Sophisticated vibrators - In this section we present latest vibrators on the market with all kinds of features for the multiple applications that you want to give your sex games

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  • 55,30 € 67,30 €

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    Caroline vibrator is one of the largest and most powerful toys whose pleasure will not go unnoticed to anyone. Made with a design of the gods, it is covered by a high quality silicone, which will result in more soft caresses.

    55,30 € 67,30 €
  • 58,80 €

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    Partner Plus Toy vibrator for couples. The game shared reaches a new dimension with Partner Plus. An erotic toy for generating good vibrations between you and your partner

    58,80 €
  • 64,40 €


    Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples couples. And how to use? The new line of toys from Satisfyer is so innovative that it will not be enough to explain it to you. You'll have to try it if you want to understand the original that is.

    64,40 €
  • 38,40 €

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    Ultra 7 Eclipse Penguintronic. This is a rampant rabbit type vibrator made of high quality soft silicone. Its functions include both vibration swing and rotation speed control

    38,40 €
  • 23,80 €

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    Vibrator prostate 9 features Anal Fantasy. It's an anal vibrator designed to stimulate the area of the prostate in an incredible way. Its nine functions to get a turn to anal stimulation

    23,80 €
  • 29,00 €


    Celso Premium Rechargeable Silicone Pink. A vibrator that is not capable of meeting your erotic needs from beginning to end, is not a good vibrator. If you value quality, originality and pleasure, you valorarás Amoressa Celso.

    29,00 €
  • 40,60 € 60,60 €

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    It's a powerful Simulator of oral sex for them, consisting of a perfectly aligned wheel of tongues to provide you through 3 levels of speed a type of feelings that you had never thought that I could produce you an erotic article.

    40,60 € 60,60 €
  • 37,40 €


    Vibrator Druze Premium silicone rechargeable pink. It is your time of day to experiment with sensuality and no hurry. You need time and calm to test 30 Druze vibrator operating modes.

    37,40 €
  • 99,00 €

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    Lelo Stimulator Clitoris Sona pink Cruise. When Juan Luis Guerra sang about 'bubble of love', anyone went you through head that Lelo could manufacture a stimulator for clitoris submersible. It is now a reality.

    99,00 €
  • 46,10 €

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    K5 Bunny vibrator Ovo white/chrome. Ovo boys show us some of his best creations in the form of type vibrator rampant rabbit. This type of vibrators are know to stimulate the area of the vagina and the clitoris, something highly valued by our clients at the same time

    46,10 €
  • 34,40 €


    Womanvibe vibrator Mandy lilac. In the shower or under the water, the vibrations of this Stimulator submersible female are still more exciting. Dare a quite wet experience?

    34,40 €
  • 38,20 €

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    Some experience is best to experience them as a couple. Shares the pleasure sensual with this vibrator designed to enjoy of relations more intense in that each one gets its portion of fun

    38,20 €
  • 125,20 €


    A new way of conceiving the pleasure. Without cables. Without batteries. Without strings attached. The stimulation to hundreds of kilometers and with total freedom is possible thanks to the Massager We-Vibe and its exclusive app

    125,20 €
  • 69,20 €


    Amoressa Kirk vibrator Premium Rechargeable silicone. Mark Amoressa has combined innovation and versatility in this sexy cocktail of female stimulation. A vibrator with suction so fun in multiple positions.

    69,20 €
  • 83,30 €

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    OhMiBod Club Vibe vibrator 2.0H remote sound. It is by spicy couples vibrator favourite, since it uses the sound or music how allied in the intimate experiences. Do you dare?

    83,30 €
  • 159,30 €


    Lelo vibrator logo island green Turquoise. Lelo luxury returns to make an appearance on logo. A vibrator in very suggestive ways with the charm of the most luxurious and delicate materials.

    159,30 €
  • 47,50 €

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    Partner Toy Whale Vibrador for two. A toy for couples of last generation. Two powerful vibrators running at the same keeping sex as a couple. Can you request more? So yes, a rechargeable battery and 20 different game modes.

    47,50 €
  • 89,60 €


    A new and revolutionary vibrator has been invented. In the category of the rampant rabbits, this suggestive product is designed to both stimulate the anal area such as vaginal of the woman, seeks to excite with the vibration rather than penetration.

    89,60 €
  • 124,50 €


    Lelo vibrator Tara blue silicone. Lelo signature brings you new sensations to the two. Tara is called and a toy for couples who dare to experiment and to seek new stimuli in the most innovative accessories.

    124,50 €
  • 51,70 € 71,70 €


    We Vibe Massager Unite purple. The pleasure during intercourse becomes much more intense with the We Vibe. A massager of clitoris whose vibrations both members of the couple enjoy them equally

    51,70 € 71,70 €
  • 124,50 €


    Lelo vibrator Tara black silicone. It is not exactly a door knob, but it looks like much. That Yes, there is no doubt that this black vibrator will open in wide the doors of pleasure. 

