Lingerie: We always try to be one of the most comprehensive our selection of lingerie. We know that sexy and daring clothing serves not only to please your partner, but also to your feel sweet, delicate and sensual. We have taken care carefully this section at which sure to find the perfect garment for a perfect night. In addition to sexy Womens lingerie we also have bold proposals for men.

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  • 24,30 €

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    Obsessive Sedusia black and pink body. One of the best ways to heat the atmosphere...

    24,30 €
  • 28,40 €

     (13)   2

    His eyes full of passion and desire is the best proof that the Obsessive lingerie meets promise: provide you with the appearance of all a goddess of eroticism

    28,40 €
  • 27,00 €

     (41)   5

    Body with lace Obsessive Teddy Charms Negro. It will be your best companion for those most sensual and erotic nights

    27,00 €
  • 7,70 €

     (36)   8

    Comfort above all. Above the thighs this Leg Avenue model is characterized by a suggestive blend of freedom and eroticism that leaves to expose those most seductive corners of your skin

    7,70 €
  • 14,90 €


    Kitten-Fatal black mini skirt. It is so short that you could be confused with a shorts. But no, it's a black miniskirt designed so that your partner is left without air as soon as you go to appear.

    14,90 €
  • 23,10 €

     (19)   3

    With the collection Amanta femininity of your wardrobe starts with your underwear. Feel sexy with this set designed with elegance and glamour that characterise Obsessive

    23,10 €
  • 18,90 €


    Allure Black medium high Kitten. Before reaching the naked integral there a moment of the evening in which the most exciting is the costume you wear. Take advantage of these moments to your side look more sexy.

    18,90 €
  • 27,10 €

     (22)   2

    Set black Musca Obsessive. Does not need any lover tell you. Look in the mirror: you're breaking! Perhaps no would so you feel sexy every day you like?

    27,10 €
  • 13,30 €

     (26)   2

    Thong Stimulator with balls. The leave lingerie implementation when it comes to sex is not a matter of old. There is lingerie erotic especially designed for the stimulation during the coitus

    13,30 €
  • 18,60 €

     (20)   2

    Dress D605 Dress black. Have you ever wondered what are the Hollywood stars to go to sleep? This black dress from Obsessive signature can help you to become an idea

    18,60 €
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  • 18,90 €


    Kitten black Mermaid skirt. If you want to maximize your femininity, you have to be willing to wear clothing so tight like this black skirt. The most seductive girls wardrobe.

    18,90 €
  • 26,70 €

     (24)   2

    Adoria cheatings Chemise & thong black. Obsessive lingerie sets, it is possible that you go to bed, but perhaps it is too soon to ensure that you're going to sleep, don't you think?

    26,70 €
  • 27,40 €

     (25)   2

    It dominates the time without need for more accessories to your temperament of women and a good selection of the best feminine underwear. The first thing you have, the second signature Obsessive will provide it

    27,40 €
  • 14,90 €


    Sexy siren black long gloves. You will have your hands bare to follow caressing the body of your lover with this sensuality that characterizes you. However, these sexy gloves will put a touch of extra seduction to your touch.

    14,90 €
  • 35,00 €


    Body Corset transparencies with garters black. A girl so daring as you should not have any qualms about putting super sexy to your partner with this body. Your slides are the most sensual way to add a special touch to the night.

    35,00 €
  • 21,10 €

     (11)   4

    Athena black corset. Few items Stylize both the figure of a woman and the corset. Is female, is sensual and it is very erotic. You dare to try it in your games of bedroom?

    21,10 €
  • 26,70 €

     (36)   2

    Obsessive dress Gretia black. The elegance of simplicity is embodied in this Obsessive signature dress. An extremely feminine costumes that discretion has a lot of insinuante

    26,70 €
  • 29,40 €

     (33)   2

    Intense corset & thong black. Before you go to sleep does not always want to tell you stories of princesses. Sometimes it's more fun to be in the skin of a bad tale and do some mischief

    29,40 €
  • 46,30 €


    Kitten Mono black V neckline. Although you see it so tight to your body, this sensual black monkey is placed and removed with ease. When the time of undressing, you won't have any problem.

    46,30 €
  • 38,60 €

     (28)   1

    Secred Corset & red Panties. Red is the color of seduction. Atraleo to you without having option to resist with this set of corset and panties that will leave you speechless

    38,60 €
  • 20,60 €


    Bikini Australia white polka dot colors. You'll the refreshing touch of the summer to put you with this colorful polka dot bikini. A cool costumes for the hottest moments.

