Bathmate Hydroextreme 9 Transparent

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Are you ready to enjoy the pleasure in a big way? Items in the Hydromax collection increase your chances of fun by increasing the size and duration of your erections.

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Bathmate Hydroextreme 9 Transparent

Bathmate Hydroextreme 9

What is it?

Size, the great obsession of many men, need not become a complex motive. Accessories from Bathmate's Hydroextreme collection allow you to increase the volume of your virility without complicated treatments and from the comfort of your bathtub.

You should know...

Thanks to the power of vacuum the volume of your penis can increase in a matter of minutes. How can you do that? A bathtub, water, your Hydroextreme 9 and a lot of wanting to have fun.

This Bathmate device has been designed to the millimeter to give you sensational effects in obtaining stronger and more durable erections.

A rigid cilindo with a silicone nozzle that after being placed in the proper position generates the vacuum inside and increases blood flow in the genital area.

Who can use this penis device?

Any man can benefit from the advantages of Hydroextreme 9, even those who don't have erection problems! This device is much more than a tool to increase penis size.

Hydraulic pumps are often also used as a training accessory. In what way? The power of the vacuum that is generated inside and that causes your member to increase in volume automatically can serve as a containment practice.

Have you ever had to face the dreaded bagel and are afraid it will happen to you again? There's nothing to worry about. With these pumps you can practice containing those impulses to preserve the erection for much longer and thus prolong the fun during your sexual encounters as a couple.

Erection problems, complex by size and volume or just curiosity and desires to maximize pleasure. Any reason is good for filling the water tub and testing this innovative hydraulic penis device.

How does Bathmate Hydroextreme 9 work?

Using hydraulic pumps for bulking is so simple that from the first moment you'll feel like you've got it all under control. How it works is logical and intuitive, but if this is the first time you try it it it will be good to give a review of these practical instructions.

  • Fill the tub with water. Soaking in warm water is already a very pleasant experience. Imagine what you'll enjoy if you also add this extra stimulant!
  • Sit down, find a comfortable posture. Do you have it? Now fully submerge your Hydroextreme 9 until the cavity is completely flooded with water.
  • It's time to insert the penis into the device. You will see that it has a very soft mouthpiece and that it is nice to introduce the member by it.
  • Once you've taken the nozzle from the cavity to the base of the penis, start pumping. In what way? Push the device against your body as if you were masturbating.
  • With this pumping you will generate inside your Bathmate the vacuum effect that is the key to good results. You'll notice that as you progress you'll feel more pressure on your penis.
  • When you can't take any more pressure, stop. These things have to be taken with patience. Your member will only take a few seconds to get used to. You think you can keep pumping? Continue until you reach the limit.
  • Ideally, gradually, increasing the pressure progressively and maintaining it for a few seconds before moving forward. Once you've reached your stop, operate the safety valve so that water re-enters the cavity and the vacuum effect disappears.

Are you ready to fully enjoy this amazing erection? The effect of Hydroextreme 9 is immediate, but the more you use this device, the longer the results will be. So much so that they will become permanent.

If you find it more comfortable, you can perform the process using the medical hand pump that comes with this Bathmate model. It's system and the results you get with it are identical.


  • Hydraulic pump for the penis.
  • Manual operation.
  • Increases penis volume and size immediately.
  • Provides longer and longer lasting erections.
  • Fits all penis thicknesses.
  • Use 15 to 20 minutes per session, 3 times per week.
  • Dimensions: 27 cm.

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Bathmate Hydroextreme 9 Transparente

Bathmate Hydroextreme 9 Transparent

Are you ready to enjoy the pleasure in a big way? Items in the Hydromax collection increase your chances of fun by increasing the size and duration of your erections.

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