Double vibrators: This type of vibrators are designed to enable stimulating multiple zones at the same time. They can be used in solitude by stimulating the vaginal area and the anal at the same time, or can be used with other people giving free rein to your imagination. This type of article is very popular among the collective lesbian since it allows a pleasant mutual stimulation. But anyway, in Diversual we believe that it can contribute much to all kinds of groups, only or accompanied, male or female, this vibrator will take you to new horizons of pleasure.

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    Vibrator Xcel double purple. Setting up a trio of the most simple way: a double vibrator to penetrate the vagina and anus simultaneously

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    Bunny Pink Dual pleasure. How many more areas of your body stimulate, feel more pleasure during orgasm. It is not a magic trick, it is the perfect equation solved by one of these dual vibrators

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    C-Ringz dual vibrating penis ring penetration. Would you like to surprise your partner with a very special sex session? Double penetration is always a choice very well accepted by the insatiable lovers.

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    Vibrator penis double penetration. It's a sensational penis designed for simultaneous double penetration. Completely made of high quality vinyl.

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    Double penetration does not have to be a game three. If you want to try new experiences without extending the capacity of your bedroom, go for accessories like this

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    Inflatable double penis with vibration. To ask, ask for it double! So you won't have to be decided with your partner who is the first to have fun with this fantastic inflatable double penis and vibration.

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    How many more parts of your body simultaneously stimulate the greater the pleasure. This toy operates on three points of your Anatomy: double penetration with stimulation of clitoris. Not it leaves nothing in the Inkwell

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    Wow Total Ecstasy Nr 2 Triple vibrator. Can not contain a Wow When you have between your hands this triple vibrator Pipedream. Is one of these Swiss Army knives that you have everything in one device

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    Vibrating Real Feel Deluxe 8 Num. The touch of human skin, its softness and delicacy of its rubbing on another naked body are an important part of the sensual arousal

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    King Cock double penis with vibrator. Simultaneous double penetration fantasy has no secrets for this King Cock. Everything you always wanted to try but never dares you to say is now at your fingertips

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    Picobong black Transformer. A Bunny with vibration which is transformed to give you pleasure covering options such as the stimulation of the clitoris, a prostate Massager, an Exciter of the point "G", a ring for the penis and much more, as your imagination you think

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