Erotic gifts - perfect erotic items for gift giving. In this section, you presentamoms a selection of articles that we consider perfect to surprise your partner or a friend. can be all sorts of items, from kits romantic with heart to Toys more morbid and spicy. be careful with what you give! It can be that the recipient of the gift is not as liberal as you.

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  • 26,40 €

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    This dozen of sex toys is one of the most common options for gifts among our clientele. Would you like to surprise your partner with something with which you can both enjoy more pleasurable sexual experiences?

    26,40 €
  • 19,40 € 24,40 €

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    NET Romance Gift Set. Would you like that tonight is unique? Here is the kit for couples with all the ingredients to make something unique

    19,40 € 24,40 €
  • 12,00 €

     (2)   1

    Sexual Gold Award at your age. If there is a cause for celebration there will be an opportunity to give one of these fun Oscar penis-shaped. A prize for the most daring.

    12,00 €
  • 14,40 €

     (103)   14

    Jelly vibrator Butler 19 Cm. Not everyone can allow itself a private Butler and also meeting "other" needs. This is one of our most fun market proposals. It's a vibrator with realistic appearance and that attempts to simulate a real penis in every way. Is made from a jelly soft and healthy.

    14,40 €
  • 43,80 €

     (123)   16

    Love toy toys beginners kit. In the kit you have great variety of toys when making love with your partner is a good start to end the tedious routine and experience new feelings and fantasies

    43,80 €
  • 13,80 €


    Intimate set berries weekend. You be able to resist the temptation to spend an intimate weekend without using all what is inside this little box of pleasure? We take for granted that not.

    13,80 €
  • 27,50 €

     (58)   6

    Kit Super erotic Sex Bomb lilac. It shows your affection by giving pleasure. It is a way to very sensual to keep alive the flame of your relationship and enjoy new erotic experiences with your partner

    27,50 €
  • 36,70 €

     (125)   11

    Fetish Fantasy and 50 shades of Grey have decided to submit your most wild game. So leave aside your problems and give a different touch to your sex life. With this complete Kit of fetish articles you will see yourself reflected in the famous novel fifty shades of Grey and play as if you were regarding her own.

    36,70 €
  • 34,60 €


    Kamasutra massage Kit Tranquiizante. Collect stimuli more sensual and erotic with this kit of products for massage in couple with which alcanzaréis a pleasant State of relaxation

    34,60 €
  • 20,70 €

     (141)   14

    Durex Lover Connect stimulating gels. It is of 2 types of gels designed both for him and for her. A new way to enjoy something that you both

    20,70 €
  • 13,80 €


    Temptation Chocolate intimate Set. You need a getaway weekend only basics, also in the flat erotic. In this sexual kit you have everything what is necessary so that you don't have to be doing last-minute shopping

    13,80 €
  • 27,80 €

     (54)   6

    Kamasutra Kit weekend. An original idea for a weekend getaway is this kit of Kamasutra. All in the same box so that no detail does not escape you

    27,80 €
  • 13,80 €


    Kit massage intimate passion fruit. What you'd take to a romantic weekend? If you don't want that none of the essential forget, in this intimate set you a selection of the most important

    13,80 €
  • 29,50 €

     (75)   4

    Cloneboy Cloner Kit penis with vibrator. With Cloneboy you can create an exact replica of your penis! New equipment which has designed Cloneboy offers you this possibility and much more

    29,50 €
  • 19,60 €


    Travel Kit cosmetics erotic couples. A journey into the most exciting of the five senses demands a luggage that is able to meet all your needs. With this sensual chest won't you miss no detail

    19,60 €
  • 15,30 €

     (54)   2

    Erotic seductive heart of spicy Diablo game. Heart enticing game will no doubt mark a before and an after in your spicy nights. Imagine more than 100 passionate lovemaking in the form of testing proposals

    15,30 €
  • 27,50 €

     (54)   8

    Fantastic Purple sex toy Kit. It is a "box of love" in which you have all the ingredients to give a touch of sensuality, spicy and emociona your evenings of sex

    27,50 €
  • 13,80 €


    Temptation intimate Set weekend. Do you have plans for the weekend? In this erotic box you can find four good ideas to spend some unforgettable days in the company of your partner

    13,80 €
  • 51,10 €

     (78)   6

    Partner Plus Toy vibrator for couples. The game shared reaches a new dimension with Partner Plus. An erotic toy for generating good vibrations between you and your partner

    51,10 €
  • 20,90 €


    Fun in small samples that you can carry in the bag or the bag perfectly and comfortably use on any special occasion gift. Lubricants and sexual enhancers that no important opportunity will not leak you

