Massage vibrators - Type massage vibrators are used to stimulate different parts of the body. They are characterized because they can be used alone or in the company of the couple. It can be used to massage every part of your body or that of your partner enjoy sex in their more extensive level.

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  • 7,90 €

     (154)   24

    This stimulator with its pink vibrator is one of the most perfect products for our more discreet clientele. It's a small vibrator designed for clitoris stimulation.

    7,90 €
  • 60,60 €

     (272)   20

    Do you think that it would be possible to stimulate the clitoris without that contact occurs?   No, it is not science fiction. Satisfyer Pro 2 is a massager clitoris which will bring you to orgasm without touching your love button directly

    60,60 €
  • 83,80 €


    OhMiBod Club Vibe vibrator 2.0H remote sound. It is by spicy couples vibrator favourite, since it uses the sound or music how allied in the intimate experiences. Do you dare?

    83,80 €
  • 6,10 €

     (46)   7

    Stimulator with interchangeable heads lilac. It's a sophisticated Stimulator massage which includes different heads. This allows that is mueda massage and experience different sensations depending on the head that we use

    6,10 €
  • 40,60 € 60,60 €

     (167)   5

    It's a powerful Simulator of oral sex for them, consisting of a perfectly aligned wheel of tongues to provide you through 3 levels of speed a type of feelings that you had never thought that I could produce you an erotic article.

    40,60 € 60,60 €
  • 44,50 € 64,50 €


    Rechargeable vibrator ergonomic Clitorial fifty shades. If you lose your head with vibrators female stimulation toys, the best option is always a rechargeable accessory. So you know you will never be half

    44,50 € 64,50 €
  • 7,90 €

     (31)   3

    Stimulator with vibrating purple. It is of modern design and reduced size clitoris Stimulator. Ideal for travellers who wish to be always accompanied by pleasure

    7,90 €
  • 36,00 €

     (24)   1

    Clitoris Massager black 12 beats. A single button and 12 combinations of pleasure that will make your orgasms a scale of increasingly pleasurable stimuli

    36,00 €
  • 53,20 € 73,20 €

     (6)   1

    Massager purple Aurora. Toyjoy invites you to you take a breather and enjoy more of your time taking advantage of those moments of solitude to give you your body love and pleasure that you deserve

    53,20 € 73,20 €
  • 46,40 €

     (47)   2

    10 beats pink Clitoris Massager. Because you are the better known your body, only you know the caresses you need your clit to orgasm. Set the pace with this flexible-tip Massager and let you drag to the climax with this sheet music for pleasure

    46,40 €
  • 7,90 €

     (48)   3

    Stimulator with vibrating purple. Because your clitoris deserves all attention and pampering, this fantastic toy will give you moments of pleasure without end

    7,90 €
  • 43,70 €

     (61)   2

    Rechargeable clitoral Massager. Technology makes life easy and pleasant, as also accompanies you in your most intimate moments. Famous for appearing in the films porn and created to satisfy the most demanding women

    43,70 €
  • 36,00 €

     (34)   2

    Clit Massager 12 beats lilac. On a scale of pleasure, from 1 to 12, where think is your level of satisfaction? Find out with this multi-rate clitoris Massager and experimenting with their different modes of vibration

    36,00 €
  • 12,50 €


    Vibrator Massager 4 pieces Fourplay. It's a complete kit of vibrator that includes 4 accessories that can change the feelings of stimulation. It allows multiple use, from a mild genital massage to an exciting stimulation of clitoris

    12,50 €
  • 27,40 €


    Vibrator Ovo D3 white and pink. It's a vibrator type masajedos Ovo boys offered within its new range of vibrators. Due to its design, it is perfect to stimulate point G of the women in a simple and comfortable way

    27,40 €
  • 45,90 €


    Sensual vibrator Discover Body Massager. Take advantage of all the benefits of the dual pleasure. Two engines, five vibration modes and a unique erotic accessory designed by the expert hands of Durex

    45,90 €
  • 81,50 €


    Massager Embrace Body Wand grey. Massage your body with freedom, delicacy and discretion. Embrace Body Wand Massager gray is a toy design for women who enjoy the pleasure with style

    81,50 €
  • 22,10 €


    Wanachi Mini-Multi Massager pink. You deserve a break. Is a moment of relaxation to devote you it only to you, to your body and to enjoy of the wonderful experiences of this mini Massager multi-rate

    22,10 €
  • 45,50 €


    Durex Play dream of Sensual massage. Ago while Durex ceased to be a brand dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of condoms. Discover their more playful side with this female Massager

    45,50 €
  • 26,20 €

     (53)   1

    Stimulator white/violet Ovo T2. Ovo House presents this vibrator Massager type with novel design and Preis. Its lines have been designed to adapt to the forms of the body in the best way. It fits perfectly on the pelvic bone getting its tip can massage the clitoris

    26,20 €
  • 19,40 €


    Vibrator Le Reve Femme lilac. Here is the master key, which serves both the front door and the service. Because this silicone Massager is designed to stimulate the G-spot and the point P

    19,40 €
  • 105,10 €


    We-Vibe Massager blue Wiah. There is nothing more sensual than erotic toy that could be practically anything. Without a form defined, this Massager is what your imagination wants to be

    105,10 €
  • 30,20 €


    Le Reve Bunny Lila. Pipedream offers an innovative vibration article, a perfect Massager with a bold design. A massager with 7 different operating modes to provide the most stimulating sensations that you've never felt.

