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  • 7,30 €

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    Masturbators heater. He is a small heater masturbators especially designed for home use. You can warm the masturbators in simple way

    7,30 €
  • 17,10 €

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    Savannah plastic black Sexmax. If you want to have fun in bed with all kinds of fluids, lubricants, cream, fruit, oils, etc. can even do golden showers or simply gives free rein to your imagination to use this black plastic sheet

    17,10 €
  • 132,60 €


    Purple professional dance bar. It gives the note with a super sexy dance show and used the metal bar for your more intimate performances. Your stripper moment cannot be expected

    132,60 €
  • 18,50 €


    Play doctors and nurses is a practice that has no age. Moreover, with the passage of time this innocent form of entertainment acquires a very exciting erotic dyes...

    18,50 €
  • 16,10 €


    Sexmax red plastic sheet. Transform your bed in a ring sexual and salt to give everything in your next match. For tone more uploaded erotic games need that bed is able to withstand it all and this red plastic sheet going to put easy

    16,10 €
  • 7,20 €


    Replacement of covers for pumps of erection. If have met well with your workouts, in some time will need to replace the cover of your pump of erection. With these accessories it will leave as new

    7,20 €
  • 20,40 €


    Set sucking of vacuum. Maybe them have seen in the consultation of your physiotherapist, but you assure that the use that you propose give them is quite different to that knew until now

    20,40 €
  • 14,60 €


    Pjur Cult for Latex 100 ml. Fetish fashion sometimes has its difficulties. And is that sheathing be all those clothes tight not always is a task simple. Pjur Cult helps you to dress yourself in minutes

    14,60 €
  • 12,20 €


    Pom Pom feather duster. Would you like to explore and play with the body and the skin of your partner? You can start a stimulating day sexually stimulating the skin of your partner with Pom Pom Duster of feathers

    12,20 €
  • 15,00 €


    Trail Of Roses red petals. Trail Of Roses Red Petals. Surprise your partner, scattering a few petals pink in the bedroom or in the bathroom

    15,00 €
  • 36,50 €


    Fleshlight heater of Masturbators. By very attractive that you is, not go to confuse you. This is not an accessory to the penetration but to give to your masturbators of hand temperature

    36,50 €
  • 89,20 €


    Semen Detector Test ® Test of infidelity. It is the ultimate kit created to reveal the presence of semen on any kind of surface, fabric or garment. Thanks to the high sensitivity of the reagent, Antigen PSA-based, this revolutionary kit to detect an affair is the most reliable of all market

    89,20 €
  • 43,00 €


    Touche sliding sheet for massage body to body. To enjoy a massage body to body, you do not need to let all upside down. It is much more comfortable to use a slip sheet

    43,00 €
  • 8,70 €


    Pink rose petals. Pink is a color full of eroticism whose name in Spanish is closely related to the more famous flower in the world

    8,70 €
  • 8,70 €


    Lila rose petals. Creates a dreamlike atmosphere with these pink petals lila, a detail that will make even more special this time that you want to convert into an unrepeatable moment for both

    8,70 €
  • 18,60 €


    Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy replacement pads. When did you start to use your Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy, you know that this day had to come. Using that you give, rather have lasted you already those pads!  

    18,60 €
  • 29,10 €


    Mobile support and Tablet Fleshlight Phone Strap. Pornography is all a source of inspiration in those intimate moments that we dedicate to the autoplacer

    29,10 €
  • 106,60 €


    Dance bar Fetish Fantasy. It is a dance that will allow you to realize your fantasies to sensual dance shows and strip tease in the privacy of your bedroom, your living room, or where you want

    106,60 €
  • 8,70 €


    Green rose petals. If you want to put a symbolic natural touch in your romantic moments, but you like to be original, you choose the petals of rose Green

    8,70 €
  • 132,60 €


    Pink professional dance bar. Already reality can make your dream! Install this toolbar of professional dance in your own home!

    132,60 €
  • 98,00 € 128,00 €


    Silver professional dance bar. Dance professional silver bar is the element that will allow you to have your own show of striptease, give back flips or turn to your around in your own home

    98,00 € 128,00 €
  • 132,60 €


    Black professional dance bar. This heavy duty black professional dance bar will provide moments of great fun and unique. Ride your own show at home and delight your lover with a sensual erotic private dance

    132,60 €
  • 20,60 €


    Pack of 6 mini ideal vibrating bullets add to any toy series Shot Toys. They provide added value to these products since they get to increase the pleasure more than 20 minutes.

    20,60 €
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