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Kamasutra It is a manufacturer of erotic products which has more than 50 years of history. In the 1940s is brand emerged in the USA trying to pick up the essence of the technical Hindus of the Kamasutra. It is a landmark in matter of erotic massage oils.

It is erotic cosmetics brand is present practically in any erotic shop on the planet, and that is due to the great reputation that has gained over the years. The basis of its popularity is in the high quality of the oils and essences that have been developed. However, over the years they have been improving other areas of its business, going beyond of erotic cosmetics to finish manufacturing sex toys.

Sensual and classic design offers us a very different experience from what we are used with other massage oils. They explore new flavours and textures continually making their models of oil to have an own force.

One of the strong points of Kamasutra It has been the care with which develop erotic cosmetics kits, taking care of every detail in the presentation to be one of the hot gifts preferred by buyers.

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