Sexy latex lingerie: Latex clothing has always had a special attraction within the women's underwear. Below are a selection of garments made of latex that we thought interesting for its attractive design, able to arouse passions. They are high quality items so that any woman can feel beautiful and irresistible.

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  • 22,80 €

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    BES Corset Fetish black garter belt and thong. Enjoy your fetish session with comfort thanks to the proposals of Passion Lingerie. Clothes with the aesthetic you were looking for and comfort that you'd never have imagined

    22,80 €
  • 13,00 €


    Kitten skirt cuts black. The wet look of this skirt with cuts is not more than an optical illusion. But surely more than one gets wet when you stroll wearing your body in a sexy way

    13,00 €
  • 44,00 €


    Costume cat Sexy Pussycat. This cat is that at any time could get nails. Feel more feline and wild that never with an erotic costume that will make you purr with pleasure

    44,00 €
  • 19,60 €


    Darksy skirt Black Leather. In those nights where you feel especially naughty, do not hesitate to get out of the closet your hot miniskirt. That which no lover dares to take the opposite

    19,60 €
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  • 21,60 €


    Black Leather with lace dress vein. Some of the most elegant parties do not occur in great halls with lush decor and a hundred guests. Many of them are held in the privacy of your bedroom

    21,60 €
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  • 59,60 €


    Vinyl Khalsia experience of Mono bold 1 PCS. Dare to wear this sensual display of femininity: a monkey's black vinyl one piece which transforms you immediately in an entire Catwoman

    59,60 €
  • 21,60 €


    Colette 3cs set black. Almost that you could leave the House with this set of clothes so daring, but wouldn't it be too risky to go so provocative? Would leave everyone astonished at your pace

    21,60 €
  • 26,70 €


    Lyzzy black dress Sexy. Dress your fantasies with the eroticism and sensuality of Passion Lingerie garments. A collection of lingerie who thinks that he allows you to enjoy your privacy in a very original way

    26,70 €
  • 16,40 €


    Pjur Cult 250 ml Spray. When you invest in quality fetish clothing, you should also invest in products that will help you to keep it as new. This Cult spray is specially designed for that

    16,40 €
  • 66,40 €


    Leg Avenue costume feline femme fatale. That mimosa cat is about to remove nails scratching the back of his mistress. Sometimes you have to be a little bad to have fun

    66,40 €
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  • 85,50 €


    Cali - experience Mono bold 1 Pcs. If you are really willing to take seriously this a radical change of attitude in the bedroom, start by choose well your wardrobe and decide for the most daring garments

    85,50 €
  • 38,90 €


    Nobody breaks moulds dressing in traditional way. Salt routine putting on your wardrobe of vinyl garments bright eroticism. The seductive touch of the most daring girls

    38,90 €
  • 13,40 €


    Pjur Cult for Latex 100 ml. Fetish fashion sometimes has its difficulties. And is that sheathing be all those clothes tight not always is a task simple. Pjur Cult helps you to dress yourself in minutes

    13,40 €
  • 88,50 €


    Mono's vinyl black sleeve long. Dare with an urban touch of bad girl and go out to eat the world. Which not is stop to give you a good review with the look is because is blind

    88,50 €
Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items