Massage vibrators - Type massage vibrators are used to stimulate different parts of the body. They are characterized because they can be used alone or in the company of the couple. It can be used to massage every part of your body or that of your partner enjoy sex in their more extensive level.

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    Do you think that it would be possible to stimulate the clitoris without that contact occurs?   No, it is not science fiction. Satisfyer Pro 2 is a massager clitoris which will bring you to orgasm without touching your love button directly

    43,30 € 68,30 €
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    Massager Tiny pink clitoral Teasers. Who said that the ears of rabbit wasn't for perfect stimulation? We offer a thought most advanced clitoral Massager to stimulate your clitoris so soft and pleasant.

    22,80 €
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    Clitoris Massager black 12 beats. A single button and 12 combinations of pleasure that will make your orgasms a scale of increasingly pleasurable stimuli

    36,50 €
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    Clitoris Massager Tiny Teasers Nubby lilac. A toy designed to make you touch the sky, gently stimulating the clitoris area.

    22,80 €
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    Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit Clitoris. Amazing finish this feminine Stimulator is intended to provide the masturbatory experience more intense and fun.

    64,40 €
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    Odilon vibrator Clitoris pink rechargeable silicone. A change in the timing adds fun, originality and pleasure to your moments of stimulation alone. Choose the mode that you want to reach orgasm and embark on the adventure.

    51,00 €
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    Satisfyer Pro Plus vibration Clitoris. Smooth and soft silicone at the service of the female pleasure through an innovative system of pressure waves. An intense and original fun reserved exclusively for women like you.

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    Clit Massager 12 beats lilac. On a scale of pleasure, from 1 to 12, where think is your level of satisfaction? Find out with this multi-rate clitoris Massager and experimenting with their different modes of vibration

    36,50 €
  • 64,40 €


    Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples couples. And how to use? The new line of toys from Satisfyer is so innovative that it will not be enough to explain it to you. You'll have to try it if you want to understand the original that is.

    64,40 €
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    Lelo Stimulator Clitoris Sona pink Cruise. When Juan Luis Guerra sang about 'bubble of love', anyone went you through head that Lelo could manufacture a stimulator for clitoris submersible. It is now a reality.

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    Fetish Fantasy Mini Massager with 50 shades of Grey limited edition accessories. The evolution of the vibrating bullets has become, with this mini Massager will have an all in one, you can massage you in any part of the body due to its 4 interchangeable heads. For those days that you get home and you need to relax, either alone or in company.

    14,80 €
  • 29,00 €


    Celso Premium Rechargeable Silicone Pink. A vibrator that is not capable of meeting your erotic needs from beginning to end, is not a good vibrator. If you value quality, originality and pleasure, you valorarás Amoressa Celso.

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    Stimulator white/violet Ovo T2. Ovo House presents this vibrator Massager type with novel design and Preis. Its lines have been designed to adapt to the forms of the body in the best way. It fits perfectly on the pelvic bone getting its tip can massage the clitoris

    26,60 €
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    ISex Usb Massager G white-spot. All those who want to get a new product and to do of his spare all a fun, you can count on the Massager of point G of white color, which also has the ability to charge via USB

    12,10 €
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    Stimulator Womanvibe Aisha purple. It is clear that the use fingers as stimulation tool is nothing new. What is innovative is to use them in combination with this small stimulator of silicone.

    14,60 €
  • 26,60 €

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    Ovo T2 black Stimulator. A type latest design massage vibrator. It arrives in the hands of the guys at Ovo characterized by their innovative designs and high quality. Its forms curves are intended to adapt perfectly to any area of the body

    26,60 €
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    Clitoral Massager with vibration. Some feelings are not available with a traditional massage on the clitoris and will leave clear why this Massager vibrating suction

    12,70 €
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    Womanvibe rechargeable vibrator Puppy. It is a design that is so unusual that when you see it for the first time, perhaps you wonder why this Womanvibe rechargeable vibrator end is used. The answer is very simple and very stimulating.