    20,60 €
  • 26,10 €

     (14)   2

    Would you like to be able to combine a panty and a body in a single piece of lingerie? It is one of the many convenient options and sexy that offers signature Obsessive. Try it!

    26,10 €
  • 7,70 €


    Grille pantyhose with opening at the crotch Plus. The grille fabric garments are always very striking, exciting and erotic. Temperature increases without that you hardly realize and it is better to have already thought about what they want to come here.

    7,70 €
  • 30,10 €

     (33)   1

    Corset Obsessive Dotina black. It enhances the curves of your femininity with this striking proposal for lingerie. A snug but comfortable corset with an eye-catching Black Thong game

    30,10 €
  • 14,60 €

     (19)   2

    Stockings with garter belt black Obsessive S500. It is from stockings of black color and a lace at the top, all in one piece

    14,60 €
  • 8,70 €


    Thong Floweria Obsessive. Renew your drawer lingerie with comfortable clothes that make you feel sexy every day. The Obsessive firm has specialized in this type of thongs

    8,70 €
  • 7,60 €

     (14)   3

    In a night of passion, the small details are also important. Did you think that it was not going to give an account of the elegant design of your thong? Put it to the test!

    7,60 €
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  • 8,80 €


    Leg Avenue black stockings with lace top. Few things you can add to a medium classic black so that they are more sensual. However, Leg Avenue always knows what to do to make your lingerie garments especially erotic

    8,80 €
  • 14,50 €


    Queen Summer Original pink Bikini / black. To show off a nice chest with your bathroom linen is not so important to show how the fact of power lead tucked well bust

    14,50 €
  • 8,40 €

     (13)   1

    Thong with opening Gretia. You like to play? This Obsessive panty is intended for more playful couples. Which take full advantage of every second of their meetings and do not want to waste time

    8,40 €
  • 28,70 €

     (30)   3

    Picardy Obsessive Blackardi black. As if it were an evening gown! but much more sexy and spicy...

    28,70 €
  • 15,00 €

     (37)   1

    Lace garter belt with Thong black game Leg Avenue. If carry mevias and irresistible legs look like, this complement of signature Leg can not miss you avenue, leaves that elegance and eroticism you invade with this fantastic set of thong and lace Garter. 

    15,00 €
  • 14,00 €


    Leg Avenue V-neck mesh grille Halter. The Eroticism of your feminine forms has been caught under this grille mesh. But at some point you have to release it, so Leg Avenue has left to expose key parts of your Anatomy

    14,00 €
  • 14,20 €


    Intimax Victoria black suspenders. Sexy garters black with elastic straps and lace fabric covering from the line of the hips until the middle of the butt with a string game

    14,20 €
  • 36,00 €


    Corset black Ginger. The elegance of the black female lingerie is unquestionable. Add a few details such as embroidery and transparency and improves your most intimate look

    36,00 €
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  • 37,60 €


    Greylita Babydoll & thong black cheatings. Feel the true Queen of the night with an intimate wardrobe worthy of royalty. A sensual set to seduce and be seduced in your most distinguished evenings

    37,60 €
  • 34,30 €


    Tatia lilac Corset. The corset is one of the most elegant pieces of lingerie. Casmir designs give a new look to a classic garment that timeless innovative

    34,30 €
  • 8,00 €


    Black stockings Kisselent. Do you already have your body, your picardias or your garters of the Obsessive brand? Now you are missing a few stockings sexy that combine to have the perfect costume

    8,00 €
  • 12,30 €


    Thong black with opening Picantina. Even with little fabric a Tanga Obsessive brand is capable of innovating to bring you a garment of intimate lingerie original

    12,30 €
  • 34,30 €


    Tatia Set 3 piece lilac. Casmir boldest collections include proposals which are only suitable for girls who do not have any complex when it comes to show their charms. Is this your case?

    34,30 €
  • 7,20 €

     (25)   1

    Leg Avenue pantyhose with black Backseam. A delicate black line slips out the back of your thighs on a never-ending journey that connects the heels with one of the most sensual areas of your body

    7,20 €
  • 6,50 €


    Micro thong blue Mt019. It is just a tiny detail, but it changes everything. Oddly enough, there is a big difference between carrying this micro thong and not to take it. Discover it for yourself

    6,50 €
Showing 1 - 42 of 766 items