    124,50 €
  • 132,70 €

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    The distance is no longer a problem for couples that use W-Vibe Sync. The Massager that you allow play to thousands of kilometers of distance through a simple app

    132,70 €
  • 81,60 €


    Cyclone Bunny black Rotator silicone vibrator. Of all existing forms to stimulate your clitoris with an erotic, safe toy that still had not thought of you a as original as the one proposed by Cyclone.

    81,60 €
  • 145,20 €


    Natya vibrator purple couples Remote Control. This accessory erotic suggestive vibrations are something that should be shared. Discover with Natya simultaneous stimulation and enjoy much more intense encounters in couple.

    145,20 €
  • 51,60 €


    Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 Hot Pink. Here comes the second generation of Nomi Tang, a revolutionary vibrator that has improved and more than its predecessors promoting its virtues and correcting their errors

    51,60 €
  • 149,70 €


    Lelo Insignia Massager 2 Tiani for Remote Control of intense pink Color. It is a genital Massager shape oval and designed to be used by women, both externally and internally and enjoy a host of exciting sensations

    149,70 €
  • 145,20 €


    Natya vibrator couples Remote Control black. It enhances your relationships with a vibrator designed to share the pleasure. With this erotic toy for couples, three are not crowd.

    145,20 €
  • 51,60 €


    Nomi Tang Better Then Chocolate 2 violet is the second generation of the successful product of Nomi Tang. Designed for exploration and vaginal stimulation and external zones of the woman as the clitorix, nipples, thighs and vaginal lips; adapts perfectly to the hand and to the most recondite places of the body

    51,60 €
  • 48,10 €


    Oral Sex Simulator Black 2 Fleshlight. Comes one of the most exciting sex toys. It's an oral sex Simulator with 10 silicone tongues to fulfill the dreams of any woman more than

    48,10 €
  • 34,90 €


    Vibrator Pure Aluminium medium black. A high quality vibrator only manufactured from aluminium, mild and pleasant. A massager that comes from the hand of the Pipedream House with its new collection of metal vibrators

    34,90 €
  • 153,90 €


    Lelo Insignia Massager 3 Tiani cherry. Lelo presents its product star of luxury for the most demanding sex. It's a little toy of pleasure that since it has gone on sale has not stopped accumulating awards in the market

    153,90 €
  • 90,40 €


    We-Vibe Jive blue vibrator couples. The future of vibrators devices lies in the incorporation of options of working with hands free. Always in the lead on issues of innovation, We-Vibe has already done it.

    90,40 €
  • 170,00 €


    Black couples vibrator Ida lelo. Erotic toys with remote control have that speck of fun that don't offer other types of accessories. Although you can use them alone, our recommendation is that you enjoy them as a couple.

    170,00 €
  • 142,70 €


    It is one of the vibrators, together with its companion of blue color, most quoted market. it comes from Lelo, which we know has an impeccable image as creator of sex toys. This vibrator is design in its purest form and its appearance says it all, but the results are even better offering experiences never imagined by our clients.

    142,70 €
  • 124,50 €


    Lelo vibrator Deep Tara Rose. The use of a vibrator in your relationships does not have to be exclusive of any other kind of erotic games, or even of penetration.

    124,50 €
  • 39,20 €


    Ovo S3 Lay On Unisex rechargeable silver lilac. Are those who share everything with your partner? Even the sex toys? Because this Massager will bring great pleasures to the two.

    39,20 €
  • 222,90 €


    Lelo Soraya vibrator cherry. Presentation speaks of a product. Would like to know what says this spectacular box of Lelo? That vibrator carrying inside is all a jewel of female stimulation

    222,90 €
  • 153,90 €


    Lelo Insignia 3 Tiani Massager pink intense. A luxury product for the most demanding in bed. This time the guys from this experienced House of sex toys made an object of luxury that it is impossible to leave anyone indifferent

    153,90 €
  • 14,20 €


    Ultra Twizzle Trigger Stimulator black. Give you to your clitoris some caresses very special that are the result of some intense vibrations in combination with the textures innovative of this Stimulator

    14,20 €
  • 145,20 €


    Natya couples vibrator. The most colorful pleasure comes into your life in the hands of Natya, a massager for couples that will increase the movement during penetration.

    145,20 €
  • 23,40 € 31,40 €


    Fifty shades of Grey Mini Clit vibrator. traditional vibrator silicone of first quality, with a non-porous coverage for better hygiene, and fully compatible with water-based lubricants

    23,40 € 31,40 €
  • 88,10 €


    G Vibe 2 Massager anatomical lilac. G Vibe 2 Massager anatomical Lila is a sex toy of unique and exclusive design with an enormous power of flexibility that adapts easily to the deeper and more delicate curves

    88,10 €
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