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Ben Wa Balls: Also geisha balls, are usually two fairly light balls introduced by the woman in the vagina and that, normally, have inside other balls smaller, creating a vacuum inside. By moving the inner balls hit with the outside and made a sort of effect vibrating, producing very erotic and pleasurable sensations. They can be used even while walking or is performing any tare to requierea movements of the body.

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    Chinese balls Ovo L1 lilac. Ovo home takes time sorprendiendonos with its excellent designs, and this time they would not be less to present its model of Chinese balls. Its form and texture are intended to make the feelings planceteras from the beginning

    19,80 € 26,80 €
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    Small black glass Ben-Wa balls. Are you looking for a source of pleasure for a lifetime? These Chinese balls made of borosilicate glass are the accessory that will accompany you whenever you want in your most intimate explorations.

    15,70 €
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    Thai balls Chinese with ring is a set of Chinese disenadadas small balls for anal penetration as vaginal. Manufactured with very flexible soft silicone. At one end is a ring with the inclusion of the same is controlled.

    6,10 €
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    Chinese balls purple Secret Balls. The girls who lead a hectic life can take advantage of that sitting all day from here to there. Chinese balls you train and stimulate sexually while moving

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    Do you know the advantages of having a pelvic floor form? Pleasure and health combine in this exerciser of the Toka brand that your pelvic floor will always be in the form

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    Sweet sensation Anal anal beads. This elegant sexual apparatus consists of a set of 5 gelatinous spheres which will increase in size as you go from one end to the other, of about 15 cm in length

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    Secret Fuchsia balls Chinese Balls. They are a perfect Chinese balls for any woman who is this starting to use this type of geisha balls. They produce some sensational internal vibration generating a Tickle and an amazing stimulation. 

    9,00 €
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    Where is the most intense pleasure, when entering or leaving? You will have to discover it based on play with this string of beads of silicone for the year

    18,90 €
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    These Unisex Ben Wa Balls are highly valued in our shop. Their design is very simple and consists of 2 balls encasing one smaller ball each, these smaller balls produce vibrations which stimulae the vagina and produce unique sensations.

    5,50 €
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    Anal beads Anal Fantasy Deluxe Vibro Balls. A perfect way to stimulate the anal area with these anal beads. It's 4 balls joined by a union thread for easy removal

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    White Orgasmic vibrating balls. Combine pleasure always leads to one even greater excitement. And if not, try using these Chinese balls: a perfect blend between penetration and vibration in a small toy

    13,50 €
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    Chinese balls Joyballs Secret black and purple. They are more successful in the sex shops current Chinese balls. It's a small Chinese balls manufactured by the Joy Division House. His soft touch and be made of high quality silicone makes them suitable for beginners.

    20,90 €
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    Ben Wa balls Luna Bead Noir are one of Lelo's star products. These high quality Ben Wa balls respond to your movements by generating amazing vibrations inside you. They are elegant and subtle, and their design is innovative. High class materials are the cherry on this very arousing cake placing this article on the global best sellers list

    39,90 € 44,90 €
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    Kit ball Joyballs Secret set. Tests the two major Joyballs proposals in this erotic set composed of two types of stimulation of Silicon balls which will give much play to your intimate moments

    26,40 €
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    Anal Fantasy anal Vibro-balls. 2 Insert balls, with a diameter of 3.2 cm and a total length of 11.4 cm, featuring a string of recovery for an easy and safe

    14,60 €
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    Joyballs red Individual ball. Balls for the strengthening of the pelvic floor are very exciting, but it is important that you learn how to use them from the most basic. It starts with this proposal of Joyballs for beginners

    16,10 €
  • 22,50 €


    Chinese balls Ovo L1 Loveballs light blue. House Ovo presents these Chinese balls of large warm Ben-wa-style in its new collection of sex toys. With all the guarantees this excellent manufacturer of sex toys

    22,50 €
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    iSex USB Kegel Balls White. The revolutionary iSex sex toys range is characterized by its power, elegance and functionality, as well as have become elements of the past to the batteries

    13,40 €
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    Pleasure Pearls. The sirens also know how to have fun alone. Open the shell and is a pleasant surprise to have an exciting time alone

    11,90 €
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    Balls Orgasmic. It's 2 Chinese balls made from a very nice touch vinyl. Inside, as most of the products of is category 2 balls are more can that generate pleasurable sensations of vibration. Ideal to move with them and experience the most exciting experiences without which no one is aware of this.

