix pipedream, a collection of sex toys without motor

    15,20 €
  • 18,90 €

     (186)   11

    Prince of Nambia black penis 20 Cm is a sensational dildo with realistic completion. Simulates perfectly and all sorts of details from an actual penis color. It is also manufactured with a realistic material based on a silicone soft, pleasant to the touch.

    18,90 €
  • 47,60 €


    Comforter King Cock penis realistic double black. The King Cock collection has always stood by its proposals for large size. This double realistic penis is XXL that needed you to your collection of comforters.

    47,60 €
Showing 1 - 42 of 445 items

What are dildos?

The worst enemy of sexual desire is routine. That's why we encourage you to experience new games, solo or in pairs, with the dildos and plugs of our catalog. Different sizes and textures to rediscover your sexuality and be surprised with all the sensations you still have to experience.

The dildos are toys that have been used as a complement to sexual practices for centuries. Although they have evolved a lot in their design, they remain simple toys and without any electronic mechanism. The easiest way to get pleasure.

Types and sizes of dildos

There are several categories of dildos depending on their design and capabilities. The most classic presents phallic forms, with more or less realism (testicles, veins, glans ...) while the most innovative use stronger materials (metal, glass) and resort to more varied forms (balls, stretch marks) and even a suction cup in the base. Some double dildos are intended for double stimulation (ano vagina), simultaneous stimulation of the couple or the stimulation of the anus.

The measurements of these dildos and sextoys are variable, but the most normal is to go from 15 centimetres (traditional dildos) to 30 cm (double dildos). In some cases they are the exact reproduction of the penis of a pornstar, as happens with the realistic dildos, which makes masturbation even more exciting with forms of real penises.

Most common materials in its manufacture:

  • Latex: Natural rubber and totally free of toxic or harmful components for humans (although some people may have allergies). It is hygienic and easy to clean.

  • PVC: Synthetic material, elastic and consistent. Among some of his most valued peculiarities of this type of comforters is to adapt quickly to body temperature. It has a stronger odor than other materials, but evaporates with a little ventilation.

  • Silicone: It is a natural material that is obtained through a synthetic process. It is used in a large amount of cosmetics and products that are applied directly on the skin because, by not containing any toxic substances, they are very safe. It is usually the most used material in the manufacture of erotic toys.

  • PU: This section includes all the toys made from polyurethanes that are obtained synthetically. This material is mainly used in the lining of sex toys because it brings a soft and silky touch.

  • Acrylic, fiberglass or metal: the dildos have to be sliding devices to make their use comfortable and pleasurable. Acrylic is a glass-like synthetic material that provides the toy with a soft, skin-compatible surface. Products made with this material are more forceful.

Some curiosities

The English term dildo comes from the nautical instrument used to adjust the oars of small boats. It was a piece of wood very similar to that of the comforters and from the 17th century the use of this word was popularized to refer also to the sex toy.

All types of dildos and plugs

You must know that not all toys are the same. On our website you will find all the types of dildos available on the market for you to choose the one you need. Each case is different, and the shape, size, color, materials, type of stimulations they provoke and other factors are the variables that you should consider to choose the type of dildo that you need. Make use of our personal shoppers team to advise you about the products.

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