Diámetro Interior9.5 cm
  Insertable length21.5 cm

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Vitality training unit Fleshlight

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Vitality training unit Fleshlight

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Value Pack

What is it?

The best lovers know that training is needed to give it all in bed. And if there is also the option that you have fun while you work your sexual stamina, what more you can ask for?

Stamina training unit, vitality of Fleshlight is not responding to any miraculous formula and all I can offer you depends solely on you.

It is a masculine and realistic touch masturbator whose main objective is to improve your resistance so that you learn to delay ejaculation. This will allow your sexual relations may be long for longer and this will increase the pleasure you are able to experience.

Vitality training unit outside is rigid, so you can hold it comfortably while you insert your penis inside. You will receive the texture Real Feel SuperSkin, a material free of phthalates and latex that reproduces perfectly the feel of a real vagina.

The realism increases when you discover another of the peculiarities of this male masturbator: the possibility of pressure regulation you want to carry out your training. Simply turn the rigid housing to allow it increase or decrease this stimulating vagina suction capacity.

Flares lining the interior of the Stamina material makes penetration more stimulant. They massage your entire penis until the final stretch, bubble-wrapped, with a touch as delicate as the lips playing with your member. In addition, it has a pleasant vanilla smell.

Get ready for a high-performance training and find out how much you can endure before reaching climax. It is estimated that if you resist 10 minutes playing with the training unit of vitality, in the bed you will have a resistance of at least 20 minutes.

You should know...

Stamina training and vitality unit is equipped with a mode hands-free so that you masturbate yourself without having to hold the device.

The masturbator is composed of a rigid body that you can attach to any surface and carry out your workouts without using your hands.

You can also use this toy without the rigid housing. Simply extract the inner braid device and using hand pressure to masturbate. This will help you to better understand what are your limits of pleasure. But if you really want to test your endurance, heats or cools the inside of your training and vitality unit material and find out how answers your penis to those changes in temperature.

You will be able to endure throughout a training session or day to the pleasure with the first batch of exercises? 

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    Data sheet

    Brand   Fleshlight
    Materials Silicone
    Recommended He
    Color Flesh
    Top box 37 cm
    Box width 20 cm
    Long box 10.5 cm
    Box weight 1.42 Kg
    Diámetro Interior 9.5 cm
    Insertable length 21.5 cm
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Fleshlight Unidad de Entrenamiento de Vitalidad

Vitality training unit Fleshlight

Vitality training unit Fleshlight. The best lovers know that training is needed to give it all in bed. And if there is also the option that you have fun while you work your sexual stamina, what more you can ask for?

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