The realistic vibrators are a type of vibrators that are trying to be faithful to reality. They are faithful reproductions of penises taking into account even the smallest detail. The materials used to simulate even more a penis of truth are also taken into account. With this type of vibrators will feel the sensation of having a vigorous penis in your foreplay. We offer you options of all sizes, colors and shapes for your perusal the penis you want just for your enjoyment.


What are realistic dildo vibrators?

We all have our own particular tastes and when choosing a vibrator these are manifested in the same way that when we choose a pair of shoes or a dish from the menu.

Realistic-looking vibrators were not only made for those more classic people who need their sex toys to resemble as much as possible to the actual penises. As you can see in this section, there are vibrators that in addition to being very natural replicas of the male member are true examples of innovation and Vanguard in the market of the erotic.

Vibrators without Borders

Among the many attractions of these vibrators is the color. Since one of its main objectives is to reproduce in the most faithful way the male penis, the realistic-looking vibrators have also been able to capture in their design the color of the human skin.

In this way, you can fulfill one of the most recurrent sexual fantasies and feel the vigorous penetration of a chocolate-colored penis. Or if you go more Nordics, you can experiment with lighter tones. The result is going to be the same, so it's just a matter of preferences.

Sex games with realistic vibrators

If you have not yet dared to take the step but the idea of making a trio is presented as an increasingly attractive fantasy, you can try to introduce a vibrator realistic in your couple games.

Would you like to know what it feels like with a double penetration but it gives you court to invite a third person to your bedroom? Dare with these toys and experience them first until you feel comfortable. Its texture, dimensions and consistency are such true to the reality that it will be like having two men inside you. These vibrators simulate as roughly as possible to a real penis.

They can also be encouraged to experience what it feels like to penetrate while penetrating. Like most vibrators, these devices can be used both in the anus and in the vagina. Don't let prejudices prevent you from enjoying new sensations. In any case, no one has to know ...

Start with the basics and increase in level

All realistic dildo vibrators present this common characteristic: they are surprisingly natural. Sometimes to such an extent that it is the exact replica of a member of a pornstar. This implies that there are penises of great thickness and magnitude that can be a little more complex to use if you are starting in this field.

It starts with medium-sized vibrators, between 15 and 17 cm and preferably gelatin. Progressively increases the size and dare with something more blunt devices such as silicone when masturbation with them is comfortable. And if you want to enjoy even more of the experiences, try the realistic-looking vibrators that are endowed with different patterns of stimulation.

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