Rotator vibrators - Rotator vibrators are characterized by the rotational movement carried out. They are one of the most widespread and popular categories of vibrators. Some of them are also stimulating the clitoris. This rotation functionality provides a unique feeling in the anatomy of women which, in many cases, becomes addictive. We offer you all kinds of possibilities in shapes sizes and functions. Don't miss the experience that these powerful Vibrators can make your orgasms.

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    Mini purple rampant Rabbit. It's another rampant rabbit, one of the most requested by our female audience. It is an article made from an especially soft to the touch gelatine. It is also submersible, which allows you to use it anywhere that you want.

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    Ultra 7 Eclipse Penguintronic. This is a rampant rabbit type vibrator made of high quality soft silicone. Its functions include both vibration swing and rotation speed control

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    Big Bold pink rabbit vibrator Bunny. A playful Bunny for girls who want to double the fun during their most intimate moments. Big Bold Bunny is a perfect companion for do not ever spend a single night or.

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  • 47,10 €

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    Vibrator with Stimulator for Clitoris Rosa a type rampant rabbit vibrator. These vibrators are characterized by be able to stimulate the clitoris and the vaginal area at the same time due to its design. It's a vibrator made to parti of a type of gelatin of high range, that produces its very enjoyable.

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  • 34,30 €

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    Susy oscillating vibrator silicone Rabbit lilac. It reaches the maximum precision with a tool of female stimulation that has it all. Flexibility, textures, movement... A gem of pleasure at your fingertips.

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  • 50,10 €


    Intense pink vibrator Thrusting Jack Rabbit. The rate is a very important factor in any sexual play. Synchronize your movements with this double stimulation vibrator and reach orgasm with the sensual rhythm.

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  • 22,70 €

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    Rampant Bunny vibrator on a lilac Budget not only is a beautiful, pleasant object for the view, but a feast of pleasure for your senses

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  • 30,30 € 40,30 €

     (14)   2

    Vibrating Bunny with swing and dual Stimulator. And you that you thought there was nothing more than the double stimulation. This vibrator breaks molds with your original system to stimulate three erogenous points at the same time.

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  • 27,40 €

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    An erotic toy that resist all that you ask? Without a doubt, this rabbit vibrator: stimulates the clitoris and the vagina, you can use it in the shower, has an exciting textured body and you can modify the intensity of its movement

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  • 35,00 €

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    Bunny Pink Dual pleasure. How many more areas of your body stimulate, feel more pleasure during orgasm. It is not a magic trick, it is the perfect equation solved by one of these dual vibrators

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  • 34,30 €

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    Susy oscillating vibrator silicone Rabbit pink. What is an oscillating vibrator? Brand Intense can teach it graphically if you are willing to experience an erotic high impact.

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  • 21,40 €

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    Dolphin pink vibrator. Take control with this multiple-choice vibrator masturbation. You will take your orgasms in a totally personalized way and always to the rhythm you want

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  • 28,50 €

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    GuppY Rotator vibrator purple silicone. Kind of erotic experience fancy today? With Intense Guppy, you have much to choose from. Different movements, different intensities, and a common goal: a fascinating orgasm.

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  • 36,40 €

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    Vibrator Ultra Omega Eclipse. Highlights from Ultra Eclipse Omega is its ability to make you reach orgasm through such different strokes

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     (18)   4

    Estuard Rotator Up & Down purple vibrator. Your body has many more sensitive areas that you can imagine, but you need an ergonomic vibrator accessory that allows you to reach them and discover all the pleasure that is hidden in them.

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  • 27,90 €

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    It up and down. They are two very simple movements but some lovers still have not caught the concept. This rabbit vibrator has it lighter than many of the guys that you've shared the bed

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  • 44,60 €

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    Intense Bobble Rotator vibrator purple silicone. Rota, massages, caresses, stimulates... Intense Bobble vibrator is an erotic accessory that combines the features of different sex toys to give you a unique opportunity of pleasure. 

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  • 52,20 €

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    Black bunny rechargeable vibrator. This is one of those bunnies that last and last and last... The advantage is that you don't need batteries, even those as powerful popular ad

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  • 35,50 €


    Rabbit vibrator Rotator pearl purple. The most evolved in the field of erotic toys are all those accessories that you can control everything. Rotation, intensity, vibration... You will not know where to start.

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  • 22,80 €

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    Textured vibrators reach their maximum expression in this rampant rabbit vibrator. The folk have much appreciation for moles as you will do it as soon as you try Bunny OA

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  • 87,80 €

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    G Motion vibrating Bunny Pink. Inside and out. This full-featured accessory of female stimulation contemplates the possibilities when it comes to your most satisfying orgasms.

