Bathmate Hydromax 5 Red

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The Bathmate brand has a long history in the design and manufacture of hydraulic pumps for the penis. Don't go untested for version 5 of its famous Hydromax and enjoy sex without complexes.

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Bathmate Hydromax 5 Red

Bathmate Hydromax 5

What is it?

Do you still have such superficial issues as complex ingesting the length or volume of your penis? Then remedy them! Bathmate Hydromax 5 is the perfect solution for all those men who have become obsessed with a few extra centimeters or who, precisely because of these complexes, have ever had difficulty getting a firmer and longer erection.

How to use

The most striking thing about this hydraulic pump for the penis is that it makes it super easy for you. Although at first glance the Bathmate Hydromax 5 may seem like a complex accessory, there's nothing simpler than using it to give your penis the look you want.

With this article you never get half-finished. You decide to what extent you want to wear this peculiar workout with which you are about to get the penis you've always dreamed of. Shall we get down to business? Follow these steps and in just a few minutes you will have reached your goal. It's amazing!

  • Fill the tub with water and get ready to soak for the next half hour.
  • Sit down and make yourself comfortable. It's important to find the right posture because this training will take you a while. It's best to find a moment of intimacy to carry it out.
  • Dip the Bathmate Hydromax and make sure the inner cavity has been filled with water.
  • Insert the penis through the opening and carry it to the end of the duct so that the attachment is attached to the base of the penis.
  • With one hand and the same way as if you were masturbating, push the Bathmate against the pelvis to create the vacuum effect inside the cavity.
  • How will you know you're doing well? As you pump you will feel more pressure on the penis. Pause when this happens, hold the position for a few minutes, and pump again.
  • Can't you take any more pressure? The release valve at the opposite end of the accessory will cause air to re-enter the inside of the cavity and you can remove the penis from the pump without discomfort.

Once you've finished using the Bathmate you'll realize that you have a great erection to continue with your games. But there's more! If you repeat these workouts with some frequency, the results are much more surprising!

You should know...

Don't stay in the right future. If you really want to make the most of this erection pump the ideal is to propose a training calendar for the next 6 weeks.

Why? Because this is the time you need to get permanent results in relation to the length and volume of your penis. Imagine it: in just a month and a half your penis may have grown up to 7 centimeters and increased its volume by up to 35%. Nobody takes that away from you anymore!

It's very simple. Two or three times a week find your moment of intimacy and spend about 20 minutes tu Bathmate Hydromax 5. A little perseverance and a lot of desire to have fun will be more than enough for you to reach your goals in record time.

When to use a hydraulic pump for the penis?

There are many reasons why you could turn to Bathmate's help. Some men do it because they have erection problems punctual and in this way they do not have to give up any moment of pleasure.

Others use hydraulic penis pumps because they want to increase dimensions of your member without undergoing or surgery treatments.

And there are also those who use it because they do, because once you try it and discover how fun and beneficial it is, why do without this possibility of improving your sex life?


  • Hydraulic pump for the penis.
  • Get an erection instantly.
  • Increases penis size thanks to the potential for hydraulic force.
  • Safe and comfortable materials.
  • Suitable for all penis sizes.
  • Permanent results at 6 weeks.
  • Ideal for men with erection problems or accommodating by the size of their penis.

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    Data sheet

    Resistant to water Submersible
    Brand   Bathmate
    Recommended He
    Color Red
    Top box 12 cm
    Box width 12 cm
    Long box 32 cm
    Box weight 0.385 Kg
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Bathmate Hydromax 5 Rojo

Bathmate Hydromax 5 Red

The Bathmate brand has a long history in the design and manufacture of hydraulic pumps for the penis. Don't go untested for version 5 of its famous Hydromax and enjoy sex without complexes.

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