Vibrating ben wa balls - Already entered in a specific section of the ben wa balls. Vibrating ben wa balls incorporating a vibrator inside. In this way they do not require a body movement to continue stimulation and can be used while sitting or lying down. They usually incorporate a regulator of vibrations that produce.

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  • 21,70 € 29,70 €

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    Anal Fantasy ball Elite. It gradually increases the pleasure, both in size and in vibration, and discovers from the rear your body still has many pleasant surprises that offer you

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  • 47,50 €


    The vaginal muscles lose strength and endurance with the passing of the years, causing health problems and difficulty experiencing pleasure during sex to women.

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  • 13,10 €

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    White Orgasmic vibrating balls. Combine pleasure always leads to one even greater excitement. And if not, try using these Chinese balls: a perfect blend between penetration and vibration in a small toy

    13,10 €
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  • 19,50 €

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    Anal Fantasy beginners vibrating balls. Have you ever had to be the first and the sexual potential of the products of the line Anal Fantasy you will be convinced that it is not the last

    19,50 €
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  • 15,80 €


    iSex USB Kegel Balls White. The revolutionary iSex sex toys range is characterized by its power, elegance and functionality, as well as have become elements of the past to the batteries

    15,80 €
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  • 98,40 €


    Kegel balls Bloom We-Vibe. More sophisticated market for your Kegel exercises geisha balls. A high quality brand offering a product of luxury with battery and controlled with a smartphone app.

    98,40 €
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  • 19,90 € 26,90 €


    Petite Sensations Plug purple beads. The important thing is not coming, but the path. It complies with that maxim with an anal plug that will accompany you throughout this tour with stimulating vibrations.

    19,90 € 26,90 €
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  • 19,10 €


    Anal Fantasy vibrating anal beads. The contours of your privacy have a whimsical silhouette which makes the pursuit of pleasure the perfect challenge for a lover of the erotic adventures

    19,10 €
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  • 28,70 €


    Anal Fantasy anal beads Power Beads. Its 18 cm inserts are not so you repress your curiosity, but so that you deliver it once and for all

    28,70 €
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  • 105,80 € 135,80 €


    Lelo Luna Smart pink Bead. Traditional Chinese balls to perform Kegel exercises Lelo have a very special design and so soft that you don't want to separate yourself from them.

    105,80 € 135,80 €
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  • 13,90 €


    Geisha black balls. Manufactured in black silicone with glossy finish, they are a striking erotic accessory that adapts to the anatomy of your vagina

    13,90 €
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  • 174,00 €

     (34)   1

    Lelo balls black Hula. Never say never. When you already thought that it had discovered all about masturbation, Lelo surprises you with a new device of vibrating pleasure. Not you are curious to know what is?

    174,00 €
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  • 121,80 €


    Lelo Luna Kegel trained Smart pink Bead. If you're thinking in doing this Kegel exercises constant is the best solution. A personal trainer smart with tactile sensors that comes from the hand of Lelo.

    121,80 €
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