    34,80 €
  • 36,50 €


    12 beats pink Clitoris Massager. Bend it, move it, rotate it... In short, it stimulates your clitoris from any position that you can think of and with different modes of vibration so that you won't have time to get bored

    36,50 €
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    Holy Cow rechargeable vibrator fifty shades of Grey. Massager high power, ideal for external use and stimulation of the clitoris

    61,40 € 91,40 €
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    Logo lelo Alia vibrator black. Dare with more original forms when choosing a vibrator toy will open the door to much more exhilarating experiences. Lelo Alia is a good choice to start.

    126,40 €
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    Satisfyer 2 Stimulator for Clitoris for female. Do you know the stimulation of clitoris without contact? Satisfyer 2 pressure waves are enough to make you reach orgasm much more intense and enjoyable

    40,20 €
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    Satisfyer Pro Penguin Stimulator woman. Focus you on what more you like. If your weak point is the clitoris, to devote all your attention with this Stimulator dedicated exclusively to what you more you care

    58,80 €
  • 8,60 €


    Stimulator with interchangeable heads lilac is the perfect customizable vibrator. It is discreet, small, perfect to be able to take it anywhere. He has the addition that allows sharing between its 4 heads to be able to experience the most exquisite sensations according to what you want

    8,60 €
  • 22,00 €


    Vibrator Ovo D3 white and pink. It's a vibrator type masajedos Ovo boys offered within its new range of vibrators. Due to its design, it is perfect to stimulate point G of the women in a simple and comfortable way

    22,00 €
  • 69,20 €


    Amoressa Kirk vibrator Premium Rechargeable silicone. Mark Amoressa has combined innovation and versatility in this sexy cocktail of female stimulation. A vibrator with suction so fun in multiple positions.

    69,20 €
  • 92,70 €


    Chari Multi Stimulator pink silicone. In each note, you'll find a reason to extend the fun with this multi-Stimulator. It is small, is fun and is for those who never leave you hanging in the middle of the best moments.

    92,70 €
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    Rechargeable clitoral Massager. Technology makes life easy and pleasant, as also accompanies you in your most intimate moments. Famous for appearing in the films porn and created to satisfy the most demanding women

    38,30 €
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    2 Lily Massager Personal Lavender. You only have to have imagination. This original Stimulator prestigious brand Lelo toy you have for movement and silky touch.

    135,00 €
  • 22,60 €


    White Mini Wanachi Massager. A great quality Massager that perfectly fulfills its objectives of stimulation. It is the plugin ideal to relax muscles and stimulate different parts of the body after a hard day's work

    22,60 €
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    Le Reve Bunny Pink silicone. It's a vibrator shaped Bunny Massager type Fuchsia color that belongs to the collection Le Reve's Pipedream. Made of high quality soft silicone

    30,30 €
  • 155,80 €


    Smart Wand logo medium Ivory Deluxe white. Relax in the company of one of the sex toys that better reflected the essence of the brand Lelo. A massage wand with power, elegance and softness.

    155,80 €
  • 83,30 €

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    OhMiBod Club Vibe vibrator 2.0H remote sound. It is by spicy couples vibrator favourite, since it uses the sound or music how allied in the intimate experiences. Do you dare?

    83,30 €
  • 52,20 €


    Stimulator massage Clitorial silicone fifty shades. Within the numerous forms that could take a stimulator clitoria, how you would like a slightly similar to a language? Reaches the climax of the excitement with this original proposal.

    52,20 €
  • 22,50 €


    Le Reve Bunny Lila 3-speed. Type manufactured by Pipedream House rampant rabbit vibrator. 

    22,50 €
  • 19,60 €


    Wanachi Massager Maxi pink. Relax in any time and place with delicious vibrations of Maxi Wanachi Massager

    19,60 €
  • 106,00 €


    Massager Awash with Sensation Cincuentra shadows. Sensuality and luxury of the most popular erotic fiction of recent decades are concentrated in this design with 20-speed Massager.

