Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty shades of Grey - here we present a selection of products from the popular novel. Besides books, we have many erotic games with which to enjoy an exciting session of bondage. Now it is easy to have the same feelings of the roles of master and exclavo described in the book. It is a limited edition for those who want to learn on is exciting experience or those who want to expand their bondage toys.

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  • 8,10 €

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    Anal plug for beginners Edition limited 9 Cm. The Pipedream guys have created the ideal way to start on the anal pleasures of a comfortable and enjoyable manner. It's a small anal plug of 9 cm of length

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  • 37,20 €

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    Fetish Fantasy and 50 shades of Grey have decided to submit your most wild game. So leave aside your problems and give a different touch to your sex life. With this complete Kit of fetish articles you will see yourself reflected in the famous novel fifty shades of Grey and play as if you were regarding her own.

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  • 11,70 €


    Fifty shadows lubricant water based 100 ml. The best complement for your accessories collection fifty shades of Grey is another product of the same collection. Something as essential as a water-based lubricant.

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  • 43,10 €

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    Remote Control vibrating thong Edition limited Fetish Fantasy. Pipedream House is always the last. Entamos with a low waist lace thong, will make you feel super sexy and not even notice you are wearing a vibrator close to your most intimate parts.

    43,10 €
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  • 68,20 €

     (112)   13

    Fifty shades of Grey Bunny vibrator G-Spot. If you bet by strong emotions, the fifty shades of Grey collection will drive you crazy with pleasure

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  • 13,40 €

     (7)   1

    9 cm purple silicone Anal plug fifty shades. Explore on your own or share this intimate experience with your partner. This silicone anal plug serves as a stimulator and dilator, in the event that you want to move to something more intense.

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  • 16,50 €

     (52)   2

    Fetish Fantasy with clamp clips nipples 50 shades of Grey limited edition. House Pipedream each day surprises us more, has created a range of products related to the successful novel fifty shades of Grey, and this is one of their products star. With this gag with nipple clamps, you'll have an exciting touch to that you do not expect your most epic nights.

    16,50 €
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  • 15,20 €


    White Duster fifty shades. The use of dusters during the preliminary games is often the prelude to more intense experiences that do not have to follow on that line of the innocent caresses.

    15,20 €
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  • 7,00 €

     (38)   1

    Fetish Fantasy Edition limited whip scourge black skin. House pipedream has created us one of the Central gadgets of the famous novel fifty shades of Grey. It's a thresher whip made of premium leather, an object that can not miss in your more morbid nights.

    7,00 €
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  • 44,90 €

     (69)   4

    Thong vibrator 50 shades of Grey limited edition. This is a limited edition, offered by a lace thong Fetish Fantasy House where inside lies a powerful vibrating bullet that is controlled by a remote control

    44,90 €
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  • 43,70 €


    Ring penis and testicles I Want You Now fifty shades. They say that it is a luxury to share an evening of sex with you. Why is it? Something to do with this glamorous ring for the penis may have the power and the hardness of your erections.

    43,70 €
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  • 14,90 €

     (54)   4

    Fetish Fantasy Mini Massager with 50 shades of Grey limited edition accessories. The evolution of the vibrating bullets has become, with this mini Massager will have an all in one, you can massage you in any part of the body due to its 4 interchangeable heads. For those days that you get home and you need to relax, either alone or in company.

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  • 71,10 €


    Leather gag Fetish fifty shades. The series of films based on the novels of E.L.James comes to an end, but his memory still very present in a collection of erotic items with glamorously.

    71,10 €
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  • 28,50 €


    Vibrator fifty shades of Grey new Charlie Tango. Pleasure of the fifty shades of Grey collection toys are going to make your dreams come true

    28,50 €
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  • 13,70 €


    Clamps for nipples and clit Fetish Fantasy limited edition. With each movement of the chain braids masajearán and stimulate your erogenous zones and your most sensitive points

    13,70 €
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  • 18,80 €


    Rope 10 m games Bondage lilac. Even the most expert of the escapist could break out of this rope for bondage games. It is designed to make it easy to put and impossible to remove without the help of another person.