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    Rampant rabbit white Edition. raditional Rotary vibrator with a clit Bunny made of extremely soft and gelatinous material-shaped Stimulator

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    Wow Vibe vibrator rampant Trifecta. The most active girls need sex toys that know how to bring the rhythm. Why vibrators multifunction are so successful among modern women

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  • 71,50 €


    Wow Total Ecstasy Nr 2 Triple vibrator. Can not contain a Wow When you have between your hands this triple vibrator Pipedream. Is one of these Swiss Army knives that you have everything in one device

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    Rabbit vibrator, Perfect Stimulation purple. Any of the two ends of this double stimulation vibrator could make you reach orgasm as fast as you want

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    Funky pink vibrator rampant Rabbit. Easily enjoy your 8 modes of rotation and 9 vibration, which added to its two motors the secret to achieve an impossible to imagine maelstrom

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  • 45,50 €


    Vibrator with clitoral Stimulator blue. It's a vibrator of top of the range coming from the guys at Toy Joy. Due to its design it manages to stimulate the clitoris and the vagina with zivan area at the same time. All a marvel of pacing

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  • 92,20 €

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    Ivibe Select Irabbit vibrator pink. Did you know that the rabbit is a very independent animal? Ivibe has discovered that when it comes to giving pleasure to these animals like to ride for free

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  • 35,90 €


    Rampant vibrator beads black bunny. This Bunny is loose and looking for a burrow in which refuge from the cold of the night. Open the door of your intimacy to this vibrator and won't spend a single night

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    Vibrator rampant Dolphin Diver purple. Dual stimulation vibrators are a fixture of masturbation with very good reception among women

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    Vibrator rampant Dolphin Diver rose. It is always said that dolphins are highly intelligent animals. What we did not know so far is that they are also able to give so much pleasure when they are part of a rampant vibrator

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  • 35,90 €

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    Vibrator rampant Dolphin Diver. Have you ever heard intelligence of dolphins? As this exceeds all the studies done so far being a dolphin vibrator to that crazy you your clitoris

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  • 23,50 € 31,50 €

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    Rampant rabbit 4 Play Deluxe thin pink vibrator. It comes with discretion but the pleasure and the intensity increases as you go. If you like to go slowly and always have it all under control, this Bunny vibrator is very well trained

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  • 35,90 €


    Butterfly Perfect purple vibrator Stimulation. Spread wings and fly. This butterfly on your clitoris stimulating finning will make you take off the feet off the ground when you reach orgasm

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    Creative erotic Toy Joy brand presents this rampant vibrator made in soft silicone

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What are rotator vibrators?

The vibrators with rotation are a surprising innovation, a step further between the wide variety of this type of devices that currently exists in the market. One of the main qualities that make them different, and put them in their own right in a special category, is their spectacular revolving movement, an extra that will delight even the most demanding.

If this were not enough, there are models that also add oscillation, allowing many modes of operation. In this way not only combine different speeds, but also the possibility of oscillating and rotating movements, which can be simultaneous or alternative, to introduce a note of surprise that makes the experience even more pleasurable.

On the other hand, it is characteristic among vibrators with rotation the format that is called generic as a rampant bunny, and which consists of an additional head designed for clitoral stimulation. Together, it is a great idea to simultaneously caress two of the most sensitive areas of female anatomy, resulting in a high level of excitement that leads to an incredibly intense ecstasy.

Which rotary vibrator to choose?

The wide variety of models offers alternatives for all tastes, from the most futuristic to the simplest and most discreet designs. You will find your perfect ally both those who are going to choose their first vibrator as those who know what they want and always look for novelties and more features.

The range of colors includes soft hues such as white, pink or lilac, but also more daring bets, such as red, fuchsia or purple, because whatever your preferences, all have room in this original assortment.

Another aspect to consider before opting for a model or another is the size, a decision that involves both personal tastes and practical issues. For example, mini versions of the rabbit vibrators are ideal for travel or discreet wear in the handbag or the gym backpack.

You should know...

The material in which they are manufactured is one of the key points that clients consult before selecting their favorite. Gelatin, elastomers or medical silicone are usually the most common components in which these toys are manufactured, all tested to provide maximum sanitary guarantees to preserve and respect health.

Among the most valued extras are the submersible models, those that incorporate pearls for an exciting massage, and those that have between their modes of operation the option of scaling, to increase progressively the intensity and the rhythm, and to bring the pleasure to unsuspected limits.

To enjoy alone or in pairs, let yourself be seduced by these pleasurable rotating sextoys that will not leave you indifferent.

Rotatory vibrator or rabbit vibrator?

One of the most typical confusions among our users is to confuse these vibrators with the rotating rabbits. The rabbit vibrators are a type of vibrators that allow to stimulate the area of the vagina and the clitoris at the same time, and they are called in this way by their peculiar resemblance with a rabbit. But not all the rotating vibrators are rabbits, and not all the rabbits are rotators. We can be said that a type of rotative vibrators are the rotating rabbits, which bring together the characteristics of both at the same time, making it one of the sex toys that most interest arouses among our visitors.

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