Autoblow A.I Machine Masturbador

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Autoblow A.I. Machine Masturbator

Autoblow A.I.

What is it?

The revolutionary Autoblow has been designed to provide you with hours of pleasure as if best oral sex of the planet was it, as you can make each experience unique with its 10 different pattern types. Do your doll a favor and enjoy unlimited uplas with the new Autoblow A.I. 

You should know...

Autoblow uses artificial intelligence to understand and replicate the techniques of a real-life fellatio and thus offer you the best possible experience. The result of years of research after analyzing more than 1000 hours of congratulations to get the perfect experience. 

No batteries are needed. Just plug it into a power outlet (110v-240v) and enjoy! Don't worry, it's designed to be totally safe.


  • Used interchangeable cases 100% silicone simulating skin texture to make you enjoy even more. They are easy to clean, reusable, and suitable for any penis size. 
  • Used a microchip and 4 sensors to control the action, moving the whole system and the case up to 250 different points.
  • Its redesigned engine is a 50% quieter And 3 times more powerful than in its predecessor, and has been created to last even longer in time (more than 500 hours).
  • 10 experiences different masturbation with 10 speeds different in each of them. The possibilities are endless.
  • Add a water-based lubricant to make the experience complete.
  • It is not waterproof as it has to be connected to the light. Do not use in the bathtub or shower. 

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    Data sheet

    Resistant to water    
    Brand   Autoblow
    Materials Silicone
    Recommended He
    Color White
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Autoblow A.I Machine Masturbador

Autoblow A.I Machine Masturbador

The new Autoblow A.I. uses artificial intelligence to offer you the perfect fellatio. It is the only automatic masturbator capable of simulating an almost real oral stimulation.

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