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Intense It is a brand new full of erotic items of all kinds. Chinese balls, vibrators, rings with vibration, vibrating eggs, rampant rabbits, as well as a collection of articles for anal penetration.

It's a brand that seeks above all convenience in the use of its products. So that your items are made of material of medical grade silicone. Their designs are characterized by style minimalist with plain colors. So far the predominant colors of this mark in their articles is the lilac, pink and black.

Their designs are designed to meet each and every erogenous points of human physiology in order to provide a maximum enjoyment. In addition, it's a brand with very competitive prices to be able to conform to the needs and tastes of each pocket.

This young brand philosophy is to allow you to enjoy to the fullest with articles of quality, latest design with mid-level prices. It is a Spanish brand.

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