Rabbit vibrators are referred to the type of vibrators that have a specific Stimulator for clitoris area. These stimulators can have different shapes and sizes. It is one of the most popular items among in gender female already that as the saying: "If a woman want to make happy, buy a rampant rabbit"


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What are rabbit vibrators?

When you know this line of female vibrators with clitoral stimulators you will give us the reason: the best animal of company is the bunny. Rabbit vibrators are a range of sex toys specially designed for women who enjoy more masturbation when, in addition to vaginal stimulation, they receive caress in the clitoris.

The best friend of women who stimulate their clitoris

These rabbit vibrators don't have funny mustaches and long ears, but they will make you more company than the real animals. Your secret is that these vibrators have been designed to reach your clitoris while you masturbate by inserting a vibrator into your vagina. In this way, the women who stimulate their clitoris they can reach orgasm in a much more complete way than if they were limited to vaginal penetration. Numerous studies have shown that most women stimulate their clitoris, so limiting masturbation to the vagina or finding G-spot would not be enough to reach total ecstasy.

Every rabbit vibrator has its own personality

If you have come this far is because you are clear that what you are looking for is a good vibrator, and you are clear that what excites you most are those external touches directly on the clitoris, without detracting the extra pleasure that produces a vibrator moving inside. What you don't have so clear is what kind of vibrator with bunny rampant to choose.

To clear your doubts about it, we show you some suggestions. And these devices are toys with their own personality:

  1. For insatiable women: Double vibration. The equation is simple to understand: with a double vibration it is easier to reach double orgasm.

  2. For classical women: Simple versions. Design toys more similar to traditional comforters that can incorporate or not vibrate at both ends.

  3. For daring women: The most avant-garde. In the market of vibrators with rampant bunny There are really innovative designs. The term of Bunny is a little short before these designs that present varied shapes, from dolphins to spherical or striated silhouettes.

Some tips when choosing your rabbit vibrators

Since this vibrator toy will make you company for quite some time, you have to select the one that best fits your needs. Its use is always very simple and the vibration controls are either at the base of the device or on a remote control that allows you to remotely operate them.

If you already have experience with other types of stimulators, it is time for you to experience new sensations with these vibrators. You can usually control them so that the stimulation is simultaneous in both parts or only one. This way you will get out of doubt about the type of orgasm that satisfies you.

The rabbit vibrator that you need

Choosing the best rabbit-type vibrator for you alone is up to you. Enjoy all the models you have to choose from in the Diversual catalog. Note features such as size, materials, colors, type of batteries they use or colors. We know that if it is your first toy can be difficult to know which is exactly the best suited to you, so we have a team of personal shoppers who will be delighted to help you. Use our phone, chat or customer service, and let us advise you to clear your doubts.

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