Sophisticated vibrators - In this section we present latest vibrators on the market with all kinds of features for the multiple applications that you want to give your sex games

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  • 41,60 €

     4.4   10

    Ultra 7 Eclipse Penguintronic. This is a rampant rabbit type vibrator made of high quality soft silicone. Its functions include both vibration swing and rotation speed control

    41,60 €
  • 152,00 €

    A new way of conceiving the pleasure. Without cables. Without batteries. Without strings attached. The stimulation to hundreds of kilometers and with total freedom is possible thanks to the Massager We-Vibe and its exclusive app

    152,00 €
  • 21,90 €

     4.5   5

    Vibrator prostate 9 features Anal Fantasy. It's an anal vibrator designed to stimulate the area of the prostate in an incredible way. Its nine functions to get a turn to anal stimulation

    21,90 €
  • 40,60 € 60,60 €

     4.5   4

    It's a powerful Simulator of oral sex for them, consisting of a perfectly aligned wheel of tongues to provide you through 3 levels of speed a type of feelings that you had never thought that I could produce you an erotic article.

    40,60 € 60,60 €
  • 145,70 €

    The distance is no longer a problem for couples that use W-Vibe Sync. The Massager that you allow play to thousands of kilometers of distance through a simple app

    145,70 €
  • 97,90 € 127,90 €

     4.6   1

    We Vibe 4 Plus Rosa controlled from the phone. This vibrator is no longer required presentation. We Vibe guys are showing its wonders to the world for years getting their creations to be known everywhere

    97,90 € 127,90 €
  • 110,40 €

     4.2   1

    We Vibe 4 Plus Lila controlled from the phone. New We-Vibe guys back to surprise us. After the successful launch of We Vibe 4, they now offer us controlled from a mobile phone application

    110,40 €
  • 13,40 €

    Stimulator RosaUltra Twizzle Trigger. It seems a suit made to measure. It adapts to every corner of your Anatomy as if it were part of your body and stimulate your most erogenous points with innovative textures

    13,40 €
  • 13,50 €

    Ultra Twizzle Trigger Stimulator black. Give you to your clitoris some caresses very special that are the result of some intense vibrations in combination with the textures innovative of this Stimulator

    13,50 €
  • 43,30 €


    K5 Bunny vibrator Ovo white/chrome. Ovo boys show us some of his best creations in the form of type vibrator rampant rabbit. This type of vibrators are know to stimulate the area of the vagina and the clitoris, something highly valued by our clients at the same time

    43,30 €
  • 100,20 €


    We-Vibe classic Massager purple. Two engines and 10 modes of vibration so find the stimulation that you most like. One of the main characteristics of this classic Massager is that it allows you to play with him in many ways and in all kinds of situations

    100,20 €
  • 219,40 €

    Lelo Soraya vibrator cherry. Presentation speaks of a product. Would like to know what says this spectacular box of Lelo? That vibrator carrying inside is all a jewel of female stimulation

    219,40 €
  • 151,90 €


    Lelo Insignia 3 Tiani Massager pink intense. A luxury product for the most demanding in bed. This time the guys from this experienced House of sex toys made an object of luxury that it is impossible to leave anyone indifferent

    151,90 €
  • 25,20 €


    Sexpander 3 multi-functional vibrator in 1 lilac. If the make collections is not among your interests want to know the advantages of a sex toy 3 in 1 with all the essentials so that you get pleasure in multiple ways

    25,20 €
  • 96,20 €


    We Vibe vibrator pink Nova. Double stimulation, double pleasure and double fun. You can leave control of the Nova of We Vibe vibrator in the hands of someone else and control its movement through an application for your smartphone

    96,20 €
  • 173,00 €


    Couples Lelo Massager Ida cherry. See the most desired Massager for couples: Ida, the prestigious brand Lelo. In addition to vibrate, Ida offers you exhilarating rotations so you rejoice as ever of the loving union

    173,00 €
  • 219,40 €


    Lelo vibrator Insignia Soraya black. Lelo, as it always gives us the most sophisticated market of erotic toys. Vibrator Soraya is another of his successful creations with a minimalist and beautiful design. With a design that does not do justice to the pleasures that is capable of providing.

    219,40 €
  • 20,30 €


    Neon Green vibrator Nites. If you are looking for a discreet but powerful and ergonomic vibrator, choose the new Neon Nites vibrator Pipedream Green

    20,30 €
  • 22,60 € 30,60 €


    Donna yellow Vibrator. The advantage is that with the vibrator ToyJoy Donna are you to decide where you want to drop these such delicate caresses

    22,60 € 30,60 €
  • 82,80 €


    A new and revolutionary vibrator has been invented. In the category of the rampant rabbits, this suggestive product is designed to both stimulate the anal area such as vaginal of the woman, seeks to excite with the vibration rather than penetration.

    82,80 €
  • 44,30 €


    Nomi Tang Getaway Luxe violet. Are you tired of the traditional dildos? If you're truly puts you to masturbate the originality, you have to give him a chance to Nomi Tang Getaway Luxe 

    44,30 €
  • 98,90 €


    Vibrator Picobong Transformer cherry. Imagine, twist and enjoy. Picobong is the erotic revolution that will allow you to bring out your most creative sexual side

    98,90 €
  • 373,60 €


    Lelo Tiani 24 k Massager pink. Lelo Tiani 24 k is the Massager with which you can repeat over and over again the intensity of your most intimate encounters

    373,60 €
  • 27,40 €


    Fifty shades of Grey Mini Clit vibrator. traditional vibrator silicone of first quality, with a non-porous coverage for better hygiene, and fully compatible with water-based lubricants

    27,40 €
  • 373,60 €


    Lelo Massager Tiani 24K purple. The ultimate expression of the pleasure looks like Tiani, the Massager of the brand Lelo which conforms not only to meet your body, but it makes it with luxury and sophistication

    373,60 €
Showing 1 - 25 of 57 items