Rotator vibrators - Rotator vibrators are characterized by the rotational movement carried out. They are one of the most widespread and popular categories of vibrators. Some of them are also stimulating the clitoris. This rotation functionality provides a unique feeling in the anatomy of women which, in many cases, becomes addictive. We offer you all kinds of possibilities in shapes sizes and functions. Don't miss the experience that these powerful Vibrators can make your orgasms.


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What are rotator vibrators?

The vibrators with rotation are a surprising innovation, a step further between the wide variety of this type of devices that currently exists in the market. One of the main qualities that make them different, and put them in their own right in a special category, is their spectacular revolving movement, an extra that will delight even the most demanding.

If this were not enough, there are models that also add oscillation, allowing many modes of operation. In this way not only combine different speeds, but also the possibility of oscillating and rotating movements, which can be simultaneous or alternative, to introduce a note of surprise that makes the experience even more pleasurable.

On the other hand, it is characteristic among vibrators with rotation the format that is called generic as a rampant bunny, and which consists of an additional head designed for clitoral stimulation. Together, it is a great idea to simultaneously caress two of the most sensitive areas of female anatomy, resulting in a high level of excitement that leads to an incredibly intense ecstasy.

Which rotary vibrator to choose?

The wide variety of models offers alternatives for all tastes, from the most futuristic to the simplest and most discreet designs. You will find your perfect ally both those who are going to choose their first vibrator as those who know what they want and always look for novelties and more features.

The range of colors includes soft hues such as white, pink or lilac, but also more daring bets, such as red, fuchsia or purple, because whatever your preferences, all have room in this original assortment.

Another aspect to consider before opting for a model or another is the size, a decision that involves both personal tastes and practical issues. For example, mini versions of the rabbit vibrators are ideal for travel or discreet wear in the handbag or the gym backpack.

You should know...

The material in which they are manufactured is one of the key points that clients consult before selecting their favorite. Gelatin, elastomers or medical silicone are usually the most common components in which these toys are manufactured, all tested to provide maximum sanitary guarantees to preserve and respect health.

Among the most valued extras are the submersible models, those that incorporate pearls for an exciting massage, and those that have between their modes of operation the option of scaling, to increase progressively the intensity and the rhythm, and to bring the pleasure to unsuspected limits.

To enjoy alone or in pairs, let yourself be seduced by these pleasurable rotating sextoys that will not leave you indifferent.

Rotatory vibrator or rabbit vibrator?

One of the most typical confusions among our users is to confuse these vibrators with the rotating rabbits. The rabbit vibrators are a type of vibrators that allow to stimulate the area of the vagina and the clitoris at the same time, and they are called in this way by their peculiar resemblance with a rabbit. But not all the rotating vibrators are rabbits, and not all the rabbits are rotators. We can be said that a type of rotative vibrators are the rotating rabbits, which bring together the characteristics of both at the same time, making it one of the sex toys that most interest arouses among our visitors.

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