Body Book - Noemi Casquet

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Body Book - Noemi Casquet

What is it?

The new novel by Naomi Casquet, author of the trilogy "Zorras".

"Who do you want to be tonight? Who are you when you're not? How far are you willing to go? This is the story of a woman who inhabited three bodies and forgot to return to her own."


  • Gender: erotic literature, fiction.
  • Format: Softcover.
  • Measurement: 230 mm x 150 mm.
  • Recommended age: Adults.

Author of the book:

Naomi Casquet (Barcelona, 1992), activist and journalist specialized in sexuality and travel. Graduated in Journalism from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2015 and author of Mala Mujer, she collaborates in several media such as The NewspaperTele 5Chain Ser and TVE addressing above all issues related to sex and free love.

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Libro Cuerpos - Noemí Casquet

Body Book - Noemi Casquet

The 1st part of the new saga of Noemi Casquet, an erotic thriller about the story of Ruth, a frustrated actress in her thirties.

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