    5,30 €
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    Joyballs Single black ball China. It is an extremely simple toy that anything you do will surprise you. So, why not you decires to prove it? You won't be disappointed

    14,20 €
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    Purple silicone anal beads. This string of anal beads of silicone will keep you well tied to the pleasure in all your sexual encounters

    8,30 €
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    Chinese balls with pink vibrator. Discover the evolution of classical Chinese balls, coming equipped with a powerful vibrator in this amazing presentation

    19,00 €
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    Duoballs balls Color cream. Stimulates your vagina by split double with some balls Chinese of it more stimulating. Soft, delicate and perfect for you start experimenting with alternatives of pleasure

    7,50 €
  • 11,70 €


    Secret green ball Chinese Balls. This is the new model of the already known Secret Balls Secret Toys House. With a novel design shaped oval and made only with silicone, you get that these geisha balls are one of the best selling products in the market of sex toys.

    11,70 €
  • 7,00 €

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    Chinese Red Latex balls. Chinese balls of the Seven Creations home. They contain inside other smaller balls that manage to generate some amazing sensations with just the movement of the body

    7,00 €
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    Gold Metal balls contextual 2 units

    6,80 €
  • 8,70 €


    Heavy Metal anal beads. Four Chinese metal balls concise with a total weight of 150 g, linked by a security cordon, and a remover

    8,70 €
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    Joyballs purple Chinese balls. These Chinese balls are all so soft when inserting the as when removed. This is because that are made ensilikomed, a type of medical silicone with a silky and fully compatible with the mucous membrane touch

    15,80 €
  • 6,30 €


    Duoballs balls soft pink. Just look at them and you can get an idea. Cosquillitas of love? No, they are much more than that. If you dare to try them you will discover

    6,30 €
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    Joyballs Bolas Chinese light pink. Moments of pleasure in solitude are sacred. Don't let anyone touch you Chinese balls because these are just for you

    17,30 €
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    Joyballs Bolas Chinas pink. Oscillating pleasure of these balls of silicone will discover you that there are parts of your intimate anatomy that history is still unknown. To access them and experience these hidden pleasures, JoyBalls has designed these Chinese balls for easy placement

    15,80 €
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    Gold Vibro balls Chinese Balls. A simple yet functional Chinese balls at a very economical price. Linked with a small cord for easy removal, they produce very satisfactory and pleasant internal vibrations

    14,60 €
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    Fifty Shades of Grey Silicone balls Annals. How many things have you learned of 50 shades of Grey! It is therefore time to put them into practice. Start by the stimulation anal? With this string of balls you have it very easy

    13,40 €
  • 28,40 €


    Metal Ben Wa Balls fifty shades of Grey. Two chromed steel balls that can be used for vaginal or anal pleasure by stimulating internal erogenous points

    28,40 €
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    Duo balls Love Chinese. You can train your vagina so offer a more intense response to stimuli of penetration during sex or masturbation

    7,60 €
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    Anal Fantasy ball Elite. It gradually increases the pleasure, both in size and in vibration, and discovers from the rear your body still has many pleasant surprises that offer you

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    This well-known toy for adults, in its new form textured, is the latest in the market of Chinese balls. On the inside they contain 2 metal spheres which cause vibration with each movement, to improve vaginal tone and increase sensitivity in your intimate areas.

    7,00 €
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    It exercises the muscles of the pelvic floor with style. The designs of them balls Chinese Secret Play are targeted to women to which them like be to the last with all

    7,30 €
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    Lilac Chinese balls. Chinese waves of different sizes ideal for stimulation and vaginal dilation. Each ball contains a smaller inside

    7,70 €
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    This is evidence of how a traditional toy as Chinese balls is able to adapt to modern times. Do you dare to innovate with their movements?

    7,30 €
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    No conventional sports store will provide the material you need to get back in shape with the Kegel. At diversual we like to take care of your sexual health, so yes we offer products like this

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