    20,90 €
  • 20,40 €


    Shunga Oriental body to body erotic massage Gel strawberries with champagne. Becomes one of the most anticipated products of the Shunga House. With a perfect sensational presentation for original gift. What's more exciting than a sexual massage as a couple? With this small kit you will have all the tools to generate unique moments of pleasure and romance

    20,40 €
  • 27,10 €


    Kit oil trick or treat. Give a sensory experience of the most erotic and varied with body oils of this aphrodisiac kit miniature. A small detail to obtain great pleasures

    27,10 €
  • 7,80 €


    Case to play with you. We normally recommend that you take it in stride. But this is an erotic game in which time is important, so you don't forgetfulness you

    7,80 €
  • 37,70 €


    Massage lovers travel kit. In your personal baggage can never miss the passion. Don't forget to leave room for this travel kit in love with Kamasutra the sexual fun is your next destination

    37,70 €
  • 43,50 €


    Adventure Anal Kit for beginners. The principles are always complicated, but with your beginner's anal kit this new adventure is going to be very pleasant

    43,50 €
  • 46,40 €


    Kit Pure massage Kamasutra. Close links that you bind to your partner with the most sensual erotic cosmetic kit. Complements to the desire and passion flower of skin

    46,40 €
  • 43,30 €

     (42)   2

    Sexual surprise Mega box Kit. Inside you will find the basic equipment so you do reality that personal sexual fantasy

    43,30 €
  • 142,40 €


    Lelo gift Heaven Scent. Light the passion through the sense of smell and get carried away by the Lelo aphrodisiac scents to a universe of vibrating pleasure

    142,40 €
  • 12,70 €


    Kit loving Romance and temptation. Ideal for couples who like to leave to the imagination and encouraged all

    12,70 €
  • 43,80 €

     (42)   1

    Amazing Pleasure Sex Toy Kit. Shoot your adrenaline and feel the excitement in its purest form with this complete kit of sex toys for couples to be enlightening experience the sensual pleasure of soft bondage

    43,80 €
  • 142,40 €


    Lelo box gift Open Secret. With Lelo gift boxes, each day you can celebrate Valentine's day. Enjoy a romantic dinner at any time of the year with toys and accessories of a brand that is synonymous with style and quality

    142,40 €
  • 30,60 €

     (37)   2

    Set of toys Bondage for beginners. There are people who, when it comes to sex, like to dominate and there are people who, by contrast, enjoy more sex if they are dominated

    30,60 €
  • 15,80 €


    Extase Sensuel chest red temptation. There is smell unique and delicious than that of the person loved in the ecstasy of the pleasure in the world. To enhance this wonderful fragrance with amazing scented notes, select the Extase Sensuel chest temptation Red

    15,80 €
  • 163,20 €


    Lelo gift Alone Together. Together or alone? As for Lelo pleasure has no limits has created a set of fun that combines the possibilities of having a good time

    163,20 €
  • 7,80 €

     (31)   2

    Egg have Dance Keith Haring. The eggs have renewed, after his successful appearance on the market as a male masturbator revolutionary, with an innovative outer design based on the works of the artist Keith Haring

    7,80 €
  • 9,70 €

     (31)   3

    Happy Lola dice orgy of love. From the Parcheesi there has been no one as simple as entertaining board game

    9,70 €
  • 28,00 €

     (24)   1

    Touche Kit passion for romantic nights. You receive your partner with hundreds of rose petals and let the passion flow with the help of this kit for romantic nights

    28,00 €
  • 23,00 €


    Kit Geisha collection sparkling wine. What ask you one night ten? Massages, caresses, flavors and smells... Provides a perfect experience with this cosmetic pack erotic Shunga and seduced by the five senses

    23,00 €
  • 38,80 €


    Kit Feranti vibrating bullet with covers. With the power of the vibrating bullet the only thing that made him missing this toy was a little variety and has succeeded with its original interchangeable covers

    38,80 €
  • 12,90 €


    Kit for her Love. Play and Enjoy. Surprise your partner with a gift specially designed for it. There are those who give love. But sometimes it's more fun to give pleasure

    12,90 €
  • 18,60 €


    Kit Touch Fantasy pink. You won't lack company to achieve ecstasy. In this kit you have everything that need you to reach that orgasm you always wanted

    18,60 €
  • 20,00 €


    Oil for massages Aphrodisia. Bijoux Indiscrets oil for massages Aphrodisia created a unique and secretisima formula that takes its inspiration in the Kamasutra and manages to the pleasure of the senses to rise to unexpected levels of delight. 

    20,00 €
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