G-spot vibrators - Type these G-spot vibrators designed a specific for estimolar an inner zone called the G-spot. Orgasms that another type of article would be impossible have in this way. It is a new experience that few women get backrub in their lives. We offer you a wide range of vibrators that will get to give a new vision of a your stimulation and that you will inevitably lead to orgasms from another level.


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What are G-spot vibrators?

Many men would like to have the expertise of these sex toys when it comes to access to the most explosive area of women. But the results offered by these G-spot vibrators far outweigh the expertise of many lovers because they are specifically designed to reach that place that makes you tremble with excitement.

Differences between G-spot vibrators and traditional vibrators

The easiest way to distinguish them is to tend to their curvature. Vibrators designed for the stimulation of the G-spot have to access an area of the vagina located just behind the clitoris. Precisely the stimulation of this area is so pleasurable because it is the one that controls the rhythm of the organ of feminine pleasure par excellence.

Vibrating models that stimulate the G-spot

Although the goal is always the same, some of these sex toys are designed to increase the pleasure that is obtained by accessing the point G with which it occurs when stimulating the areas of the outside.

These vibrators are divided into two groups:

  1. Vibrators only for Point G: They are usually smaller devices than in the case of traditional vibrators because their purpose is only to reach your point G. They have an attractive undulating shape and are usually silicone.

  2. Double stimulation: They work simultaneously on the clitoris (like the popular rabbits vibrators) and point G. Offer, therefore, a double stimulation: internal and external.

Apart from this distinction, the G-spot vibrators can also be catalogued according to the manufacturing material. The most popular are silicone, although in some cases more flexible materials are used (such as gelatin) that allow to print in your body striated textures, balls or other stimulating forms.

In terms of vibration modes, in most cases these toys are equipped with various speed and movement patterns so that you can use them differently on a different occasion.

Myths and truths about vaginal orgasm

It is true that most women are clitorians, that is to say, they reach the climax through the direct or indirect stimulation of their clitoris.

Vaginal orgasms are less frequent, but it's all a matter of practice. With toys like these you will be able to explore an area of your body where you can also get bursts of pleasure even if you are clitórica. The orgasms that occur inside the vagina are so intense that in certain women even produces an effect very similar to that of male ejaculation.

Vaginal orgasms can be repeated several times during the same sexual relationship. However, after orgasm, the clitoris tends to become too sensitive by turning the stimulation into a sensation that is sometimes more annoying than pleasurable.

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