Andropeyronie Curvature Corrector

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Andropeyronie Curvature Corrector

Andropeyronie Purple

What is it?

There are more and more alternatives to treat some penis abnormalities without resorting to surgery. Andropeyronie is a device traction than through mechanical forces corrects the position of the penis and manages to increase its length.

How does a penis traction device work?

This method for penis enlargement is based on a extender device formed by a rigid body in which the limb is inserted and side rods of modifiable length that are responsible for lengthening the tissues.

Compared to other similar items, Andropeyronie offers a much more comfortable and effective experience thanks to the band for the glans. It is located at the top end of the mechanism and is designed to distribute pressure over a wider surface area.

Corrects discomfort of crooked penis

Sometimes size is not the problem, but the shape that the penis takes when erect. Those who suffer from Peyronie's disease experience discomfort during erection as a result of an abnormal curvature of the limb. The patented Andropeyronie system also serves to solve this pathology.


  • Extender system for the penis.
  • Mechanical operation (traction).
  • Progressive and painless stretching.
  • Band for the glans.
  • Set of side extenders to gradually increase the pressure.

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    Brand   Andromedical
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    Top box 8 cm
    Box width 16.5 cm
    Long box 16 cm
    Box weight 0.4 Kg
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Andropeyronie Curvature Corrector

Andropeyronie Curvature Corrector

Correct defects in the size or curvature of your penis with a traction device. Comfortable, discreet, easy to use. Results in a very short time.

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