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The dildo is a sex supplement used since time immemorial for masturbation. In some sex also often added as part of foreplay. We offer a full range regarding sizes, shapes, colors and different materials so you can select the one that best suits your needs. It is the quintessential element in sexual games due to its simplicity.

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  • 27,30 €


    Basix Fat Boy penis 18 Cm black. It is an article that is becoming fashionable Pipedream. who not has dreamed of having a chocolate penis in our sexual experiences? It is now possible with this masturbator of high quality that give a twist to your orgasms.

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  • 14,70 €


    Butt Anal Plug big. Although the size may be impressive, the design of this anal plug is perfectly studied pleasure will slide with extreme softness

    14,70 €
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  • 7,90 €


    Ass Master Plug black Anal. Discover the more anal stimulation, more you want to experience it with insights increasingly voluminous and intense as the of this PVC plug

    7,90 €
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  • 19,10 €


    plug Icicles Anal glass Massager 44th. Are you looking for an intimate gift to surprise your partner? The anal plugs Icicles are not only accessories design sex they are delivered in an attractive packaging

    19,10 €
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  • 8,60 €


    Anal dildo Basix him and her transparent gelatin. Between you and your partner, there is so much confidence that you can afford you share your sex toys. Who starts first with this anal Stimulator?

    8,60 €
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  • 28,40 €


    Dildo Basix Long Boy penis Natural 22 cm. Pleasure naturally has the appearance and texture of Basix Long Boy, a dildo of gelatin with the color and feel of a true penis

    28,40 €
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  • 16,00 €

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    Silky black Anal medium Plug. The simplicity of this plug is what need you to forget your worries while you enjoy anal stimulation

    16,00 €
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  • 65,80 €


    Kevin Dean realistic penis. Demanding lovers, take note: this single dildo is suitable for those who enjoy the size XXL. If you are looking for maximum stimulation with a realistic erotic toy, Kevin Dean is willing to lend its Member

    65,80 €
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  • 28,30 €


    VAC-U-Lock Plug Anal Black Handle. Pleasure will not go anywhere because with this anal plug you can hold it very firmly. Use it alone or in company with the Doc Johnson harnesses

    28,30 €
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  • 36,40 €

     (43)   1

    Mini Mini Plug Fetisg Fantasy Gold. An anal plug Deluxe Edition coming out of the hand of Fetish Fantasy guys. Anal stimulation always with the greatest of pleasures and the largest of the security

    36,40 €
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  • 48,80 €


    Brent Everett comforter Fleshjack Boys. Firmness and flexibility. The perfect combination for a realistic dildo will make taking off your sexual fantasy you mount it with a porn star

    48,80 €
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  • 29,30 €


    Level Up-Kit of 3 Plugs black. Three simple steps you will become in all an expert of the penetrations Annals. Train you with this kit of plugs of different sizes and enjoy of the pleasure to all the levels

    29,30 €
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  • 13,10 €


    Plug Anal medium Natural. What comes with ease, comes out with ease. Even if it seems a no-brainer, when choosing a plug of anal stimulation have clear these concepts is essential

    13,10 €
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  • 12,30 €


    The most striking of this anal plug you'll see it when you turn off the light. Let yourself be seduced by the bright flashes of your Basix jelly and miss you the track to keep it well within

    12,30 €
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  • 72,70 €


    Dildo penis realistic Dual Density 27 cm. The characteristic of an excited penis stiffness and delicate touch of a true member. For a perfect duality with dildo that demand realism

    72,70 €
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  • 84,60 €


    Comforter Bombshell Atom Bomb red Gun. Doc Johnson has released heavy artillery and it launched this sexual challenge: dare with an anal plug that break all molds?

    84,60 €
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  • 29,10 €


    With the inflatable penises of Fetish Fantasy Extreme patience is a factor to take into account, because the fun is not insight but what comes next

    29,10 €
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  • 70,10 €


    Thin realistic penis Truskyn 18.5 cm vanilla. So voluminous measures need a dildo whose realism let also note on issues such as flexibility and the softness and Truskyn knows very well to combine both factors

    70,10 €
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  • 65,90 €


    Ty Fox realistic penis. An exact replica of the penis of the porn star Ty Fox, made a realistic material that can not help excite you just look at it

    65,90 €
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  • 100,40 €

     (23)   1

    Truskyn-realistic penis 20 cm vanilla. The success of an erotic toy does not depend only on technological capabilities. Sometimes in the most simple and natural there are people who are the real pleasure

    100,40 €
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  • 34,80 €


    Icicles glass Massager number 57. One of the stars within the latest collection of Icicles. It is a medium-sized dildo made of high quality glass and perfect to get more intimate areas

    34,80 €
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  • 8,20 €


    Mini Plug glows in the dark. The annals plugs have always had a fun silhouette, but if in addition they glow in the dark it is an attraction that you can add to your games as a couple

    8,20 €
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  • 38,30 €


    It is a novel and subtle scourge which has taken care to the smallest detail in their design. Its glass touch is a sense that little by little it has been gaining to our audience, since it adds new sensations to the sexual experience.