    30,20 €
  • 36,40 € 51,40 €


    Clitoris Massager Black 10 beats. What bad luck... Just at that moment where you feel super excited sexual toy gives you more pleasure it has run out of batteries. This situation is unthinkable when you're having fun with rechargeable clitoral massagers

    36,40 € 51,40 €
  • 101,60 €


    Between relaxation and excitement there is a point intermediate. You like to discover it? This tool opens the doors of a new form of stimulation. A wand magic to make your dreams reality

    101,60 €
  • 46,40 €

     (18)   1

    Say goodbye to batteries. To keep you never what makes you half missing on a rechargeable clitoral Massager. Network cable has up to 2 meters in length, so you don't even have to wait to be loaded to be used

    46,40 €
  • 46,70 €


    Satisfyer Pro Penguin Stimulator woman. Focus you on what more you like. If your weak point is the clitoris, to devote all your attention with this Stimulator dedicated exclusively to what you more you care

    46,70 €
  • 71,30 €


    Holy Cow rechargeable vibrator fifty shades of Grey. Massager high power, ideal for external use and stimulation of the clitoris

    71,30 €
  • 94,60 €


    Iconic Massager of clitoris pink. It may not be a fairy godmother, but with this wand you can have many desires are reality. At least those that have to do with erotic issues

    94,60 €
  • 89,30 €


    The massage female always are a gift original and very practical. They have a strongly erotic goal, but reaching that goal may be to have fun in many ways

    89,30 €
  • 7,00 €


    Put you to vibrate with this friend of jelly pink specially designed to caress your point of maximum pleasure. At first it may seem a little shy but as soon as you turn the controller... it goes crazy!

    7,00 €
  • 99,50 €


    Purple Massager doxy. Log in to the pleasure with this flexible Massager and powerful. Nothing less that 3 metres of cable for it fun not is separate from you in no time

    99,50 €
  • 13,00 €

     (17)   1

    Clitoral Massager with vibration. Some feelings are not available with a traditional massage on the clitoris and will leave clear why this Massager vibrating suction

    13,00 €
  • 18,80 €

     (14)   1

    Massager Clitoris with shape of butterfly. Is carries equal that a garment of clothing inside but is designed so that you stay in house and enjoy. I wish all the panties were as fun as this clitoral Massager

    18,80 €
  • 19,70 €


    Massagers kit I-sex USB. Full set of sex toys for pleasure alone or as a couple. Powered by USB, the range is very easy to use, perfect for beginners

    19,70 €
  • 11,60 €


    Stimulator with interchangeable heads lilac is the perfect customizable vibrator. It is discreet, small, perfect to be able to take it anywhere. He has the addition that allows sharing between its 4 heads to be able to experience the most exquisite sensations according to what you want

    11,60 €
  • 105,50 €


    Rocking Wand-Stimulator purple. To enjoy the sex you need to be very relaxed. A massage general you will help to feel more pleasure when you touch stimulate your areas more intimate

    105,50 €
  • 26,20 €


    Ovo T1 violet Stimulator. It is a creative stimulator of natural forms, which adapts perfectly to the curves of each woman's body and is super for female masturbation, caressing and exciting erogenous points to more pleasure you provide

    26,20 €
  • 36,00 €


    12 beats pink Clitoris Massager. Bend it, move it, rotate it... In short, it stimulates your clitoris from any position that you can think of and with different modes of vibration so that you won't have time to get bored

    36,00 €
  • 22,50 €


    Mini vibrator Ovo D4 white. It is certainly one of the masterpieces of the Ovo home. An elegant and exciting vibrator that not only goes well by sight, but it also hides some amazing vibration performance

    22,50 €
  • 42,50 €

     (28)   1

    Satisfyer 2 Stimulator for Clitoris for female. Do you know the stimulation of clitoris without contact? Satisfyer 2 pressure waves are enough to make you reach orgasm much more intense and enjoyable

    42,50 €
  • 14,50 €

     (30)   1

    Fetish Fantasy Mini Massager with 50 shades of Grey limited edition accessories. The evolution of the vibrating bullets has become, with this mini Massager will have an all in one, you can massage you in any part of the body due to its 4 interchangeable heads. For those days that you get home and you need to relax, either alone or in company.

    14,50 €
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