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The vibrator sex toy is the most used today both for use in pairs and solo. Can be used to stimulate the clitoris, vaginal or anal area area. Here we offer a wide range of vibrators organized into different categories. Within the range of vibrators can find wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes, materials are cleaned in a simple manner or submersible.

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  • 11,80 € 15,80 €

     (630)   51

    Vibrator 19 cm gelatin Lila Diversual Collection. Gelatine has always been something very sweet. This not is eats but goes to satiate your appetite sexually more sweet. Does you site for dessert? Because this is big enough. 

    11,80 € 15,80 €
  • 38,80 € 63,80 €

     (849)   41

    Do you think that it would be possible to stimulate the clitoris without that contact occurs?   No, it is not science fiction. Satisfyer Pro 2 is a massager clitoris which will bring you to orgasm without touching your love button directly

    38,80 € 63,80 €
  • 22,70 € 32,70 €

     (799)   39

    Feelztoys Fonzie purple G-spot vibrator is a new vibrator. Practically silent despite its powerful engine vibration. Made from a type of very high quality soft silicone it procures pleasure with just one touch

    22,70 € 32,70 €
  • 29,80 € 39,80 €

     (349)   29

    Rechargeable vibrator purple 20 cm Diversual Collection. One of our most fun vibrators! with realistic texture, there will be no feeling that you escape...

    29,80 € 39,80 €
  • 107,10 €


    Stimulator Clitoris Jimmyjane Form 2 black. These two montañitas of pleasure are the best business card of the massagers for the clitoris from Jimmyjane. Soon you will familiarise yourself with this silhouette.

    107,10 €
  • 29,90 €

     (404)   28

    Mini purple rampant Rabbit. It's another rampant rabbit, one of the most requested by our female audience. It is an article made from an especially soft to the touch gelatine. It is also submersible, which allows you to use it anywhere that you want.

    29,90 €
  • 19,70 € 27,70 €

     (267)   20

    Original classic vibrator purple. The classic dildo brings this time some new features: a realistic texture even in its smallest details and a sensual and different color

    19,70 € 27,70 €
  • 27,90 €


    Mini vibrator silicone Intro 1 blue. The touch of this silicone vibrator is so soft that it seems to be manufactured in other material. It is part of the novelties introduced by Jimmyjane in their versions of the classic erotic toys.

    27,90 €
  • 90,20 €


    Jimmyjane Evoke DU-O Massager purple. The hidden pleasures in this female Massager original are inspired by the Eastern tradition and the Lotus Flower and a point of connection between the mental and physical stimuli.

    90,20 €
  • 14,10 €

     (413)   35

    Our female customers highly value this realistic vibrator which is a perfect copy of a real penis with veins, the gland and other details which mean that you can't tell the difference between it and a real penis. It is made from a jelly which makes this vibrator as similar as possible to the touch as a real penis

    14,10 €
  • 27,90 €


    Intro 1 Mini vibrator pink silicone. It connects the trip mode. Also the erotic toys have their alternate version for those who love to not spend too much time on a website but don't want to give up the pleasure.

    27,90 €
  • 11,60 €

     (253)   19

    Perfect Pleasure vibrator black 22 cm. This texture hyper realistic vibrator is the perfect toy for any woman, thanks to its variety of sizes and to the relief of his veins

    11,60 €
  • 29,80 € 39,80 €

     (193)   24

    Vibrator realistic rechargeable pink Diversual Collection. The perfect toy so if you want it for you as if you want to give. It has 2 powerful motors, is rechargeable and waterproof

    29,80 € 39,80 €
  • 37,20 €


    Intro blue 4 Jimmyjane vibrator Massager. What are your routines before you go to sleep? I can assure you as soon as you know this vibrator from Jimmyjane, sure that you introduce some changes in your habits.

    37,20 €
  • 14,80 € 22,80 €

     (67)   9

    Classic Original vibrator Negro.Tal time classic vibrators already do not you surprised by its originality, but there is no doubt that if they are still the star of the erotic market is because they offer very satisfying results

    14,80 € 22,80 €
  • 30,30 €


    Massager 4 Intro Jimmyjane vibrator, pink. Signature Jimmyjane has careful in recovering a classic within the erotic toys with a proposal for a vibrator for woman easy and powerful.

    30,30 €
  • 14,20 €

     (260)   23

    Stimulator point G and Clitoris aquatic is a type of vibrator aimed to stimulate point g and clitoris simultaneously. Is made from a type of gelatin of high quality very soft to the touch and nothing perjucidial for the body. It can be used in the shower since it is submersible.

