Diameter4 cm
  Insertable length30.5 cm

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Basix penis double of gelatin transparent 34 cm

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Basix penis double of gelatin transparent 34 cm

Basix Rubber Works Clear 34 cm

What is it?

The simultaneous pleasure is much more fun. Is a way of enjoying more fully of that moment in that experiment the firm and soft to the touch of this penis double of gelatin in your interior.

Adjusting the rhythm and Cadence of your bodies and the attacks you have the possibility of reaching orgasm simultaneously in an explosion of very pleasant sensations.

You should know...

Basix has made this Double jelly penis transparent with them dimensions and it flexibility ideal for can adopt different postures during your games and enjoy at the same time and of the same pleasure.

Dimensions of the comforter: 34 cm x 3.5 cm 

    Data sheet

    Resistant to water Submersible
    Brand   Basix
    Materials PVC
    Recommended Both
    Color Transparent
    Collection Basix
    Top box 49 cm
    Box width 17.5 cm
    Long box 4.5 cm
    Box weight 0.468 Kg
    Diameter 4 cm
    Insertable length 30.5 cm
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Basix Pene Doble de Gelatina Transparente 34 cm

Basix penis double of gelatin transparent 34 cm

Basix double penis of gelatin transparent 34 cm. enjoy limitless the possibilities of shared pleasure. With the penises double of gelatin already not have that toggle the time of the penetration but balance the rhythm of the fun

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