The dildo is a sex supplement used since time immemorial for masturbation. In some sex also often added as part of foreplay. We offer a full range regarding sizes, shapes, colors and different materials so you can select the one that best suits your needs. It is the quintessential element in sexual games due to its simplicity.

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Showing 85 - 126 of 422 items

What are dildos?

The worst enemy of sexual desire is routine. That's why we encourage you to experience new games, solo or in pairs, with the dildos and plugs of our catalog. Different sizes and textures to rediscover your sexuality and be surprised with all the sensations you still have to experience.

The dildos are toys that have been used as a complement to sexual practices for centuries. Although they have evolved a lot in their design, they remain simple toys and without any electronic mechanism. The easiest way to get pleasure.

Types and sizes of dildos

There are several categories of dildos depending on their design and capabilities. The most classic presents phallic forms, with more or less realism (testicles, veins, glans ...) while the most innovative use stronger materials (metal, glass) and resort to more varied forms (balls, stretch marks) and even a suction cup in the base. Some double dildos are intended for double stimulation (ano vagina), simultaneous stimulation of the couple or the stimulation of the anus.

The measurements of these dildos and sextoys are variable, but the most normal is to go from 15 centimetres (traditional dildos) to 30 cm (double dildos). In some cases they are the exact reproduction of the penis of a pornstar, as happens with the realistic dildos, which makes masturbation even more exciting with forms of real penises.

Most common materials in its manufacture:

  • Latex: Natural rubber and totally free of toxic or harmful components for humans (although some people may have allergies). It is hygienic and easy to clean.

  • PVC: Synthetic material, elastic and consistent. Among some of his most valued peculiarities of this type of comforters is to adapt quickly to body temperature. It has a stronger odor than other materials, but evaporates with a little ventilation.

  • Silicone: It is a natural material that is obtained through a synthetic process. It is used in a large amount of cosmetics and products that are applied directly on the skin because, by not containing any toxic substances, they are very safe. It is usually the most used material in the manufacture of erotic toys.

  • PU: This section includes all the toys made from polyurethanes that are obtained synthetically. This material is mainly used in the lining of sex toys because it brings a soft and silky touch.

  • Acrylic, fiberglass or metal: the dildos have to be sliding devices to make their use comfortable and pleasurable. Acrylic is a glass-like synthetic material that provides the toy with a soft, skin-compatible surface. Products made with this material are more forceful.

Some curiosities

The English term dildo comes from the nautical instrument used to adjust the oars of small boats. It was a piece of wood very similar to that of the comforters and from the 17th century the use of this word was popularized to refer also to the sex toy.

All types of dildos and plugs

You must know that not all toys are the same. On our website you will find all the types of dildos available on the market for you to choose the one you need. Each case is different, and the shape, size, color, materials, type of stimulations they provoke and other factors are the variables that you should consider to choose the type of dildo that you need. Make use of our personal shoppers team to advise you about the products.

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