    18,80 €
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  • 13,60 €

     (50)   1

    Fetish Fantasy wives black 50 shades of grey limited edition. If you are looking for a complement to a touch pincate tis experiences, we are presenting these wives of famous House Pipedream

    13,60 €
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  • 21,30 €

     (46)   1

    Fetish Fantasy Edition limited First Time Fantasy Kit. It is a fantastic set of articles of type bondage for initiated in this type of erotic games. Makes your room is a sex scene of real bondage. Extend your sexual pleasures with other experiences.

    21,30 €
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  • 30,80 €


    Duster small soft lilac. Tickling are a good way to melt the ice, raising temperatures and warm bodies for burning erotic experiences. You need help?

    30,80 €
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  • 18,60 €


    Clamps for nipples fifty shadows official Mercy Beaded. Naked are all an erotic jewel. Power that beauty with the 50 most dark shadows collection plug-ins and put on your nudity the touch of glamour that it deserves

    18,60 €
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  • 28,40 €

     (42)   2

    Metal Ben Wa Balls fifty shades of Grey. Two chromed steel balls that can be used for vaginal or anal pleasure by stimulating internal erogenous points

    28,40 €
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  • 46,20 €


    Mini whip thresher to lilac. If you clear what are your goals, it does not need to go to larger toys. That assurance that you print on your lashes with this mini whip already says a lot of what you want.

    46,20 €
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  • 12,50 €

     (46)   2

    Fetish Fantasy 50 shades of Grey limited edition breathable gag. From lHome Pipedream comes this new special collection and presents us with one of the articles of the famed novel fifty shades of Grey.

    12,50 €
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  • 27,00 €


    Nipples and Clitoris golden chains. So is this surprising collection of toys and sex accessories: it gives you everything! This is a very bold proposal of multiple stimulation for clitoris and nipples.

    27,00 €
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  • 49,30 €


    Bullet vibrating Crazy for You Lavender. With how much that has advanced technology, do still you get surprised that a small vibrating bullet has so much power? Fifty shadows released brings you the future of more discreet stimulation.

    49,30 €
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  • 16,20 €

     (42)   1

    Balls Chinese silicone black 50 shadows. What do you feel when your sex toys do you remember scenes from one of the most famous erotic novels of all time? Not so images: experience it

    16,20 €
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  • 14,50 €

     (20)   2

    Nipples silicone 50 shadows sniffer. How much time are you able to resist? The sucking for nipples are something more intense than a lick. Are almost a mordisquito of pleasure. A bite forbidden. A sin exciting

    14,50 €
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  • 60,20 €


    G-spot Stimulator So rechargeable Exquisite lilac. The pleasure and fun are not why stay at home. If you have the compact Stimulator as So Exquisite, you have insured anywhere in the game and stimulation.

    60,20 €
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  • 81,40 €


    Holy Cow rechargeable vibrator fifty shades of Grey. Massager high power, ideal for external use and stimulation of the clitoris

    81,40 €
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  • 35,70 €

     (10)   1

    Vibrator Annals ball T-Bar silicone. The official dark shadows fifty erotic product line has options of pleasure so varied that you will always find the kind of stimulation that you are looking for.

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  • 52,60 €


    FSF Lavish Attention G-spot and clitoral Stimulator. Within the collection of fifty shadows released there are a whole series of accessories dedicated to the female stimulation. Dare to know them all?

    52,60 €
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  • 83,30 €

     (39)   3

    Black bunny vibrator fifty USB shadows Darker. Inside and out. The double stimulation is the perfect choice for the undecided, to the acaparadoras of places, the ambitious, those that want to experience or simply have very clear how like to feel pleasure

    83,30 €
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  • 60,00 €


    Rechargeable vibrator ergonomic Clitorial fifty shades. If you lose your head with vibrators female stimulation toys, the best option is always a rechargeable accessory. So you know you will never be half

    60,00 €
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  • 65,40 €


    Whip leather handle Golden lilac. Have you ever experienced that exciting feeling of receiving a spanking? This is a good opportunity to do so, with all the style and quality of fifty shadows released toys.

    65,40 €
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  • 7,90 €


    Limited Edition Wartenberg wheel. It is a small wheel invented by an eminence of Neurology in order to explore the sensations during stimulation. Is designed to create some amazing experiences on the skin

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  • 20,00 € 27,00 €

     (32)   1

    Fetish Fantasy Edition limited spreader bar. If you want your partner to hold that position to realize your dreams, it resorts to the help of the SPACEBAR that limit their movements, but not your imagination

    20,00 € 27,00 €
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Showing 1 - 36 of 83 items