    38,30 €
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  • 22,70 €


    Duplex Orgasmic is a stimulator anal very similar to a grenade. Subject it through the ring, entering it in the year to stimulate your most sensitive areas and when she strips produced an explosion of pleasure

    22,70 €
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  • 57,80 €


    Ease in dilators Annals Kit. Discover the pleasures of anal stimulation with a dilator kit that allows you to experiment with different sizes and intensities. A new mode of fun and different ways of exploring it

    57,80 €
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  • 20,50 €


    Anal training kit Wendy Williams. Prepare you for way safe for a type of stimulation anal more voluminous. Professional lovers know that the important thing is to go step by step

    20,50 €
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  • 16,40 €


    Jelly penis dildo 17 cm Natural. Latex free, phthalate free but not without pleasure. The penises of the Basix Pipedeam line are natural and realistic pleasure parts

    16,40 €
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  • 13,70 €


    Black is the color of elegance, but applied to a sex toy sensation that this color tends to produce is intense excitement. Imagine how it will be when you sit inside this realistic dildo

    13,70 €
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  • 26,10 €


    Anal Kit for beginners purple. In three simple steps you've become an expert in it comes to anal stimulation. With these plugs annals of gelatin, the training is fun!

    26,10 €
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  • 38,90 €


    Jolie Plug Kit 4Pc in different size. Do you know how to train future champions? Always starting with the basics. From least to you more the race for pleasure won

    38,90 €
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  • 39,10 €


    Iciccles Massager 29 Number of glass. It is one of the dildos made from glass with more success of the sex shop. Every detail, even the smallest are careful to. A sensual and elegant design always available to offer pleasure

    39,10 €
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  • 35,70 €


    Anal plug Ouch lilac. Finally Shots Strip House toys out of the window to create this marvel of anal plug. Its sleek, metallic touch and diamond bearing at the base do not leave you indifferent. It will give a touch with a lot of class and luxury to your night of passion. 

    35,70 €
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  • 50,80 €


    Metal Worx Luv Anal Plug. It presents itself as a revolutionary anal plug made in metal. Manufacturer Pipedream once again surprise us with this small plug of ice surface.

    50,80 €
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  • 27,80 €


    Icicles glass Massager 26th. If you looked like that it collect figurines of glass was a bit tacky, perhaps change your opinion when you discover that some of these collections are of the most exciting

    27,80 €
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  • 13,40 €


    Butt Plug plug Rubber 10.5 cm model 1 black. It is rubber, but so rigid that it might well be metal. However, this plug retains all the best of an erotic toy hard and delicate at the same time

    13,40 €
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  • 18,60 €


    Master Tool Anal Plug 3. Eroticism professionals need tools that are at the height of their knowledge and skills. Master Tool is the anal plug from the experts

    18,60 €
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Showing 361 - 396 of 459 items

What are dildos?

The worst enemy of sexual desire is routine. That's why we encourage you to experience new games, solo or in pairs, with the dildos and plugs of our catalog. Different sizes and textures to rediscover your sexuality and be surprised with all the sensations you still have to experience.

The dildos are toys that have been used as a complement to sexual practices for centuries. Although they have evolved a lot in their design, they remain simple toys and without any electronic mechanism. The easiest way to get pleasure.

Types and sizes of dildos

There are several categories of dildos depending on their design and capabilities. The most classic presents phallic forms, with more or less realism (testicles, veins, glans ...) while the most innovative use stronger materials (metal, glass) and resort to more varied forms (balls, stretch marks) and even a suction cup in the base. Some double dildos are intended for double stimulation (ano vagina), simultaneous stimulation of the couple or the stimulation of the anus.

The measurements of these dildos and sextoys are variable, but the most normal is to go from 15 centimetres (traditional dildos) to 30 cm (double dildos). In some cases they are the exact reproduction of the penis of a pornstar, as happens with the realistic dildos, which makes masturbation even more exciting with forms of real penises.

Most common materials in its manufacture:

  • Latex: Natural rubber and totally free of toxic or harmful components for humans (although some people may have allergies). It is hygienic and easy to clean.

  • PVC: Synthetic material, elastic and consistent. Among some of his most valued peculiarities of this type of comforters is to adapt quickly to body temperature. It has a stronger odor than other materials, but evaporates with a little ventilation.

  • Silicone: It is a natural material that is obtained through a synthetic process. It is used in a large amount of cosmetics and products that are applied directly on the skin because, by not containing any toxic substances, they are very safe. It is usually the most used material in the manufacture of erotic toys.

  • PU: This section includes all the toys made from polyurethanes that are obtained synthetically. This material is mainly used in the lining of sex toys because it brings a soft and silky touch.

  • Acrylic, fiberglass or metal: the dildos have to be sliding devices to make their use comfortable and pleasurable. Acrylic is a glass-like synthetic material that provides the toy with a soft, skin-compatible surface. Products made with this material are more forceful.

Some curiosities

The English term dildo comes from the nautical instrument used to adjust the oars of small boats. It was a piece of wood very similar to that of the comforters and from the 17th century the use of this word was popularized to refer also to the sex toy.

All types of dildos and plugs

You must know that not all toys are the same. On our website you will find all the types of dildos available on the market for you to choose the one you need. Each case is different, and the shape, size, color, materials, type of stimulations they provoke and other factors are the variables that you should consider to choose the type of dildo that you need. Make use of our personal shoppers team to advise you about the products.

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