Shunga Hydromax bright red 40 X



The order has changed. Now it is not necessary that your penis is erect for fun. Barhmate Hydromax x 40 fun is to see how your penis increases volume.  

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Shunga Hydromax bright red 40 X

Shunga Hydromax X 40 Bright Red

What is it?

Improve your performance in bed getting penis you've always wanted. With the system Bathmate Hydromax X 40 increases the size of your member and thus also your self-esteem and your safety as a lover.

The main particularity of this vacuum penis pump It is that their ability to take advantage of the properties of the vacuum is far superior to other similar accessories. In this sense, Bathmate Hydromax X 40 lays claim to being a device that can lengthen your penis up to 7 cm and increase its thickness more than 30%. And all this from the comfort of your bathroom and without the need for expensive surgical procedures.

The secret of Bathmate Hydromax X 40 is a design calculated to the nearest millimetre to take advantage of the hydraulic force. This is responsible for that as you advance in your treatment the cavernous walls that make up the penis tissues to expand and the member acquires greater volume.

How to use this product

Next to your Bathamate Hydromax X 40 you will find the instructions for use, but if you are curious to know how this penis enlargement systemIt basically boils down to these points.

Fill the bath with water.

1. get in the bathtub and sit in a position where you are comfortable and you can access your penis (for example, with the legs bent and knees open)

2 immerse the Bathmat Hydromax X 40 and when the cavity is completely filled of water puts his penis through the silicone one end opening.

3 supporting the device on the base of the penis, move it forward and backwards imitating the movements that you use to masturbate. The mechanism of hydraulic contraction which is located at the base of this hand pump will be extracting the water gradually and doing to increase the vacuum inside the cavity.

4 pump until the pressure with which you feel comfortable and lies between 4 and 5 minutes before continue pumping. You can adjust the pressure by slightly opening the valve which is located at the end of the device, always under water, so that no air. You will notice that your penis is harder and slightly bulkier, a feeling that will increase as you progress with this treatment.

5. when all the water has been expelled from the cavity, is the time to remove the penis from the Bathmat Hydromax X 40. Therefore open the upper valve device and extract the Member.

You already have it! In just minutes you've relaxed in the bath seeing how your penis increasing in volume in a way almost magical. Bathmat Hydromax X 40 is a method that is safe, clean and easy-to-achieve your dream of having a larger penis and a firmer erections that it will undoubtedly transform the quality of your sexual encounters.

You should know...

With session 10-15 minutes about three times per week soon you will begin to notice how Bathmate Hydromax penis enlargement system make effect on your penis.

Prolonged treatment for a few weeks and the enlargement of your penis will become a permanent change. 

    Brand   Bathmate
    Materials Silicone
    Recommended He
    Color Red
    Top box 35 cm
    Box width 11 cm
    Long box 11 cm
    Box weight 0.722 Kg
    Diameter 7 cm
    Insertable length 18 cm
    Resistant to water
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Bathmate Hydromax X40 Rojo Brillante

Shunga Hydromax bright red 40 X

The order has changed. Now it is not necessary that your penis is erect for fun. Barhmate Hydromax x 40 fun is to see how your penis increases volume.  

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