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Luxury items - In this section we propose something different. A selection of erotic luxury for our discerning clientele. It is our black label. The products selected and most sophisticated of the luxury brands in the market of erotic toys.

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  • 37,90 € 42,90 €

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    Ben Wa balls Luna Bead Noir are one of Lelo's star products. These high quality Ben Wa balls respond to your movements by generating amazing vibrations inside you. They are elegant and subtle, and their design is innovative. High class materials are the cherry on this very arousing cake placing this article on the global best sellers list

    37,90 € 42,90 €
  • 72,60 €


    Truskyn - Tru The Super - black 17 cm. firmness and flexibility are the keys to a penetration of 100% satisfactory with a dildo in these features. You dare to try the rest of their secret?

    72,60 €
  • 109,80 € 139,80 €

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    We Vibe 4 Plus Lila controlled from the phone. New We-Vibe guys back to surprise us. After the successful launch of We Vibe 4, they now offer us controlled from a mobile phone application

    109,80 € 139,80 €
  • 223,60 €


    Lelo Soraya vibrator cherry. Presentation speaks of a product. Would like to know what says this spectacular box of Lelo? That vibrator carrying inside is all a jewel of female stimulation

    223,60 €
  • 249,70 €


    Extreme Toyz Fuck Me Silly 2 Extra Real female Torso. A female bust with scandalous chests and enveloping and soft vulva designed to massage your powerful penis while you give rein to your sexual imagination most hidden

    249,70 €
  • 152,70 €


    Lelo Insignia 3 Tiani Massager pink intense. A luxury product for the most demanding in bed. This time the guys from this experienced House of sex toys made an object of luxury that it is impossible to leave anyone indifferent

    152,70 €
  • 571,00 €


    Machine love Gigolo Fuck Machine. The guys who are considered true love machines going to be difficult when it comes to compete with this invention. What does not a man give you going to give the most innovative technology

    571,00 €
  • 128,30 €

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    We Vibe 4 Plus Rosa controlled from the phone. This vibrator is no longer required presentation. We Vibe guys are showing its wonders to the world for years getting their creations to be known everywhere

    128,30 €
  • 117,10 €


    Masturbator BKK with Virtual reality. This really is a marriage perfect and not the of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. If with the classic hand masturbator you didn't have enough, what such add a bit of virtual reality to the topic?

    117,10 €
  • 176,10 €


    Lelo Ina 2 Orange vibrator. Our experience confirms that this is the type of vibrator that every woman wants. It is a sophisticated and elegant element of pleasure that covers all the needs that may require a woman. Its rounded lines faithful to the classic design of the House Lelo This erotic toy makes it the perfect lover.

    176,10 €
  • 90,00 €


    G Vibe 2 Massager anatomical lilac. G Vibe 2 Massager anatomical Lila is a sex toy of unique and exclusive design with an enormous power of flexibility that adapts easily to the deeper and more delicate curves

    90,00 €
  • 149,00 €


    Lelo Siri 2 Purple vibrator. This intelligent Massager responds to the sounds of your around so that its strokes go to the rhythm of the environment. Lelo Siri 2 is the perfect adaptation among the pleasure and its context

    149,00 €
  • 111,20 €


    Lelo Massager Noa couples rose intense. It's your lucky day! You've just found a revolutionary Massager that unites the art of sensual pleasure with the most advanced technology and a unique elegance

    111,20 €
  • 178,60 €


    Lelo Insignia balls deep pink Hula. Vaginal balls that vibrate and rotate simultaneously with remote control distance. ntroduce the areas gently into your vagina, placing rotadora ball top against the G-spot

    178,60 €
  • 80,70 € 110,70 €


    We Vibe vibrator pink Nova. Double stimulation, double pleasure and double fun. You can leave control of the Nova of We Vibe vibrator in the hands of someone else and control its movement through an application for your smartphone

    80,70 € 110,70 €
  • 36,90 €


    Vibrator Pure Aluminium Medium Gold. A sensational Massager vibrator of high quality finished aluminium. It has up to 3 different game modes to choose the most suitable according to the situation

    36,90 €
  • 116,40 €


    We Vibe 4 Plus Slate Control remote from the phone. The amazing and famous We Vibe in its newest version brings a few new features that will give you a turn as enjoyable and exciting as unexpected

    116,40 €
  • 378,00 €


    Lelo Tiani 24 k Massager pink. Lelo Tiani 24 k is the Massager with which you can repeat over and over again the intensity of your most intimate encounters

    378,00 €
  • 308,70 €


    Lelo Massager Tiani 24K purple. The ultimate expression of the pleasure looks like Tiani, the Massager of the brand Lelo which conforms not only to meet your body, but it makes it with luxury and sophistication

    308,70 €
  • 352,50 € 392,50 €


    Lelo Tiani 24K black Massager. This Massager revolutionary novel engines are the best kept secret an erotic accessory designed to delight with detail

    352,50 € 392,50 €
  • 176,10 €


    Vibrator Lelo Ina 2 lilac. It is the latest from this manufacturer of articles for adults of luxury. An elegant toy at the same time that functional getting to fulfill fantasies

    176,10 €
  • 152,70 €


    Lelo Insignia black Massager 3 Tiani. Lelo boys presents the Crown Jewel in its collection of toys. It's a small product with a performance difficult to believe. Your Lelo Tiani 3 is a great way to enjoy the exquisite pleasures of sex

    152,70 €
  • 125,20 €


    Lelo Luna egg Smart Fuchsia pink Bead. This striking erotic accessory has been designed with a single objective: improve the quality of your sexual relations in the way more discreet and stimulant you can imagine

    125,20 €
  • 148,40 €


    Lelo 2 Tiani logo pink Massager Design. Massager type manufactured by Lelo vibrator. It has a remote to control it remotely. Its design allows to use external and internally. Made from a soft silicone for high-quality manufacturer of sex toys has all the guarantees of eset.

    148,40 €
  • 106,20 € 136,20 €


    Fetish Fantasy Travel Kit Deluxe shock Therapy. Pipedream Fetish Fantasy line, always betting on stimulation techniques most innovative, has developed a portable system that is able to amplify the pleasure in a way that neither you imagine

    106,20 € 136,20 €
  • 148,40 €


    Lelo 2 Tiani Logo Design Edition Massager black. Massager from Lelo House for external and internal use. With the technology called SenseMotion that includes a remote control with a range of 12 meters of distance. A high-end product made with high quality silicone, water-resistant to use it anywhere.

    148,40 €
  • 35,20 €


    Anal plug Ouch lilac. Finally Shots Strip House toys out of the window to create this marvel of anal plug. Its sleek, metallic touch and diamond bearing at the base do not leave you indifferent. It will give a touch with a lot of class and luxury to your night of passion. 

    35,20 €
  • 150,50 €


    Lelo vibrator 2 Gigi Turquoise. Explores your erogenous zones and get a map open to new experiences pleasure in your body. Get your vibrator Lelo Gigi 2 on this trip and take risks to wrecked in the seas of the excitation

    150,50 €
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