Realistic dildos: In this section we present a selection of dildos that attempt to simulate the male member of the most faithful ways you can imagine. You can see the veins and testicles so your experiences are the most similar to having sex with a man.

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  • 16,30 € 26,30 €

     4.2   15

    Principe Real penis blue 20 Cm. Many women spend their lives looking for her Prince charming without getting anything. But sometimes it is not necessary to move heaven and Earth to find something that will make the wait more bearable.

    16,30 € 26,30 €
  • 58,70 €


    Nacho Vidal articulated comforter. It is exact replica of the virile member of Nacho Vidal. The famous adult film actor presents us with an imitation of their greatest treasure quality so we can enjoy it at home.

    58,70 €
  • 13,70 €

     4.3   12

    Basix jelly penis 19 cm Natural Slim. It's a dildo realistic type that Pipedream House simulates the touch to perfection and the sensations of a real penis no less than 19 cm

    13,70 €
  • 25,90 €


    Stop fantasize and enjoy once and for all an experience as real as that it could be a porn actor. The series King Cock of comforters realistic makes your fantasies erotic indeed

    25,90 €
  • 13,70 €

     4.1   5

    Basix Slim dildo 19 transparent Cm. Them guys of Pipedream us sing with this wonderful dildo of design realistic in the way and with nothing less that 19 cm of length

    13,70 €
  • 14,90 €

     4.1   5

    Dildo penis Natural Basix Dong 16 Cm. This is a dildo that belongs to the range of realistic sex toys. These are characterised by try imitate in all respects to a real penis. This belongs to the Pipedream Basix collection

    14,90 €
  • 31,80 €


    Penis realistic Dual Density 19 cm. The advantage of Dual Density is to meet this mission without losing sight that the firmness of a realistic comforter is compatible with a smooth texture, soft and very nice

    31,80 €
  • 26,40 €

     4.1   5

    King Cock realistic penis with the testicles 18 cm. You like them big and with a touch so realistic you make you doubt whether it is or not a penis of truth. Stop fantasizing and plunge it safe with realistic penis King Cock

    26,40 €
  • 77,00 €

    VAC-U-Lock realistic penis UR3 30 cm. The sensations more realistic is achieved with the Toys more realistic. The innovation is put to the service of the pleasure in this comforter designed for the contact skin with skin

    77,00 €
  • 12,40 €

     4.2   3

    Pipedream, the prestigious House of erotic toys, has taken a turn to the traditional design of vibrator to give you 15cm, a high quality product with which you will have satisfaction guaranteed Natural jelly penis Basix

    12,40 €
  • 28,70 €

     4.2   1

    Big Boy realistic 30cm gelatine penis is a penis shaped dildo made with a gelatinous material. It is in the realistic dildo category in which the main objective is to accurately simulate the shape and feel of a real penis. Manufactured in high quality gelatin being completely safe for the body.

    28,70 €
  • 14,20 €

    Basix Rubber Works 16 cm pink penis. Best hands-free. Places your comforter on a surface smooth and fun you without have to be holding it all the time. Is the advantage of having of an advantage of suction so powerful

    14,20 €
  • 19,80 €

     4.3   2

    Prince of Nambia black penis 20 Cm is a sensational dildo with realistic completion. Simulates perfectly and all sorts of details from an actual penis color. It is also manufactured with a realistic material based on a silicone soft, pleasant to the touch.

    19,80 €
  • 18,70 €


    Dildo King Cock penis 15 cm realistic. Masturbation with realistic penises of King Cock are a revitalizing experience that will put all your senses to the surface

    18,70 €
  • 41,30 €

    King Cock penis realistic with testicles 25.5 cm Brown. Stop fantasizing! King Cock realistic penises have been proposed to make your dreams come true. Without limit of sizes or of colors. Only as to you you like

    41,30 €
  • 19,60 €

     4.3   7

    King Cock penis realistic 18 cm. Don't settle with a dildo traditional if what you really want is to have it all. This realistic-looking penis is much more than an erotic toy: is your wildest becoming actually dream

    19,60 €
  • 20,10 € 27,10 €


    Basix jelly suction meat 21 cm penis. It looks so natural that it makes want to eat it, do not you think? Because Hey, you not cuts: with realistic penises each entertains the more exciting as find it you

    20,10 € 27,10 €
  • 32,60 €


    Masturbator penis and ass all in one XL. Who enjoy with the same intensity of the sex to the penetrate and to the be penetrated will want to have at hand this masturbator of Extreme Toyz: two options and much pleasure

    32,60 €
  • 13,70 €

     4.2   1

    Basix jelly penis dildo Slim 19 cm Brown. Erotic toys of gelatin have the property of being more flexible and slightly spongy. That touch along your inner translates into a delicate caress capable of bristle you skin

    13,70 €
  • 33,90 €


    It has this realistic penis caught you attention? Note that you are that know the League to recognize a quality erotic toy

    33,90 €
  • 68,50 €

    Truskyn - Tru The Super - black 17 cm. firmness and flexibility are the keys to a penetration of 100% satisfactory with a dildo in these features. You dare to try the rest of their secret?

    68,50 €
  • 27,40 €

     3.9   1

    Get Real penis realistic 28 cm. do the classics are you short? Maybe now the time passed to large sizes. If not you are party of the diets and much less in the field sexual, date a real binge of pleasure

    27,40 €
  • 12,40 €


    Gelatine extra quality for a sexual attachment with a very appealing look. Certainly it is to eat it, but you'll find more fun in other parts of your body

    12,40 €
  • 42,90 €


    Realistic penis mulatto 20 cm. do put you the exotic? Try with this realistic-looking mulatto penis and let imagination take you to the most exciting destinations

    42,90 €
  • 48,40 €

     4.2   3

    Ejaculatory realistic penis. Dock Johnson kids are in everything and in this case we are surprised with this fantastic realistic penis ejaculatory unique in its kind. It is made of first quality with a fully human touch vinyl. 

    48,40 €
Showing 1 - 25 of 106 items