    14,20 €
  • 19,20 €


    Mini Intro 1 Purple vibrator. Nothing to stop you having a compact silicone vibrator, design and at a very affordable price. Basic of Jimmyjane line offers you everything you need.

    19,20 €
  • 31,80 € 41,80 €

     (71)   7

    Clitoris Massager Victoria 7 vibrations. Meet your new best friend. Discreet, soft and very, very pleasant. You want to always carry with you there wherever you go would you know why?

    31,80 € 41,80 €
  • 38,70 €


    Vibrator 6 intro curved blue G-spot Stimulator. The most erogenous zones of the female anatomy deserve special treatment. Jimmyjane has studied the erotic needs of women to take them into account in this fantastic vibrator.

    38,70 €
  • 8,00 €

     (143)   11

    Vibrator g-spot Violet. It is a type manufactured by House massage vibrator Toy Joy. It's small and discreet to carry it anywhere. Designed to stimulate the G-spot area and the woman's clitoris

    8,00 €
  • 22,50 €

     (102)   11

    The effect Butterfly will surprise you with exciting vibrations. It controls the oscillation, rotation and intensity of movement of this full erotic toy and let your imagination fly.

    22,50 €
  • 38,70 €


    Vibrator 6 intro curved pink G-spot Stimulator. Access to those points of pleasure that a conventional vibrator can not reach. The special curvature of this Jimmyjane toy ensures you a surprising range.

    38,70 €
  • 10,80 € 14,80 €

     (60)   13

    Vibrator Basic Black 19cm gelatin Diversual Collection. Discover all that this vibrator can do for you. There you can no longer have an excuse to not enjoy greatest Orgasms in your intimate moments. Discover why?

    10,80 € 14,80 €
  • 22,50 €

     (99)   17

    Vibrator purple Bunny Hugging. Runaway pace or slow pace. Just push a button to make this Butterfly cast fly over your intimacy with the pace and intensity that you marques you

    22,50 €
  • 72,70 €


    Evoke-role-O Massager vibrator black. Relax the entire body in a matter of minutes? The self-massage with Evoje Rol-O you helps relieve tension and restore muscle tone.

    72,70 €
  • 11,70 €

     (192)   18

    Vinyl P-Shape Vibrator Black penis 20 Cm. is a realistic type vibrator which copies a real penis. It is made of a special black vinyl that gives you the impression of realism during your experiences. In addition you will not take its size of 20cm for granted and you will need nothing more to achieve maximum excitation.

    11,70 €
  • 15,50 €

     (152)   13

    Traditional vibrator with a design and operation of first quality. Ideal for men and women wishing to enjoy 7 intensity of vibration in this imaginative, hygienic and ergonomic product

    15,50 €
  • 72,70 €


    Massager vibrator Sol-O Evoke pink soft. Two vibrating parts that make up this unique Massager will be the origin of many of your most pleasant sensual experiences. Enjoy the self-massage with Evoke.

    72,70 €
  • 38,90 €

     (158)   14

    Ultra 7 Eclipse Penguintronic. This is a rampant rabbit type vibrator made of high quality soft silicone. Its functions include both vibration swing and rotation speed control

    38,90 €
  • 14,90 €

     (149)   14

    Jelly vibrator Butler 19 Cm. Not everyone can allow itself a private Butler and also meeting "other" needs. This is one of our most fun market proposals. It's a vibrator with realistic appearance and that attempts to simulate a real penis in every way. Is made from a jelly soft and healthy.

    14,90 €
  • 95,10 €


    Coral Love Pods Massager pink soft. This shell not hides a Pearl inside, and, however, is all a jewel. You experience a feeling of luxury with this clitoris Massager.

    95,10 €
  • 11,60 €

     (69)   8

    Perfect vibrator Pleasures black 22 cm. As an example, this black vibrator of 22 cm wingspan whose realistic super design will make you feel the power of a few assaults XXL

    11,60 €
  • 43,10 €

     (227)   15

    Remote Control vibrating thong Edition limited Fetish Fantasy. Pipedream House is always the last. Entamos with a low waist lace thong, will make you feel super sexy and not even notice you are wearing a vibrator close to your most intimate parts.

    43,10 €
  • 85,20 €


    Jimmyjane OM Love Pods Massager purple. The hidden pleasures in this female Massager original are inspired by the Eastern tradition and the Lotus Flower and a point of connection between the mental and physical stimuli.

