Rings for penis - penis rings are designed to make for a longer and more intense sexual relationship. There are variety of rings penile and scrotal. The vibrating rings as well as lengthen the erection of man, cause a special clitoral stimulation. An experience not to be missed is to use with your partner who, by experience we can assure that you will thank you.

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  • 8,80 €

     (180)   18

    This purple vibrating silicone Cock Ring is one of our star products in the store. It is a cock ring specifically designed to stimulate your partner aswel as yourself. It is made of high quality silicone which gives a very natural and stimulating touch.

    8,80 €
  • 15,10 €

     (57)   11

    Ovo B10 black vibrator ring. A vibrating ring of first category. One of the masterpieces of the boys of Ovo in which have managed to make a unique complement to enjoy couple

    15,10 €
  • 37,20 €


    Ro-Zen ring 7-speed. In addition, pleasures. Adding to the excitement of entering your partner vibrating stimulation is this ring of 7 speeds gives the year during intercourse

    37,20 €
  • 8,80 €

     (49)   6

    Ring transparent silicone vibrator. You can not believe you that a small toy is able to provide so much pleasure and that the time is so functional

    8,80 €
  • 7,70 €

     (55)   6

    Erection Enhancer ring. It is a ring for the penis of double type. Its function is to the maintain the erection for longer as well as delaying the moment of ejaculation

    7,70 €
  • 8,50 €


    Transparent vibrator silicone ring. Enjoy much more intense pleasures during intercourse was as simple as pressing a button. Are going much longer to wait to give the switch? 

    8,50 €
  • 5,40 €

     (52)   7

    Ring adjustable penis purple. A small Adjustable ring that dramatically improves the quality of sexual intercourse. On the one hand it helps to maintain an erection and at the same time it slows the moment of ejaculation

    5,40 €
  • 8,00 €

     (16)   2

    Silicone ring fifty shades. Now your sexual encounters are played with extension. With this sex ring increases the playing time and therefore the fun also rises

    8,00 €
  • 12,80 €


    Blue vibrating penis ring. Until not try rings vibrating penis you don't know really until where you can take pleasure in your intimate relationships. Prepared to give rhythm to the fun?

    12,80 €
  • 5,80 €

     (19)   2

    Three rings game black penis. While pleasure is prolonged, enjoy more of your encounters sexual and at the same time you will have the opportunity to give more pleasure

    5,80 €
  • 5,40 €

     (27)   1

    Black adjustable penis ring. If it costs you the time that you take to reach orgasm and on more than one occasion you have ejaculated before what you had wanted, it is time to start to use rings to penis

    5,40 €
  • 15,50 €

     (10)   1

    Ring black Flexible vibrator fifty shades. No one resists the exciting vibrations of a silicone penis ring, and much less if they are guaranteed with the seal of quality of the products of the official collection 50 shades of Grey

    15,50 €
  • 8,10 €

     (32)   1

    Potenz Duo rings penis medium. Perfect silicone penis ring to supply power in the erection and delayed ejaculation for a night of perfect passion

    8,10 €
  • 12,60 €

     (16)   1

    Double cock ring. No matter whatever the size of your member because this ring double penis adapts to any measure

    12,60 €
  • 5,80 €

     (13)   2

    Game three rings penis transparent. with this set of rings for penis you can improvise and surprise your lover with your resistance capacity

    5,80 €
  • 12,90 €


    Ring for the penis fifty shades. adjustable silicone that will allow you to prolong erection for longer to give you more options to experiment with your partner so exciting ideas

    12,90 €
  • 6,30 €


    Ring for the penis transparent. Does not need that you've gone through sagging or premature ejaculation problems to start using rings to penis

    6,30 €
  • 12,10 €

     (31)   1

    Potenzplus rings for penis. Package of 3 rings that are placed at the base of the penis and help to maintain a longer lasting erection

    12,10 €
  • 61,50 €


    Fifty black vibrator ring shadows Darker. Recharge your ring of pleasure as many times as you please is missing and enjoy up to one hour of uninterrupted vibration. A versatile toy that should not miss in your collection of miniatures

    61,50 €
  • 6,50 €

     (11)   2

    Ring Erection Booster adjustable black penis. Adjust the ring to your needs. There will be days you need to exert more pressure to get the erection you want while others will go so plenty of desire that you won't lack both grip

    6,50 €
  • 7,20 €


    Double ring adjustable Booster penis purple. You're always carry in the pockets crap or are one of those useful things? This double ring for the penis hardly occupies space and can be very handy

