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Accessories and batteries - this section will find everything necessary for the maintenance of our products, as well as other interesting products related to sexual games. We have all necessary batteries for your products that ensure the proper functioning of the same, we have cleaning products that we can use with our toys and many other things that we are going to surprise.

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  • 6,90 €

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    Toy Joy toy cleaner Spray. Keep your sex toys as clean as the day to prolong its life and guarantee you a fun as hygienic as satisfactory

    6,90 €
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  • 8,60 €

     (65)   11

    PEAR Anal cleaning. Indispensable for an anal sex clean and safe. It's a PEAR of cleaning designed for the cleaning of the anal canal. In this way you will have a sex safe and free from germs and bacteria.

    8,60 €
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  • 43,80 €


    Intimate cleaning is more than a necessity when you plan to have fun with certain sexual practices. For safety and hygiene, it is recommended before and after those intense erotic encounters.

    43,80 €
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  • 14,20 €

     (36)   3

    Unisex Anal cleaning set. Explore all the possibilities in the most hygienic way anal sex. Application of Enema before your sexual intercourse will provide you more comfort during your relationships and make them much healthier

    14,20 €
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  • 6,40 €

     (7)   4

    Cleaner toys Sterile Waterfeel 150 ml. Sex toys cleaning products used a base of specific composition to eliminate fulminant way any fungus or bacteria who wants to put a dent in your accessories.

    6,40 €
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  • 106,60 €


    Take the time to ensure your intimate and enjoy more of your encounters with penetration. A good anal cleaning will prevent you to get unpleasant surprises.

    106,60 €
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  • 8,70 €

     (28)   2

    Toy Love cleaner Antibacterial 150 ml. A good cleaning product has to offer safety, quality, and ease of use. Three premises that comply with antibacterial cleaner Toy Love

    8,70 €
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  • 5,50 €

     (39)   3

    Sexy Battery LR06 AA 4 PCs. It is a pack of 4 batteries of the type LR06 AA ideal for use in your sex toys. It will bring lasting so that you can enjoy without limitations.

    5,50 €
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  • 44,30 €


    Play Sheet inflatable black Savannah. Rampant games need a space in which you can move comfortably and without fear of staining anything. Something that has a solution with the inflatable Savannah Play Sheet.

    44,30 €
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  • 12,60 €

     (25)   2

    Toy cleaner Toy Cleaner 250 ml. Sometimes the hot water isn't enough to clean your sex toys after use. In these cases it is best to use specialty products such as Toy Cleaner

    12,60 €
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  • 11,60 €

     (10)   2

    I cobeco Toy Cleaner clean toy 150 ml. With the amount of hours of pleasure that you provide, your sex toys deserve special treatment. It is a matter of maintenance and, above all, hygiene.

    11,60 €
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  • 47,30 €


    Aquastick attach shower with Flexo intimate. The subject of the intimate part of your sexual routine and as fast is therefore always recommended. Don't miss a second of your time and take an intimate shower.

    47,30 €
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  • 14,30 €

     (18)   1

    Anal cleaning set. Hygiene is an essential requirement to enjoy sex safely and not be unpleasant surprises. This set the vaginal and anal cleaning will only take a few minutes

    14,30 €
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  • 3,80 €

     (21)   1

    Wipes individual Brevia intimate 6 PCs. Soft and hygienic cleaning with these House Brevia wipes. A way to avoid infections and bacteria and can be used on any part of the body safely

    3,80 €
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  • 88,70 €


    Check Detector Semen Test of infidelity. Sex, everything stops footprint, especially infidelities. With semen detector is much easier and certainly identify them. Will you be able to pass that test?

    88,70 €
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  • 5,40 €

     (27)   1

    Sexy Battery LR03 AAA 4 PCs. They are 4 batteries type LR03 AAA special for a long duration of your sex toys.

    5,40 €
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  • 23,30 €


    Shower Ouch Vaginal cleaning black. Intimate hygiene is also part of the game. DOUCHING will allow to keep levels of cleanliness and security essential for good sexual health.