    106,00 €
  • 26,60 €


    Ovo T1 violet Stimulator. It is a creative stimulator of natural forms, which adapts perfectly to the curves of each woman's body and is super for female masturbation, caressing and exciting erogenous points to more pleasure you provide

    26,60 €
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    Mini vibrator black 12 cm. The advantage of the minivibradores of Shot Toys is that they occupy virtually the same as a lipstick but move as the most powerful sex toys.

    11,60 €
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    Satisfyer 1 Stimulator for Clitoris. By luck this Stimulator female has a good handle so it hold, because it more normal is losing the head as soon as start to feel their vibrations

    29,50 €
  • 57,90 €


    Wanachi Massager rechargeable clitoral Fuchsia. A massage with movement is more than just a massage. It is an invitation to the discovery of another kind of sensual pleasures that can only be found in erotic toys with more pace.

    57,90 €
  • 26,60 €

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    Ovo T1 white Stimulator. It's a delicate sex toy that enters into our section of vibrators for massage. Its sensual and modern design manages to leave anyone breathless, and more when discover its incredible benefits

    26,60 €
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What are massage vibrators or clitoral vibrators?

Penetration is just one more type of sexual stimulation and it doesn't always have to be the most pleasurable. In sex The most important thing is the variety and your body has many more erogenous areas than you know.

In the category of massage vibrators we show you all the devices that currently exist in the market of the erotic toys to find the excitement in other sensitive areas of your body.

Know your body and stimulate your clitoris

When we refer to massage vibrators, we immediately think of the clitoris. Obviously, this is one of the most common stimulation areas, as the door to the climax is found.

But when it comes to massaging the body not all these devices are limited to sexual stimulation. Massage vibrators are also used for a type of erotic massage that can be especially stimulating during preliminaries.

Body Massagers are also a good way to relax your body and prepare it for those other sexual experiences that require greater physical endurance. These devices help you maintain good sexual health by allowing you to get new sensations in traditional places such as the glans or the clitoris and less common as the navel, nipples, back or inside of the thighs.

Original designs for new forms of vibration

When we are going to buy a vibrator, one of the issues that most draws attention to the catalogs of massage vibrators is the multiplicity of ways that these can present. Since the massagers are destined to different parts of the body, their designs adapt to each region to make their vibration more enjoyable. It should be noted that the clitoral stimulators are the most common and most demanded.

Some of the types of massage vibrators you will find in our catalog are:

  • Mini massagers with interchangeable heads: Small devices and therefore easy to carry in the bag or vanity. Each head has a different shape for you to experience a certain feeling with each of them.

  • Hand massager: A whole magic wand that makes the pleasure appear out of nowhere. It has a rotating roller in one of its ends that you will be able to slide through your skin while experimenting with its different levels of intensity.

  • Thimbles, eggs, animals and other curious forms: In this last section all these massage vibrators are included, whose design does not correspond to a specific category. From a nice vibratory duckling to the most futuristic forms, these massagers only have in common the goal they pursue: relax before opening the doors of excitement.

  • Oral sex simulators: Sextoys for women that include a wheel of delicate silicone tabs to caress the clitoris by a constant turn and controlled speed. Some of these devices are very similar to the shape of a human language. Its soft touch, usually silicone, is shocking.

Good clitoral massage is the best

When we talk about stimulating certain areas of the woman's body, it is best to get informed. For several years stimulating the clitoris has become the most effective way to reach orgasm for most women. But to say it is simple, the hardest thing is to find the best clitoral stimulator for each person. And that's where Diversual is, without a doubt, the one who can best help you. Keep in mind the size, shape, power, type of batteries you use and even the colors you like. And if you still find it hard to decide let yourself be advised by our customer service team, here we are just to help you!

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