    7,20 €
  • 14,70 €


    Vibrating ring Durex Vibrations Ultra. Vibrating penis rings are two. Especially since Durex entered the market betting strong on designs of a single use

    14,70 €
  • 21,90 €

     (20)   1

    Magic ring for black couples. If you like to have sex with the extra stimulation of the vibrating rings, magic ring for couples will happen to note your examination of pleasure

    21,90 €
  • 5,80 €

     (30)   1

    Penis rings game It is a kit of three rings of silicone of different size, that adapt to any tPenis rings game is a complete set of rings for penis made of soft jelly. It is a way to prolong the erection for much longer and in this way improve our intimate relationships.penis size

    5,80 €
  • 14,10 €


    Ring for the testicles with cord to the black year. The best of this sexual accessory is its ease of use and comfort that you will have your hands free to devote them to give pleasure in other areas of your body

    14,10 €
  • 28,20 €


    Annals ball silicone ring. Keep your erection longer and reaches the climax in an explosion of sensations. Simpler toys are sometimes the most amazing

    28,20 €
  • 15,10 €

     (28)   1

    Ovo B6 black vibrating ring. A vibrating ring to enjoy moments of extreme pleasure in couple. This is a ring for the penis of high quality belonging to the new collection of House Ovo

    15,10 €
  • 15,10 €

     (63)   1

    Ovo B8 Lila vibrating ring. One of the most sophisticated vibrating rings that we have in our store. It offers a solution for couples who want to increase the sensations during their intimate experiences

    15,10 €
  • 8,70 €


    Durex Play vibrating ring penis. Use and throw away. Durex Play vibrating rings are the most hygienic, inexpensive and simple for the safe pleasure, with who you want and where you want

    8,70 €
  • 8,20 €


    Twiddle ring for penis three sizes black

    8,20 €
  • 18,90 €

     (60)   1

    Anal play is without doubt one of those sexual pleasures that you have to try. If you have not yet tried it, this is your opportunity to explore the amazing and exciting feelings of stimulation and penetration anal

    18,90 €
  • 36,40 €


    Mystim Rodel Robin Set rings to penis. Sex toys are not always large items or flashy. Sometimes discretion is the secret of the pleasure and cock rings are the best example

    36,40 €
  • 20,40 €


    Vibrating ring with purple Bunny. Rings for penis with vibrators bunnies play with advantage in the career the clitoral stimulation. And it is that thanks to its silicone ears, this accessory comes more easily to your clitoris without the need for a deep penetration.

    20,40 €
  • 8,70 €

     (6)   1

    Happy Lola ring counter. This not you run away! The ring is Happy Lola as the proof of cotton: leaves evidence of the pace of your onslaught without right of reply

    8,70 €
  • 13,60 €

     (7)   1

    Durex Play vibrating ring. 20 minutes of intense vibration. For what you need more? So in simple, so of hygienic, so of fun. An accessory to enjoy the moment

    13,60 €
  • 5,60 €

     (20)   1

    Vibrating ring. They are comfortable, small, simple and, above all, very exciting!

    5,60 €
  • 13,40 €


    Luv white I-Sex ring powered by USB. This elegant ring, made from phalatos-free ecological material, provide you with a great pleasure thanks to its extra strong vibrations, where and how you want, alone or sharing intense emotions with your partner

    13,40 €
  • 15,20 €

     (49)   1

    This set of male enjoyment brings a great plug for anal play with vibrator to remote control attached to a ring to place in your penis or your testicles and achieve long-lasting, more powerful erections and greater control over ejaculation

    15,20 €
  • 5,60 €


    Basic Essentials Enhancer ring. Even in your moments of maximum performance virile might need a small help to increase your performance. Penis rings are a fast, lightweight and highly efficient solution

    5,60 €
  • 6,80 €


    Potenz Plus ring penis small. With the ring for penis Potenz Plus meets is the maxim of less is more. And it is their limited diameter will leave the pressure that is generated on your penis even more

    6,80 €
  • 11,70 €


    Ring vibrator for B12 black penis. It is ideal for couples who are looking for an extra stimulation in their intimate experiences. A vibrating ring of luxury belonging to the new collection of articles for adults of the House Ovo

    11,70 €
  • 20,40 €

     (7)   1

    Rings vibrators you'll find in many models, shapes and speeds. But if you're looking for is an accessory with more exclusivity, you'll have one with the signing of 50 shades of Grey

    20,40 €
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