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    Feelztoys Desi balls Chinese lilac are within the category of Chinese balls, one of the most requested items. It's a Chinese balls which enable you to use daily and are made of materials that offer a safe and pleasant touch to our body.

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  • 19,30 €


    Feelztoys Desi balls Chinese Rosa are some Chinese high quality and very much in demand among our clientele. They are designed to be able to use every day and have a very pleasant touch. Its use is very quiet and discreet and generate a great stimulation when sunsets.

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    Feelztoys Fonzie purple G-spot vibrator is a new vibrator. Practically silent despite its powerful engine vibration. Made from a type of very high quality soft silicone it procures pleasure with just one touch

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  • 29,90 €


    Feelztoys Fonzie vibrator point G blue is one of the products most popular star of the web. That is because that meets the requirements of our female customers mayporia. Starting with its adjustable vibration and its super silent operation mode. Escta created from a type of high quality silicone that gives a feeling soft and pleasant to the touch.

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  • 29,90 €

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    Feelztoys Fonzie vibrator pink G-spot. This is a vibador that is not worthy of presentation. It belongs to the vibrators designed to stimulate the G-spot in women due to its curvature. Made of high quality silicone that ensures total skin and body care

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  • 29,90 €


    Feelztoys Gino vibrator G blue-spot. Feelztoys has designed a vibrator with details to stimulate your G-spot with the determination of a well-trained lover

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  • 29,90 €


    Feelztoys Gino vibrator pink G-spot. Powerful, super quiet, durable and very healthy, so is the Feelztoys Gino point G Pink vibrator

    29,90 €
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    Feelztoys Gino vibrator purple G-spot. Made of medical grade silicone, a material 100% safe, which makes it to be a silent vibrator despite its great potential, 7-function vibration

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    Feelztoys Muvee Anillo with vibrator is a small ring apra penis with a vibration function. An ideal way to stimulate the vagina and the clitoris at the same time and get so much more pleasurable sexual relations.

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    Feelztoys Mycero thimbles with vibrator is a few small thimbles with a vibration function. A discreet way to get sensational orgasms. Can be used together, one on each finger, or separately. In any of the modes ensure an extreme excitement. 

    16,10 €
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    Feelztoys Rombee dildo. It is the most successful dildo from our shop. Is it due to its modern design with the exact shapes for perfect stimulation of the woman

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    Feelztoys Rosa vibrator for the finger point G is a type of vibrator designed for stimulating the female g-spot. Its operation is very simple since it should only attached to one of the fingers to be able access, due to its curved shape, the area more difficult to stimulate our female audience, the g-spot.

    15,10 €
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    Feelztoys Tonguer vibrator language. The Feelztoys offers us this stunning article. A small vibrator made of high grade soft silicone perfect to give a new twist to the experiences of oral sex

    21,30 €
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