List of products by manufacturer Saninex


It's an erotic products manufacturer based in Spain which is especially focused on the creation of cosmetic for adults. In our shop represents one of the largest distributors of products in this category.

Saninex House began a few years ago, creating high-quality condoms that were received with open arms among the Spanish public. This is because he knew to combine very well different aromas, flavours or shapes with affordable for the majority of consumers. They knew how to deal with a highly competitive market.

Recently Saninex not only focuses on contraceptive products, they have made the leap to lubricants, oils, massage and even aphrodisiacs.

Saninex as a substitute to the traditional condom brands

From Diversual we want to recommend this brand of condoms by grouping the features we consider to be key in any contraceptive: reliability, design and competitive prices. Have you been able to be consistent with the times that they run and offer the ideal preservative for anyone.

If you know them and you've checked the quality in their contraception, you can jump to other products such as aphrodisiacs lubricants, which as well as providing soft sex, add a small plus of excitement to your intimate experiences.

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