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Male section - articles destined for men have less prominence in the current market of the sex shop the rest of products aimed at women, however, have gradually been gaining force and are becoming very popular sexual articles. Here are a selection of erotic products destined for it. We have the best sex articles intended to give pleasure to the man.

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  • 12,80 €

     4.1   12

    Form Vagina male masturbator. If you want to enjoy the feeling of penetration into your masturbation in a very real way, we are presenting the latest trend in male vagina-shaped masturbators.

    12,80 €
  • 8,40 €

    Sleeve black developers Universal replacement. Use your penis as if developers replacing the most sensitive part. Universal replacement sleeve will allow you to continue using your accessory with the same efficiency with only change a piece

    8,40 €
  • 12,90 €

     4   7

    Note throat deep masturbator novel esun for them which is the ultimate in erotic technology. Its appearance is modern and subtle and is designed to simulate fellatio experience as faithfully as possible.

    12,90 €
  • 59,10 €

    Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid Vagina. This bit of the intimacy of Ridley Reid is just for you. You can dispose of it when you want and most of the way you like. What are you waiting to try it?

    59,10 €
  • 160,50 €

    Not all the dolls inflatable you allow so much freedom of movement as Diva. You want to experience in various positions? To it also. And is willing to deliver it for full

    160,50 €
  • 31,80 €

     4.4   5

    Masturbator male Pack of 3 mouth, ass and Vagina. This sex toy makes it easy so you reach orgasm: 3 modes of stimulation (mouth, vagina, and anus) so the only complication to that you have to take is to settle on the hole you want to penetrate

    31,80 €
  • 17,90 €

    Extreme Vagina Masturbator Toyz Lasagna Lips. Already know what is says: the pasta there is to consume it to the date. In that sense, Pipedream has caught doneness to the suggestive vagina of Fanta Flesh

    17,90 €
  • 18,60 €

     4.6   6

    Chanel St. James Mini Vagina UR3 is a male masturbator toy that simulates a woman's  vagina in the most exact way possible. Its shape and quality of the materials make the result a well made replica.

    18,60 €
  • 21,90 €

     4.5   5

    Vibrator prostate 9 features Anal Fantasy. It's an anal vibrator designed to stimulate the area of the prostate in an incredible way. Its nine functions to get a turn to anal stimulation

    21,90 €
  • 76,10 €

    Lusty Motera blow-up doll. Get leather vest and you wear the boots. If you put the Sons of Anarchy aesthetics, you have to mount with an authentic biker

    76,10 €
  • 12,30 €

     4   2

    Futurotic cover Extension Brown penis. Solve the problem of size with a penis sheath with which will increase its length and its thickness instantly

    12,30 €
  • 82,30 €


    Extender penis Pro Penile Aide. Critics of that guys think penis ignored the intelligence of the virile member. In so ready being able to develop its length and thickness with a little help

    82,30 €
  • 21,80 € 29,80 €

     4   1

    Mega 2 Natural Extension. It is a case of very soft material that will increase your penis in length and width. It adds 5.1 cm long and 33% more bandwidth

    21,80 € 29,80 €
  • 12,80 €


    Male masturbator form year. A small hole and large doses of pleasure. Philosophy Easy Rider It is that more discrete toys can also provide much excitement to your masturbatory experiences

    12,80 €
  • 13,90 €

    Pump Worx pump of erection beginners red. The surgery only is for cases ends. There are effective methods to put an end to those occasional erection problems that may be compromising your sex life

    13,90 €
  • 9,20 €


    Egg Masturbator have Crater. It looks like an egg, but it has nothing to do. The boys have already take time selling these eggs masturbators for men with a great acceptance by the world public

    9,20 €
  • 13,90 €

     4.2   1

    We have the erection pump for beginners short. With it you get the size and the confidence in yourself that you've always wanted, without surgery. It is a simple and safe alternative to expensive treatments and medical procedures

    13,90 €
  • 18,50 €

     3.8   1

    Mature doll. Do you put the mature? Your fantasy of roll with your best friend's mother is about to become see with this blow-up doll. Pure eroticism with this mature so much touch puts you

    18,50 €
  • 8,80 €

     4.3   4

    Kit covers the penis transparent 6 Pcs. It's a game of 6 rings of gelatin for use in the penis. They have a very soft touch, can stretch up to 10 times its size and always come back to its original size, thanks to the material of the highest quality

    8,80 €
  • 18,50 €

    Katy Pervy blow-up doll. Katy Pervy is an insatiable girl. If you let it BREW in your room, it is possible that is unwilling to leave... She has the stamina for a while. And you?

    18,50 €
  • 20,50 €


    Extension for the Perfect 1 penalty with strap. A case of penis which gives you not only thicker (up to 33%), but it lengthens your instrument of love two centimeters and a half

    20,50 €
  • 18,60 €


    Britney dog blow-up doll. Three holes super burning so you have fun with a wrist inflatable that is prepared to give the note. Britney dog is a companion of games erotic that never tune

    18,60 €
  • 12,90 €


    Erection pump Power Pump. Pipedream has become specialist in the design of toys that allow you to leverage your time. For example, a pump penis that you get the feeling of having oral sex

    12,90 €
  • 24,80 €

     4   1

    It is a cover to lengthen and widen the penis. Very soft material, perfect texture, achieve 2.5 cm long and 33% width. You will feel much safer when it comes to having sex with your partner with the help of Perfect 1

    24,80 €
  • 18,90 €

    Cover penis with vibrator for clitoral. It assails your partner with the power of a bull. With this penis sheath, you can boast of being a fierce, untamable and insatiable animal. A beast ready to give pleasure

    18,90 €
Showing 1 - 25 of 365 items