    23,30 €
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  • 8,10 €

     (23)   1

    What to do when your Fleshlight toys have lost part of its characteristic smoothness? Rejuvenate them with the right products and leave them again ready for fun

    8,10 €
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  • 14,40 €


    Male Penis men 150 ml cleaner. Genital hygiene is a basic aspect of sexual health. To ensure that all is clean and free of risks, whenever you can, you should use products like the Male Penis Cleaner.

    14,40 €
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  • 7,60 €


    Replacement of covers for pumps of erection. If have met well with your workouts, in some time will need to replace the cover of your pump of erection. With these accessories it will leave as new

    7,60 €
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  • 7,20 €


    With so much use, it is possible that your USB charger for Satisfyer already does not meet the first day, or that you have lost it or simply without you well have one somewhere else to avoid having to carry it in the luggage. Here is the solution.

    7,20 €
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  • 19,60 €

     (39)   1

    Fetish Fantasy Enema Unisex curved. It's a small anal cleansing PEAR that lets you enjoy the best experiences analies always with maximum cleaning

    19,60 €
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  • 13,40 €

     (34)   2

    PEAR Rectal cleaning. Relations with anal penetration are much more hygienic when you previously performed a clean rectum. This process is to be effective and safe, nothing more useful than a PEAR of rectal cleaning

    13,40 €
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  • 8,20 €

     (33)   3

    Hair clippers for pubic hair. One of the most sought-after products in the field of personal care

    8,20 €
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  • 21,60 €


    Anal Douche Pera cleaning 260 ml black. 260 ml are approximately a cup of water. Everything you need for anal cleaning that will allow you to make sex safe and hygienic way.

    21,60 €
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  • 7,70 €


    Girl Kiki sterilizer Cup Menstrual. Disinfects your menstrual after use Cup so you can reuse it during your period with all the guarantees of hygiene which requires an intimate use such products.

    7,70 €
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  • 8,20 €


    Fleshlight toys cleaner Wash 100 ml. your toys erotic Favorites they deserve a very special treatment. Through the regular use of Fleshlight Wash you get to keep them bacteria free and always ready for fun.

    8,20 €
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  • 14,10 €


    Kit covers 5 Pcs Satisfyer Pro 2 Ng. Using that you give to your favorite clitoral Massager, it is not surprising that their cases will lose quality. Don't worry, here you have a kit of 5 replacement covers.

    14,10 €
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  • 11,70 €


    Pjur toy cleaner Spray. It is a cleaner that will keep your sex toys in the best conditions of safety and hygiene. It can be used in all sorts of objects made of latex, silicone or rubber, with the certainty that after use, they will be free from fungi, bacteria and viruses

    11,70 €
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  • 30,10 €


    Cleaning Anal wall for the shower hose. vita rather unpleasant surprises with a good anal shower before having sex with your partner. It is not only a question of aesthetics but of hygiene

    30,10 €
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  • 8,80 €


    TALC powders Cobeco Talcum Powder 150 g. The correct conservation of your sex toys is also part of a good hygiene routine. Make sure that you always have them ready with this product.

    8,80 €
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  • 6,70 €


    Toys biological 150 ml. Stimul8 cleaner removes any residue that may pose a risk to your health. It is so important to buy erotic toys of quality how to use cleaners that guarantee a maximum degree of hygiene

    6,70 €
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  • 12,90 €


    Toy Cleaner clean toys lemon foam 160 ml. Before and after the erotic game. Your accessories cleaning is very important to maintain the hygiene and safety in such intimate moments.

    12,90 €
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  • 14,60 €


     Lelo toy Spray cleaner antibacterial 60ml is a cleaner made especially for cleaning of our sexual items brand Lelo. It ensures that we can continue to use our toys in the most hygienic way and keeps them as the first day.

    14,60 €
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  • 7,00 €


    Toy Cleaner clean toys 50 ml. The hygiene of your intimate toys is an aspect that you should not overlook. To always have them with cleaning products specifically designed for this purpose

    7,00 €
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  • 38,30 €


    Soft tampons original 50 PCs. The ultimate in feminine hygiene are buffers that do not carry cord. Enjoy maximum freedom with Original Soft and feel safe and clean for your days of period.

    38,30 €
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Showing 1 - 36 of 126 items