    85,20 €
  • 11,70 €

     (175)   14

    Lila discreet vibrator. A vibrator's small size that will always be ready for any emergency. Ideal for carrying travel and dispose of it in the times of need. An easy and unobtrusive way to enjoy your orgasms anywhere

    11,70 €
  • 15,40 €

     (75)   12

    Masturbation with Neon Luv Touch only Waves undulating experience is comparable to a roller coaster ride: ascents and descents of pure sexual pleasure making the perfect attraction this vibrator

    15,40 €
  • 14,40 €

     (188)   12

    Rubber penis vibrator 20 cm is a realistic type vibrator. This is an attempt to copy a real penis as faithfully as possible. Made with a natural colored jelly to give you the impression of a real penis. The materials are also a very good simulation of human skin

    14,40 €
  • 105,10 €


    Love Pods Massager submersible pink Halo. Massages provided by Jimmyjane erotic toys are characterized by being the most original. If they have attracted your attention only with their appearance, get ready to test your touch.

    105,10 €
  • 13,00 €

     (137)   10

    Bullet vibrating red lipstick. A small vibrator type mini you can carry anywhere without any problem. His lipstick-shaped design makes it a very discreet complement inside your bag

    13,00 €
  • 12,30 €

     (130)   17

    20cm Purple Jelly Vibrator.  A sensational big vibrator for the most demanding of women. An article designed for the delight of lovers of big dimensions.

    12,30 €
  • 12,00 €

     (110)   13

    Penis vibrator vinyl. Feel the pleasures of more realistic masturbation with a classic sex toy as the vibrator and the most advanced technology in the design of natural textures as of this penis

    12,00 €
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What are vibrators?

Vibrators are part of the most demanded offer of sextoys, but not all are the same. How do you know what type of vibrator is right for you? Much depends on the form and type of stimulation you provide (i.e. point g, clitoris, vaginal, or vagina). We could differentiate between different types:

Types of vibrators

There are different models of vibrators each one special for a type of stimulation. There are those who prefer them large and forceful, and others who choose a smaller and discrete vibrator model. Below we show you the most common to facilizarte the choice of the ideal vibrator:

  • Classic or traditional vibrators: penis-shaped vibrator, of solid context, whose size can vary between 12 and 23 cm, designed to stimulate internally or externally, comes in different colors and textures, possess multiple speeds and powers that are usually controlled from the base (or with a remote control). Traditional vibrators can be operated with batteries or batteries.

  • Realistic vibrators: it has a phallic shape, with all the details of a real penis. They vary in size and shape, but are generally made of silicone, gel or rubber materials, giving them a softer feel. They can be used internally or externally. They vary in vibration speeds and also in the types of batteries needed. We have a large collection of realistic vibrators.

  • Rabbit vibrators: they jumped to fame thanks to the series "Sex in New York" and they are great, because they stimulate the vaginal walls and the clitoris, at the same time. Some bunnies have an axis of rotation or oscillation that makes it very versatile when using it internally, while their vibrant ears caress and massage your clitoris. If you have not tried yet, you can not stop, as there are many who have gone crazy with this type of vibration.

  • G-Spot vibrators: they were designed to locate and stimulate your G-spot. Some are hard and stiff, others are soft and flexible. They have a curved head or specific forms for selective stimulation. They get to reach where others do not come contributing a value to differentiate in your intimate experiences.

  • Massager vibrators: specially designed for clitoral stimulation. Some of these vibrators are insertable and others are not, in order that there are for all tastes. These vibrators can be used indistíntamente by women and men and can become a very exciting complement during partner relationships. If you have already tried to make a trio with a vibrator of this type, is that you still have much to learn.

  • Luxury vibrators: some vibrators defy categorization. In addition to vibrating and offering all kinds of stimulation, they have unique, innovative and spectacular shapes and functions. Check out our catalog and you'll be amazed at the variety of designs, forms of use and materials. Some even allow you to use it while you keep sex with your partner. A whole revolution!

Choose the one you choose, keep in mind that our priority is to give you satisfaction in all aspects, even in the economic, so we offer vibrators of the best brands, with costs ranging from the most accessible to the most luxurious and exclusive.

Vibration to your measure

It is important that the size you choose is right for your needs. It is better to start with a small or medium-sized toy at the beginning and go on to larger sizes little by little. Our team of personal shoppers will be delighted to asesorearte by the chat or through our customer service phone.

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