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    Ben Wa balls Luna Bead Noir are one of Lelo's star products. These high quality Ben Wa balls respond to your movements by generating amazing vibrations inside you. They are elegant and subtle, and their design is innovative. High class materials are the cherry on this very arousing cake placing this article on the global best sellers list

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    Blue Prostate Massager Hugo. It is a male sexual supplement that will allow you to enjoy one of the most incredible, intense and delicious orgasms: which occurs by prostate stimulation

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    Lelo gift Heaven Scent. Light the passion through the sense of smell and get carried away by the Lelo aphrodisiac scents to a universe of vibrating pleasure

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    Couples Lelo Massager Ida cherry. See the most desired Massager for couples: Ida, the prestigious brand Lelo. In addition to vibrate, Ida offers you exhilarating rotations so you rejoice as ever of the loving union

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    Hugo Black prostate Massager. Discover the sensations that are hidden in the perineal area with this double effect Massager. With its two vibration motors (one at the base of the device) and the other at the tip

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    Kit Lelo's gift The Confession. Convince your partner that any time is good to celebrate your passion and delivery. With Lelo gift boxes will have to more to clear the message

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    Lelo 2 Tiani Logo Design Edition Massager black. Massager from Lelo House for external and internal use. With the technology called SenseMotion that includes a remote control with a range of 12 meters of distance. A high-end product made with high quality silicone, water-resistant to use it anywhere.

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    Lelo balls black Hula. Never say never. When you already thought that it had discovered all about masturbation, Lelo surprises you with a new device of vibrating pleasure. Not you are curious to know what is?

    148,30 €
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    Lelo black pine. Ideal for gifts, not only for its elegant and innovative design, but because this is a product that will guarantee satisfaction and absolute pleasure for couples or groups who wish to experience the darker side of her fantasies

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    Lelo Boa pleasure red ties. Our ties with freshwater pearls, for an incomparableTransforma evasion closed the bedroom door in the most sensual backdrop for your pleasures.

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  • 90,00 €


    Lelo Boa pleasure ties purple. Our ties with freshwater pearls, for an incomparableTransforma evasion closed the bedroom door in the most sensual backdrop for your pleasures.

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    Lelo Bob Burdeos Home is an anal plug designed for man. How all the brand Lelo items, perfectly combines design and functionality. Manufactured with high quality custom silicone providing a soft and velvety

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  • 49,20 €


    Lelo Bob dark blue man. This time Lelo offers us a powerful and special anal plug for men. It's a small and exciting Stimulator with an elegant design. A way to enjoy the best anal stimulation with the best security. All manufactured with materials of an excellent category.

    49,20 €
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    Lelo box gift Open Secret. With Lelo gift boxes, each day you can celebrate Valentine's day. Enjoy a romantic dinner at any time of the year with toys and accessories of a brand that is synonymous with style and quality

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    You no longer have to rely more on the batteries. Your sexual accessories Lelo are recharged using a USB cable. Tell us which model Lelo have in your collection and we will send you the corresponding charger

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     Lelo toy Spray cleaner antibacterial 60ml is a cleaner made especially for cleaning of our sexual items brand Lelo. It ensures that we can continue to use our toys in the most hygienic way and keeps them as the first day.

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    Lelo Elise 2 black vibrator. Is one innovative exciting black, with rounded shapes and ergonomic design, which offers you the possibility to discover the most exquisite experiences of delight and enjoyment

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    Lelo gift Alone Together. Together or alone? As for Lelo pleasure has no limits has created a set of fun that combines the possibilities of having a good time

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    Lelo Gigi vibrator 2 pink intense. Explore your most secret corners with this powerful vibrator tailored to access your point g. eight modes of vibration so that experience with the limits of pleasure that your body is able to withstand

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    Lelo her black Dildo. A dildo with a characteristic of this manufacturer of toys and new design. This article has become is one of their most requested products in various colors. Made in materials of first line

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    Lelo she Dildo pink intense is one of the most popular luxury dildos which we have in the store. It is an article is easy on the eyes and makes it clear that it has taken care to the last detail of it. An extreme suavida and smooth, perfect to give you all the pleasure you need.

    46,50 € 56,50 €
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    Lelo her white Dildo. One of the dildos most desired by our customers. With a modern and exciting design, the Lelo House surprises us with this small pleasure that leaves no one indifferent object

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    Lelo preservative Hex box 12 PCs. Brand Lelo has discovered that the secret of the sensitivity of a condom is not only in its smoothness. Want to know how you can enhance pleasure?

