Body body Pen Strawberry

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Body body Pen Strawberry

What is it?

But don't give you very well this draw, your partner will not get any hits. The objective of this game not is that demonstrate your skill as artist but pass a while fun before launch you to eat you those creations.

With the Strawberry body pen everything that comes out of your imagination is edible. Uses the body of your partner as if is were of a canvas and draws on it all what are you pass by the head. The most fun comes later, when you use the language to complete this great artistic creation.

Amount of the container: 35 gr

    Data sheet

    Brand   Secret play
    Recommended Both
    Collection Secret Accesories
    Top box 14 cm
    Box width 3 cm
    Long box 3 cm
    Box weight 0.045 Kg
    Vegan product
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Body Pen Corporal Fresa

Body body Pen Strawberry

Body Pen strawberry. Draw on your partner everything that you can think of. How many more ideas you have, much better. And it is that you will then have to use the language to delete your creations

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