Inflatable dolls

Inflatable dolls - we offer you the solution to masturbation. Inflatable dolls that have been made to simulate more faithfully possible shapes and feminine touch. With several openings at strategic points where to be able to simulate a real sexual intercourse.

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  • 16,00 €

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    Blow-up doll girl Lolita. OS presetamos the blow-up doll with the most successful of recent times. It has a size of a normal girl, but with the body of a super girl of 18 years and large and firm breasts. A perfect complement to fill tur moments of solitude with a real super feeling of sex.

    16,00 €
  • 29,70 €

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    Blow-up doll American with vibrator. This American tourist goes a little despistada. Perhaps you can show you the way. At least, that leads to your bedroom

    29,70 €
  • 15,20 €

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    Sexteen blow-up doll. This love doll actual size you will never get hit and will allow you to you to penetrate it at any time and for any of her three holes

    15,20 €
  • 19,70 €

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    Mature doll. Do you put the mature? Your fantasy of roll with your best friend's mother is about to become see with this blow-up doll. Pure eroticism with this mature so much touch puts you

    19,70 €
  • 23,40 €


    Jho blow-up doll. Life-size sex is called Jho. A suggestive curves-young woman who is ready to keep you company during the night and make all your fantasies a reality

    23,40 €
  • 19,70 €

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    Beyonce inflatable doll. You'll never spend a night alone because Beyonce inflatable doll is responsible for company do you and satisfy all your sexual needs, anytime, anywhere

    19,70 €
  • 19,90 €


    Pamela doll. Save all the trappings of the conquest. Pamela is clear: you want to spend the night with you and is willing to let you do all what you want

    19,90 €
  • 92,60 €


    Head of doll realistic blonde. With a head so real like this doll masturbation is much more than a solitary experience. It is the most realistic oral sex

    92,60 €
  • 292,90 €


    Masturbator Pipedream Extreme Flip-N-Fuck Me. Not keep insisting. Not all the girls are willing to practice anal sex so if you die of desire to try it you must find an alternative

    292,90 €
  • 92,60 €


    Realistic doll's head Brunette. Do you like oral sex more than any other practice? Then stay only with what interests you most: a mouth ready to give you much pleasure

    92,60 €
  • 33,90 €


    Sophia Rossi big boobs inflatable doll. It seems that Sophia Rossi has interest to show you her big tits are the most desirable of the porn film industry

    33,90 €
  • 130,00 €


    Not all the dolls inflatable you allow so much freedom of movement as Diva. You want to experience in various positions? To it also. And is willing to deliver it for full

    130,00 €
  • 156,50 €


    Doll Vivid Raw young star. Lovers of perfection already have the possibility of acquiring her favorite doll. A real doll carved by hand following actual patterns of size and shape

    156,50 €
  • 20,90 €

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    Horny inflatable sheep with sound. It is a joke article in which every time note that you pushed him from behind makes a sound of pleasure and starts to dance. Ideal gift for stag parties and birthday jokes.

    20,90 €
  • 15,60 €


    Elle blow-up doll Celebrity. Do you know how many combinations of pleasure there are with just three holes? We do not ask you to do mathematical calculations, only that you dare to try new experiences in the company of Elle

    15,60 €
  • 19,70 €


    Katy Pervy blow-up doll. Katy Pervy is an insatiable girl. If you let it BREW in your room, it is possible that is unwilling to leave... She has the stamina for a while. And you?

    19,70 €
  • 21,30 €


    Pretty doll. So your days of loneliness become intractable pleasure parties, inflatable doll Bonita is an amazing and sensual blonde (actual size)

    21,30 €
  • 19,90 €


    Britney dog blow-up doll. Three holes super burning so you have fun with a wrist inflatable that is prepared to give the note. Britney dog is a companion of games erotic that never tune

    19,90 €
  • 19,70 €


    Inflatable snowman Just-In Beaver. If shooting a porn star is the main fantasy of many men and women, share intimacy with a pop star is the second in the list

    19,70 €
  • 207,70 €


    You can take for granted that any male masturbator is going to provide an experience of oral sex as realistic as this Extreme Toyz toy. Why? Because this is one of those accessories that you will not be able to make head

    207,70 €
  • 12,60 €


    Blow-up doll Hobbit Holly 66 cm. It is a good way of keeping warm bed when there is no one else with whom romp under the sheets

    12,60 €
  • 430,20 €


    Masturbator male Torso Extreme Toyz Fuck Me Mega. Lie on the bed and get ready to ride on a real Stallion. Pipedream brand has returned to surprise with this masturbator depicting an attractive male torso

    430,20 €
  • 22,30 €


    Blow-up doll three holes. At any time and jumping you overlook the ' are you working or studying?' or the cup of courtesy, you can end the evening with a stunning blonde between the sheets

    22,30 €
  • 191,00 €


    Doll BJ Betty Love. Doll size for those who are not satisfied with a simple hole. BJ Betty Love Muñeca is a very realistic reproduction of the famous porn actress

    191,00 €
  • 26,80 €


    Tawny Vivid blow-up doll. Embrace it, squeeze against his body and penetrate it as if it were a real lover. Tawny Vivid has the perfect size to warm up the bed on lonely nights. And something more...

    26,80 €
  • 12,40 €


    Blow-up doll size travel Shananay. Her hips sway to the beat of the drums. Shananay is pure Caribbean passion in a blow-up doll with perfect dimensions to take it in the luggage. 

    12,40 €
  • 123,90 €


    Miss DemeanorExtreme Toyz. The inflatable dolls also hide some secrets, so do not be fooled. Apart from this attractive face of woman with that sinuous body perky breasts and feminine curves, you will find one big surprise

    123,90 €
  • 20,30 €


    Looking for someone that hot you sheets? The blow-up doll Dirty Christina will do more than that. He is so anal that you ignite passion your bedroom

    20,30 €
  • 127,60 €


    Extreme Toyz Mona Mountains. You'll never spend a night without sex thanks to Extreme Toyz Mona Mountains. This life-size inflatable doll is designed to keep you company in your lonely nights and let you to experience your fantasies with her

    127,60 €
  • 163,90 €


    Fantastic doll Bonie Rotten. This amazing life-size inflatable doll, has been designed with all the features of the Porn actress Bonnie Rotten, so you can enjoy it fully realistic experience

    163,90 €
  • 716,40 €


    Vivid Raw Supermodel doll realistic. Inspired by the porn star Alanah Rae recreating with detail parts most sexy and wild that life dreamed lie

    716,40 €
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