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    Lelo Ina 2 vibrator green Lima. Are that are not willing to give up anything? Then this is for you perfect pleasure toy! Lelo Ina 2 combines an elegant design with the efficiency you've always wanted

    154,10 € 194,10 €
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    Lelo Insignia black Massager 3 Tiani. Lelo boys presents the Crown Jewel in its collection of toys. It's a small product with a performance difficult to believe. Your Lelo Tiani 3 is a great way to enjoy the exquisite pleasures of sex

    136,40 € 176,40 €
  • 156,60 €


    Lelo Insignia black Massager 2 Lyla. It enhances your games partner with an innovative rechargeable vibrating bullet of extraordinary power belongs to the logo & group Lelo Luxe collection

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    Lelo Insignia Island vibrator black. It's a House Lelo vibrator. As in most of his creations, it stands out for its exquisite design and versatility. A size intermediate and discrete this vibrator is intended to generate the most pleasurable sensations in the body of a woman.

    159,30 €
  • 151,70 €


    Lelo Insignia 2 Lyla. It is an innovative device of massage, which is backed by the prestigious brand Lelo, leader in high quality erotic toys. Oval-shaped and elegant lines, this discreet Massager has a remote control that provides a range of up to 12 meters for the spicier games on couple

    151,70 €
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    Lelo Insignia Massager 2 Tiani for Remote Control of intense pink Color. It is a genital Massager shape oval and designed to be used by women, both externally and internally and enjoy a host of exciting sensations

    132,20 € 172,20 €
  • 153,90 €


    Lelo Insignia Massager 3 Tiani cherry. Lelo presents its product star of luxury for the most demanding sex. It's a little toy of pleasure that since it has gone on sale has not stopped accumulating awards in the market

    153,90 €
  • 153,90 €


    Lelo Insignia 3 Tiani Massager pink intense. A luxury product for the most demanding in bed. This time the guys from this experienced House of sex toys made an object of luxury that it is impossible to leave anyone indifferent

    153,90 €
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    Lelo Insignia Ora 2 black night. Look you could be confused with a container of perfume. But although Lelo Insignia Ora 2 black night is an experience for all the senses, which will most benefit from its potential is to touch

    175,60 €
  • 175,60 €


    Lelo Insignia Ora 2 intense pink. So that all women have the opportunity to enjoy long and exquisite Orgasms in private or with the participation and support of your partner

    175,60 €
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    Lelo Insignia Smart Wand Massager large. This is without doubt one of the great masterpieces of the popular manufacturer of sex toys Lelo. Perfect for your great moments of relaxation with this vibrator Massager with the latest technology.

    189,20 €
  • 184,90 €


    Lelo Insignia Soraya vibrator pink intense is one of the largest claims in the sex shops current. Having a manufacturer Lelo vibrator is having "vibrator" and is something that every time is more noticeable on the requests of our customers. This is one of the most striking vibrators appearance you would never understand that his ulidad is just the give us...

    184,90 €
  • 137,70 €


    Lelo Iris vibrator pink intense is one of the great successes of Lelo. This luxury vibrator has achieved in a short time winning the hearts of our female audience that holds it as a gift from the gods. It is a perfect modern and subtle object to bring us a State of unprecedented pleasure culminated with unprecedented pleasure.

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    Lelo Loki black prostate Massager. This male vibrator has it all. Its not only design is elegant, but it is perfectly designed to access that area where you will find more pleasure without difficulty: the point P

    129,70 €
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    One of our products are star in Chinese balls we have in the sex shop. It is a ball of the famous brand Lelo, which gives us the security of being in front of a first line product.

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    Lelo Luna Beads Mini. It's the most exquisite Chinese balls on the market. Designed by Lelo, one of the leaders in manufacturing of sex toys around the world. One complement of luxury that is at the height of the most demanding

    51,80 € 61,80 €
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    Lelo man Billy dark blue vibrator. Billy is made to keep your rhythm. Enjoy up to 4 hours of pleasure continued with one of the more manly brand Lelo vibrators

    138,50 €
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    Lelo massage candle vanilla and cocoa cream. A sensational massage candles that come with the guarantee of quality of House Lelo. They are a perfect candles to create the suitable environment for a sensual and pleasurable night. Perfect for warm up and apply to the skin with a light massage.

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    Lelo Massager Blue Prostate Loki. Probably, they are less known than dildos used for stimulation of the woman and, however, offer equally pleasurable results

    129,70 €
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